Basic Supplements, Problems With measuring, and Adding Reps: Ask The Experts

Basic Supplements, Problems With measuring, and Adding Reps: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about basic supplements, problems with measuring and adding reps.

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Q. I would like to ask your opinion on sunflower lecithin.

It can increase cum? Also any supporting supplements need to go with it?

Al: Sunflower based lecithin should work well. Go for the granules over the capsules as it’s better economically. Take 1 tbsp each day until you achieve a good consistency- then you can maintain on 3-4 tbsp per week.

Make sure you’re well hydrated to maximize the effect.

Also make sure that you’re getting in adequate levels of zinc. If you take a daily zinc tab, take it with protein of some sort.

If you’re following a healthy diet then the above would be sufficient for maintaining optimal function.

Q. I have a problem. When I want to get an erection for my workouts or sex there’s no challenge but when I want to measure my penis doesn’t get a full hard up because I get nervous.

What can I do to fix this?

Al: Learning to relax by using Emotional Visualizations will help you to train your mind to encourage the desired emotional backdrop for your measures.

You might consider “surprise” measuring when it’s time. To do this, make sure you have your measuring implements available within easy reach. When you’re training or otherwise involved in activities where you have a maximum erection- stoop- then immediately measure before you have a chance to think much. This should allow you to bypass any associated anxiety.

An alternative is to measure BPFSL (Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length). This measure is usually within 1/2 inch +/- BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length), and is considered a good predictor of immediate future length gains.

Q. What’s a good rate of increase for reps on my exercises?

Al: The amount of reps you add for an exercise with depend on a couple of factors: the amount of reps you’re currently performing and the exercise itself.

For most movements, you’ll start off at a relatively low rep count. For example, the Squeeze: 5 reps as per the Jelq Free Routine instructions. From there, you’d add 1 rep per session. You can keep this pace up until you hit the 20 rep mark, and from there you may begin to add 2 reps per session. This is because the rate of increase reflects a proportion of the whole.

Some exercises like jelqs and Side to Side stretches lend themselves to somewhat greater increases per session due to their ease of adaptability, but you’ll need to use indicators like how you feel after a session as well as your EQ to ensure you’re not adding too much (or too little).

Epiphany Moments, Targeting/Maintaining Erection Levels, and Adjusting The Jelq For Length or Girth: Ask The Experts

Epiphany Moments, Targeting/Maintaining Erection Levels, and Adjusting The Jelq For Length or Girth: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about epiphany moments, targeting and maintaining specific erection levels, and adjusting the jelq.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al


Q. I was wondering if any other members have experienced emotional breakthroughs with their training. Not so much about size but about confidence. Maybe it’s because I’m older, but I recently have hit a place in my life where I’m beyond caring about whether or not I’m good enough for someone. I’m doing this for ME, and if someone likes it then great! If not, the loss is theirs. It’s funny but when I embraced this viewpoint I feel like a weight has been lifted, and sex is actually fun again!

Al: Few things are as satisfying as observing someone having an epiphany moment! A person can come to the realization that the thing they feared was a creation of their own minds. It can be a step closer to learning how to put the ego in its place.

Emotional Visualizations are good for this, but true self-examination is necessary for this to be effective.

Q. I’m having a hard time keeping a 70% erection as instructed for my Squeezes. As soon as I start, my erection slowly declines after several reps and I need to stop to get the erection back. How do I counter this?

Al: Let’s say you’re targeting 70% average for Squeezes. You’ll induce an 80% erection then start the exercise- and continue it until you’re erection drops to 60%. This will give you a good range to work through and that 70% average.

Q. You mention altering the jelq exercise to target more length or more girth. So if I use a lower erection and less lube, it targets length, and more lube and erection targets girth? Is this so?

Al: Regarding the jelq: Correct on both counts. With less lube and erection, the exercise becomes more of a sliding stretch/length movement; whereas with more of an erection and lube it becomes more of a compression/girth movement.

