Pumping For Length and Minimum Expectations: Ask The Experts

Pumping For Length and Minimum Expectations: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about pumping for length only and what the minimal acceptable level of gains is.

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Q. Hey Al. I have been pumping for almost a year now and I am very satisfied with my girth now. I would like to focus only on length. Is there a way to do this?

Al: A practice among pumpers looking to gain length and not girth is to stay with a cylinder just slightly larger than erect girth BUT using a lot of lube in order to ensure the penis is forced to expand along the length of the cylinder during pumping. You MUST use enough and of a sufficient quality/viscosity of lube to ensure the process of extension in the pump is felt without friction.

This should enable you to get maximum elongation without affecting girth too much.


Q. I know everyone has different goals, but what is the bare minimum I can expect from training? Does the type of training matter?

Al: Manual exercises are recommended because A. they’re free to perform, B. they’re efficient, and C. there has yet to have been created a device as versatile as the human hand. That being said, there are pros and cons to each method.

As with any training, you’re going to need to challenge yourself to see gains. This would be the same whether you were using a pump, manuals, or other devices.

The MINIMUM expectations per cycle should be 1/4″ in length and 1/8″ in girth except for those in the very advanced stages of training. If you’re at the low end of training and are not making these types of gains, more effort needs to be put into consistency and progression. There’s no substituting for these aspects.

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Device Based Training, the Jelq Free Routine, Genetics, and Mindset: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Device based training, the Jelq Free routine, Genetic potential, and developing a positive mindset.

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Q. So you’ve proven that you can gain without using devices…

…something which other specialists don’t agree on!

Big Al: Most male enhancement trainees I know have made gains with manual exercises, though there are a few notables who’ve made massive gains with devices.

Q. I own a bathmate x30. Now with that I really see the benefits and I used it to warm up before doing your Jelq Free routine.

Many guys say that the bathmate is really the best thing out there. What do you think? It’s just a moment thing where you see the erection and vascularity?

Big Al: Pumping can be an excellent way of adding size, but a full pumping routine requires dedication- as results seem to accelerate once one is able to train past the 20-30 minute mark. For now, you may use the pump for your warm ups and warm downs. Use for 5-7 minutes each with very warm water and moderate pressure.

Q. Can I achieve the most of my genetic potential with just your Jelq Free routine and Bathmate?

In 3 years let’s say? Would my penis get used to that like any other muscle and stop growing. Or is the penis, a more easy to trick organ?

Big Al: The penis is composed of smooth muscle tissue- which is different from skeletal muscle. The exercises are passive in nature in how the muscle tissue is affected. That being said, few people ever approach their true genetic potential.

A good example of just how much expansion is possible (and even in a very brief time) can be seen here: Megalophallus. NOTE- The aforementioned link is NOT meant as an instructional guide!

The format of the Jelq Free is modular, so as you gain in conditioning we can switch out to more challenging exercises.

Q. What would you say about mental awareness during sex.

I heard pornstars think of bad things or unpleasant experiences during sex to last more. What have you discovered it works best for you in lasting more besides you usual routine?

Big Al: This is a good question, and your mention of pornstars puts it into a certain perspective. There can be negative conditioning effects when using outside stimuli during sex.

I HIGHLY recommend you review the following in full: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence.


Pumping, Porn, & the Stop and Starts Exercise: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about Pumping, Transitioning away from porn, and the Stop and Starts Exercise for the high EQ trainee in this Ask the Experts article.

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Q. I researched yesterday about pumping…

…and everyone on every forum recommends no more than 40 minutes per day, usually split into 2 sessions throughout the day.

What do you think about that? Isn’t the “extreme” pumping of 2+ hours maybe too extreme and dangerous? The last think I want is to permanently damage my penis.

Big Al: The “Extreme Pumping” guideline you’re referring to is for advanced pump training. It’s exceeding rare for anyone to work up to two hours of pumping, and you certainly wouldn’t start off at 40 minutes+ per day!

My initial recommendation (as seen HERE) is to start with FIVE minutes of pumping a day. That being said- as with any activity- you build conditioning with time and effort. As long as you progress with very small but regular increases to your training loads- and you’re monitoring your EQ and other PIs- there should be no reason why you wouldn’t be able to work up to 40+ minutes.

Q. I have read the three-part Detraining article. As I understand it…

…the transition period you mention consists of abstaining from porn as well as physical stimulation until I adapt the lack of porn stimulus and my EQ naturally improves again. At that time I can start the stamina routine once more.

Would you recommend still doing daily kegels? Not erect kegels due to the physical stimulus required but kegels in a flaccid state which can be performed anywhere and anytime throughout the day. Since the kegel exercise plays a prominent role in EQ as well I would like to continue a daily flaccid kegel regimen for continued PC muscle improvement. What are your thoughts regarding this?

Big Al: The tough part is the (usually) weeks long process of going from a lack of porn and poor adaptation to turning the corner on it. This demands you approach your training objectively- see it as a tool towards improved gains and not as something to get stressed about. Accept the fact that there’s going to be that necessary period of transition, and it’ll make it much easier for you to adapt.

You can perform flaccid Kegels but they should be part of a structured regimen. You do NOT want to overtrain the pelvic floor! That being said, you should strive to do your best to perform kegels with an erection.

You should also strive to develop the capacity to perform Erect Kegels- AND you should include the Stop and Starts exercise in your training repertoire to speed up the conditioning process.

Q. You recommended doing Stop and Starts. On your website…

…I’ve read that this exercise is for building endurance.

I don’t have any stamina problems – quite the opposite: sometimes it takes me quite a while to finish. And if I have sex for a long period of time, I tend to lose my erection a bit I don’t think I need to build more endurance in terms of “lasting longer” but “lasting harder”. Also if I go for a second round, it’s a lot harder to get an erection and more common to lose it.

Big Al: The Stop and Starts is the most inclusive exercise you can perform in that it aids in ALL aspects of male enhancement development. If one had time to perform only one male enhancement exercise it should be the Stop and Starts.

For the purposes of enlargement training, having as high a level of EQ as you can develop will be vital to maximizing gains. You’ll need to aim for an even higher level of EQ than you’d expect for unencumbered sexual performance.

In your case, you might consider performing the “Reverse” Stop and Starts to decrease your sensory threshold.