Girth Training Advice: Ask The Experts

Girth Training Advice: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about training the penis for girth.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al

Q. I’ve just started with the Squeeze for my girth workouts and I’ve gotta say I love em!

I’m doing the recommended 70 percent average but I feel I can do much more. Can I try a higher erection for this?

Al: You can use a higher level of erection to make the Squeezes more intense, but you have to be careful with this- since the degree of force needed to manipulated a higher erection increases almost exponentially. If you don’t have the necessary conditioning, you might find the higher erection Squeeze LESS efficient.

*                *                *

Q. You had stated that for jelqs, I should be holding one hand at the base so the skin doesn’t move up with the jelq.

However, isn’t it preferable to start from as far back of the penis as possible? And if I hold that base, I that means I have to start further ahead?

How about instead of holding the base, I just use more lube so that when I’m jelqing, it’s not actually moving up the skin?

Al: You’re correct in that you should be getting the stroking hand as deep into the base as possible. This may require you hold back skin with the other hand and spread your fingers enough to allow the stroking hand to get the proper range of motion.

You can also try using more (thick) lube. IMO, this is preferable as it simplifies the exercise. Please let me know how it goes if you decide to try this.

*                *                *

Q. Why is it that I feel the Squeezes better for me for girth than jelqing even if I use about the same level of EQ?

Aren’t they both for girth?

Al: The Squeeze is considered to be a girth-direct exercise, whereas the jelq is an exercise which can be used for a variety of functions. That being said, even the Squeeze can yield some degree of length gains since the tunica is being expanded. Some have also commented on EQ improvement using Squeezes, though the [light] jelqs are, IMO, better for contributing to more blood flow.

*                *                *

Do you want Al to answer your questions?  Please check out

Advanced Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Advanced Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers Advanced Training Questions related to the jelq and fitness.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. What’s the importance behind the instructions to time jelqs once you get past 300 reps?

Al: The reasoning behind this is to see how efficient your jelq sessions are. For example, if you’re performing 300 reps of the jelq, and you’re aiming for 2-3 seconds per rep, your jelq net time should be close to 600-900 seconds (10-15 minutes). It’s understood there’s going to be the need for pauses- either for erection refreshing. relubing, etc. You’ll want to do your best to ensure these pauses don’t take up more than 20% of your total gross time. If you can get it down to 10% of your total time, this will be even better. If you’re not taking too many breaks but your time is off, then the issue is with your jelq speed.

Timing longer jelq sessions will ensure you can account for all of the above factors.

Q. All of the gyms have closed down for months where I live, so as a result I’ve gotten very out of shape…

I still do kegels and edging, but my EQ is now horrible and I’ve gained more than 15 kilos in less than a year! Do you have any advice for me?

Al: If your regular fitness regimen has been exclusively gym training- and if there aren’t any available- you’re going to have to change how you train (or at least your location of training). Even if you only have floor space for minimal activities, you can do plenty. Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, burpees, and the like. If you can set up a home gym then this would be optimal. Start small- a mat, a chinning bar which can go over your doorway, perhaps an adjustable barbell and dumbbell set, and even a bench- you can complete a full array of even high intensity training with a home set up.

Unless you’re unable to, you should partake in walking, running, bicycling, or whatever your preference to get in your cardio. The aforementioned jumping jacks and burpees are all great for getting the heart rate up.

Most important of all is the mindset. Challenging times call for ingenuity and persistence. Thinking just a bit outside of the box as regard your fitness alternatives may very well open up a whole new and fun world of training options!

If you’re at home or in one location for long periods of time, be sure to keep any unhealthy food away so you’re not tempted to eat unhealthy things. Setting an eating schedule for yourself can be helpful, if needed.

Base Squeeze, Edging, and Stretching, a Winning Combination for Length and Girth.

Base Squeeze, Edging, and Stretching, a Winning Combination for Length and Girth.


Dr Richard R. Howard II

Please read article on Viking Kegel, as the article below is related.  It would be good to have knowledge of the Viking article 1st and then this article.