With the higher erection/more lube variant, you’ll also want to slow donw the cadence for each rep slightly.



Weight hanging and Stamina Exercise Challenges: Ask The Experts

Weight hanging and Stamina Exercise Challenges: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about weight hanging and stamina exercise challenges.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al

Q. I’m been hanging with the BIB Hanger but am honestly just concerned about the blood pooling in the glans at heavier weight at longer periods

because regardless of the wrapping the device is very “clunky” and pulls the skin down no matter what. But… I’m finally feeling the stretch in the ligs so I’ll just keep working on the placement over the next few sessions. 🙂

Al: Are you making sure to retract the skin away from the glans before securing the wrap?

If necessary, use an extra layer of padding- but it’s important you take measures to not strangulate your penis. Even in the best of cases, with a BIB style hanger one must regularly remove it to allow for full restoration of circulation. You might try more padding to see if this helps, but if not- look into the vacuum type hangers- like the LG Hanger.

That’s why performing Erect Kegels in between hanging sets is helpful. Not only does it restore full circulation, but it also allows one to make what would ordinarily be a mere rest period into time-saving, productive training.

Q. I started to do Erect Kegels and I have to say that I was not able to make 5 clean erect kegels

only 1 barely making the 2nd. It did not feel great and I was only able to get 65%-75% erect, as in barely enough to penetrate, with a curve downwards.

The Start & Stop was a disaster as well as I could only do 100 secs of stimulation on the 1st start & stop and past that my balls shriveled up so bad that I became too tense to even feel a sensation and became flaccid quite quickly after that. When it became flaccid it was so hard to get erect again that I thought that there’s not really a point of forcing this as I think it should be enjoyable and not forced at all.

Al: I can understand your frustration with the difficulty of the exercises, but it’s important to understand that training is merely a tool towards your goals. If you’re not proficient at t performing the exercises you will be, given time. It’s VITAL you do what you can to accept this so as to not allow emotions like frustration or anger affect your performance.

Keep attempting the Erect Kegels- even if you can only hold each rep for 1-2 seconds. We’ll stay at the 5 or less reps count until you can perform all 5 reps with at least a 90% erection. Important! Only contract as hard as you need to to accomplish the rep- and no more!

You may have induced more blood into the genital area via your activities which is why you may have noted more fullness. This could be the case especially if arousal is involved.

The same goes for Stop and Starts. With this exercise, you can take up to 10 “stops” if you need to, but try to hit the 5 minute mark in your next session.

Be sure to practice your Emotional Visualizations exercises BEFORE you even get started with your training! This will encourage the best possible emotional backdrop for your training and will maximize the ease of the process.

For more details on stamina training, please see: The “Stamina Only” Routine for Reversing the Effects of Detraining

The Context of Stamina Exercises for Training Male Enhancement: Ask The Experts

The Context of Stamina Exercises for Training Male Enhancement: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about exercises.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al

Q. In your 3×20 routine you mention doing Kegels during the breaks in between sets.

What’s the advantage of this over doing them after the hanging?

Al: The Kegels in between sets are meant to act as an antagonist to the stretching- creating a “push/pull” effect*. There’s also the efficiency factor. It’s recommended you take a break in between hanging sets to restore full circulation, so if you can that and take care of other aspects of your training, you save time.


Q. What is the purpose for starting a workout using Emotional Visualizations?

Al: The Emotional Visualizations serve the purpose of dispelling emotions inappropriate to the scenario (e.g.- anxiety, apathy, etc.) and replacing them with, at the very least, a feeling of neutrality. Optimally, you should be inducing a feeling of confidence and relaxed joy to effect the best response. This will allow you to set the tone to extract much more out of the sensations you’re experiencing- which leads to a better kinesthetic sense during training. As you get better as inducing the desired emotions, you’ll learn to transcend limitations placed by your own [initial] mental reservations.

Q. Up until now I haven’t been doing any sort of stamina exercise…

[Editor’s Note: This refers to Kegels and edging and may also include outside activities like cardiovascular training], and I think this could be why I’m not making gains. Getting erections is easy for me but maintaining them past a few minutes is hard. What should I do?

Al: It can’t be stressed enough that- for as long as you’re pursuing enlargement- you should be attempting to get your Erection Quality (EQ) as high as you can get it. This rule applies even if your sexual prowess is satisfactory. Few factors are more important for inducing maximum tissue stretch and recovery than high EQ.

This doesn’t even cover the other benefits of stamina work- which include greater penis strength and health, as well as ejaculatory control. One can even develop the ability to become multiorgasmic, as discussed in the Master Your Orgasms exercise.

In your case, including Kegels and Stop and Starts immediately after your enlargement work should work well. You should also take care to do what you can outside of male enhancement training to induce better EQ, and nothing beats cardiovascular exercise for this purpose.

What is EQ, Trusting Emotional Visualizations & Pacing Kegel Reps: Ask The Experts

What is EQ, Trusting Emotional Visualizations & Pacing Kegel Reps: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about EQ, Emotional Visualizations and pacing kegel reps.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al

Q: What is EQ and how do I measure it?

Al: Erection Quality is a combined measure of stamina AND hardness.
A 0 would be complete impotence whereas a 10 would be YOUR ideal standard of stamina and hardness. You can use whatever standard you like to gauge EQ: workout performance, sexual activity, or even an average of it all- as long as it’s consistent.

A 7 is typically considered just hard enough for penetration, but still flexible.

Q. How come I’m really struggling with the idea of trusting emotional visualization to get erect.

Doing the exercises isn’t an issue for me but how I get erect direct is and I’m concerned about that.

Al: The above is the very reason you should practice Emotional Visualizations. Your struggling and concern are the items sought to be mastered with the exercise. The EV is where you learn to let go of struggles and concerns. Doing this during training will help you to develop a foundation which transfers over to sexual confidence and performance. Practiced individually and widely, it can also help to place sex into its proper context into people’s lives.

It may sound as if I’m overblowing the effects of the EV, but the benefits from and skills learned from that exercise will be of immense value to you!

Q. Thank you for recommending the kegels! I am noticing a difference in hardness and waking up at night with hard ons after one week.

You recommended starting off with 5 reps, but I felt I could do more, so I am adding 5 every day. I am up to 15 reps but it’s getting harder to do them now! What do you recommend that I do now with the reps?

Al: For the kegels- or any other exercise- you need to take care not to force your limits just yet! The reasoning behind this involves training momentum. If you pace your progress, you’ll be able to train for MUCH longer in a progressive manner. If you force a peak in your training too soon you’ll burn out very quickly (no training momentum).

The Kegels usually doesn’t lend itself to very rapid rep increases from an established baseline. I’d recommend you back off to ~10 reps or so and resume adding one rep per session. When you get to 20 resp total, add 2 reps per session.

More On Emotional Visualizations

More On Emotional Visualizations

Emotional Visualizations are used to learn emotional mastery- for preparing and during training and sexual activities.  EVs also have practical applications outside of male enhancement training.

The following exercise (courtesy of T.W. Durfy) can also be used in conjunction with Emotional Visualizations:

Beyond the importance of a strong PC muscle when it comes to stamina, many men do not realize that we ALL are capable of having multiple orgasms just by learning a few simple, physical techniques. With a little dedication and practice, you can unlock the secrets to the best sexual experiences of your life.

The main question I get asked is “why do men lose this ability to have multiple orgasms if we’re all capable of doing it?” Simply put, ejaculation. Once we begin to ejaculate in our younger years the feeling is so unbelievable that it completely overtakes a man’s ability to distinguish between the feeling of arousal and orgasm to that of losing themselves in ejaculation. We rewrite this by understanding and separating the different sensations between arousal and orgasm so that we don’t allow ourselves to crossover into ejaculation.