1. Perform a 10 minute warm-up using a heating device of your choice.  For example a small ceramic heater can be placed sufficiently far (2+ feet) from your crotch to be safe, warm up your crotch area for a period of 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Proceed with a dry jelq for 5 to 10 minutes. The combination of warming  plus dry Jelq will allow for  increase tissue flexibility providing a better more affective girth exercise. Bring your penis to 80% to 95%  erection.

3. Proceed by using an overhand grip with your thumb and pointer finger pointing down to the floor and providing the primary force of the squeeze. Position your hand as close to the pubic bone as possible to maximize shaft exposure and promote transient hypertension (blood pressure that is safely elevated) from the squeeze. At the same time perform edging, which allows for greater sexual excitation or arousal, if you will. I have found the base squeeze and the edging work very nicely together. Hi orgasmic energy is created with this combination.

4. For beginners, squeeze the base for duration of one minute. Generally I have found every 20 to 30 seconds you reposition slightly the hand used to squeeze the base, each time you re-position your hand you try to move it closer to the pubic bone as much as safely possible. You will find that this periodic adjustment is helpful for the hand and the position of the hand. So therefore in one minute time you might adjust once or twice.

5. After completing the above, perform manual circular stretches with your penis pointed in any direction, generally up is the easiest direction associated with this configuration of exercise. Hold time and intensity for 30 seconds. The intensity is somewhat subjective, do not overdo this, be kind to your penis and avoid any injury. There is a tendency in PE to get overzealous with her mind and not the aware of your body’s feedback, it’s important to integrate the two and do pay attention to your penis and its comfort level.

9. The upper time range that I have experienced, remember that I’ve been doing this for decades, would be 6 to 10 minute of squeeze edging, and two minutes circular stretch upward position. I may do the super set for 2 to 3 times, depending on your feel, and your experience you can elect the duration. A person who has had multiple years of experience certainly would be a veteran and can make his own decisions regarding time and intensity.  A new to intermediate individual must always side on caution.

Overtime I found this a very useful exercise for girth and length because it consists of squeeze plus stretches. At times I’m amazed at the results. While this idea is not original, I reflected on this concept overtime and came to conclusions on at least one type of optimized girth exercises. (Note: Big Al and others also put out many excellent girth exercises)

10. The above may be used with hanging devices such as the LG hanger; it can possibly be used with the compression hanger call the Bib hanger. It can be also used with bath mate, or pulse pumping, Pulse pumping consist of varying the vacuum cycle, rotating it back between vacuum levels.

In other words this girth exercise can work pretty much with any mechanical instrument and probably enhance the effects.

Best regards,

Dr. Richard R. Howard II

Copyright @ 2020, please respect the authors copyright, with special permission given to PEGym.

A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

Chapter 1: A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement

NOTE: While it’s worthwhile to do a detailed history of male enhancement, a summary is necessary as a detailed history would, on its own, fill a good-sized volume. There’s also a good deal of history in the next section (My Story), and redundancies have been eliminated to streamline the content.

The history of male enhancement goes as far back as recorded history. From the myths of Priapus to enlarged phalli depicted on cave painting walls, the ideal for a larger penis and the symbolic potency and power it represents spans time and cultures. While there are a good number of books on the subject, the Internet has allowed very open, detailed and evolving discussions on a subject that is still considered “taboo” in many circles.

The active forms of male enhancement are well represented in history. The Aboriginal “Googaday” tribe was supposed to have a ritual for extending their penises using extending devices made from nature. There’s the folklore of the “Sudanese Arab” tribes being the supposed origin of the Jelq. This origin claims there were centers of enlargement where the older men taught younger men the “art” of Jelqing.

Consider the Batammariba people who are known for their penis elongation techniques. It’s reputed a combination of topical herbs are used in conjunction with stretching the penis in a wooden device. They are supposed to use the techniques as a rite of passage.

There’s also the Turkish “Celik” method – which is also attributed to the origin of Jelqing. There’s even a rumor Jelqing was created as a “prank” in the 60s’. This particular rumor was initially claimed by a penis enlargement course that ridiculed the Jelq, yet used a very similar exercise they called the “Cow Milk” as one of the main exercises in its

Regardless of the origins, if you’ve researched penis enlargement exercises at all, then you’ll likely note the ubiquity and affection for the exercises known as the jelq. It appears as a staple in most male enhancement routines because it’s easy to perform and the feel of the exercise is one that has to be felt to be appreciated.