A combination of breathwork and muscle control is the key to becoming multi-orgasmic. In the audio linked below, I’ll guide you through a basic breathing exercise that when practiced regularly will act as an energy pump. A physical exercise that you can try is the Stopping the Stream Exercise:

1) When you are about to urinate, deeply inhale
2) Exhale slowly forcefully pushing out the urine
3) Inhale and contract your PC muscle stopping the flow of urine
4) Exhale and start urinating again
5) Repeat 4-5 times or until you have finished urinating

This file can be useful for mastering your breathing during the exercise.

T.W. Durfy is a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and Dai Soke of the Hoshin Roshi Ryu Jutaijutsu system of martial arts and esoteric energy. He specializes is mind and body transformation coaching his clients how to heal from the inside out. “Transform your mind, transform your body, transform your LIFE!”

Fear Is Not The Enemy

Fear Is Not The Enemy

Very often I read about how fear is a negative emotion. Many take that the wrong way and think it means fear is “bad” or “evil”. Fear is actually a very useful and powerfully motivating emotion. It resides on the negative polarity scale of emotions, but this doesn’t mean it’s wrong or evil in itself. In the proper context, fear will save your life or give you the added adrenaline to escape a dangerous situation or deal with it more effectively. This is also known as the fight or flight response.

Problems happen when fear takes over and panic is allowed to set in. Allowing yourself to suffer at the whims of your emotions can cause a freeze instead of effective fight or flight. This applies to situations where fear is unwarranted or unwanted, like sexual performance anxiety. Left unchecked, it can drag you down and make you ineffective at many things. It also allows you permission to admit and even encourage weakness in yourself. This can be a bad thing if you allow it to fester and cause you to give up or give in, instead of transcending it.

Learning to control and eventually master your fears is a difficult but very rewarding thing to do. Instead of looking at fear as your enemy, look at it like a powerful servant. Use it to motivate you on to higher goals physical, mental and emotional. Learn to recognize it in others or even in writing to be of assistance or to prevent misinformation.

There are plenty of resources on PEGym on how to deal with fear, like Emotional Visualizations. If your fears are out of your ability to manage on your own then professional help would be needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for this help if you need it!

Emotional Control and Anxiety: Ask The Experts

Emotional Control and Anxiety: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Stamina Training & Sexual Performance.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. I know you’re not a doctor and you mention on PEGym…

…how we need to consult doctors or medical professionals if we have problems dealing with anxiety, but what do we do if this doesn’t work? I can’t get the thoughts of feeling inferior out of my head, and talking with therapists haven’t helped much. Drugs just make any erections I do get a lot harder to maintain! Is there anything you can do to help?

Big Al: I’m truly sorry to hear you’re going through this! While I can’t advise on any medical course of action, one thing which needs to be known is that the work towards emotional mastery has to come from you. No amount of drugs, therapy, etc, will help if you don’t make a concerted effort to get your mind under control This means doing your best to get to the root of whatever is ailing you- since acute and chronic feelings of sexual inadequacy are often rooted in deeper issues.

Developing the mental and emotional strength to overcome the lower emotions is an arduous tasks which will take some time but professional assistance- as well as regular meditation, emotional visualizations, vigorous exercise, a sound diet and a network of people who care will be very helpful to getting you to this place. The latter is especially important, and if you’re in a relationship which fosters negative emotions then it would behoove you to take a closer look at it and see what can be done to either fix the relationship or move on- so as to spare your mental and emotional health.

There are many forum stories of men who’ve had serious issues with sexual self-confidence who’ve overcome it.

Q. With all of the strange events going on I find myself stressed out all of the time…

My concentration for training has suffered. What do I do about it?

Big Al: We are living in strange times! That being said, one can find opportunities for new things- especially if you’re self-isolating. It would be in your best interests to practice some sort of daily meditation to learn to still you mind. These are similar to the recommended Emotional Visualization movements, except the goal for stilling the mind is complete clarity. When your mind begins to stray during your sessions, focus on your breathing.

Attempt to practice this every day, and if you feel any acute attacks of anxiety, you can perform it them to counter the attack.