In addition to exercises for “enlargement”, another form of male enhancement involves improving sexual stamina. This particular form of enhancement ranges from merely improving hardness to help counter impotence. Advanced regimens can help you master near absolute control over your orgasms/ejaculation and can even allow you to develop the capacity for “Male Multiple Orgasms” (MMO).

Interestingly enough, while there’s not too much mainstream approval for the concept of “natural” male enhancement at this time, there are documented data in medical/scientific publications that prove the effectiveness of penis enlargement using traction (extended references).

The most popular sexual stamina exercise (the Kegel) is actually listed in Wikipedia as being able “…to increase the size and intensity of erections.” 1

The Erect Kegel is THE exercise to master if you wish to refine your timing and MMO capabilities. More on how to use this particular exercise for this purpose is outlined in the Stamina Exercises section of this publication, and it should be used in conjunction with the “Stop and Start” exercise (also mentioned in the stamina exercises section).

Ironically, the most effective routines appear to be “manual” in nature- or at least consists of a combination of manual and device-based training.

The earliest recorded routine on record that made history regarding penis enlargement training is known as the “Chartham Study”. The routine used survives today as the DASH or Penistone Course. In the 90’s came Internet-based manual training programs like the “Jojido” method and the extremely popular Penile Fitness course. This particular course, at its peak, sold several hundred courses per day!

At about the same time, Internet forums were all instrumental in popularizing the concept of penis enlargement/male enhancement. It’s very enlightening to look through some of the longer standing forums to see how the attitudes toward male enhancement evolved – from hard skepticism to open-mindedness and finally, to acceptance and even promotion of the subject.

In my opinion, the evolution of male enhancement forums has done more for the niche than anything else so far.

There have also been some high-quality books written on the subject of male enhancement, and many had a great influence on the various methods used to this day. One of the seminal publications which had a profound effect on modern male enhancement techniques was Gary Griffin’s book, Penis Enlargement Methods: Fact and Phallusy. On the more esoteric side, you have Mantak Chia’s publication The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know. Lately, Rob Michael’s Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health comes to mind for a great read on manual training techniques.

We have the passive form in the history of herbal remedies found in many cultures. Traditional Chinese medicine to this day recommends tiger penis as an aphrodisiac and virility. The Kama Sutra outlines a path to enlargement which involves using wasp stings. The more effective and less dangerous methods of supplemental enlargement/enhancement persist to this day.

The herbs maca, yohimbe and epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) are a staple in many modern sexual supplements. They persist because they’ve been proven to enhance penile blood flow- thereby improving the quality of erections. Yohimbe, in particular, is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Any substance that can induce more powerful erections can be used for the purposes of enlargement and enhancement. This is especially the case if the penis has shrunk due to disuse. These supplements, when used in conjunction with a sound male enhancement routine, can accelerate penis enlargement as well.

On a side note about Viagra, this particular drug was initially meant to treat hypertension. It was discovered to have the side effect on inducing erections by inhibiting enzymes that don’t allow the penile smooth muscle to relax. While this drug is supposed to be prescribed for legitimate medical purposes, it’s often prescribed as a panacea. The excuse given is most men’s impotence is psychological in nature. The drawback to this is men with serious psychological ED may need to be given to opportunity to treat their disease- and not merely the symptoms of it.

No discussion of male enhancement is complete without mentioning physical vs. psychological impotence. Most men with ED suffer from the latter, and the problem with dealing with psychological ED is convincing the man in question the obstacle to performance is his own creation- and in severe cases, the result of conditioning and perhaps even self-induced hormonal fluctuations caused by being in intense states of frequent anxiety.

If you suffer from these issues or even if you’re merely looking to maximize your potential, the data in this publication can provide a (non-medical) guide to assist you.

1 Alan P. Brauer; Donna J. Brauer (2001). ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm (Revised ed.). Warner Books. p. 59.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

Device Based Training, the Jelq Free Routine, Genetics, and Mindset: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Device based training, the Jelq Free routine, Genetic potential, and developing a positive mindset.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. So you’ve proven that you can gain without using devices…

…something which other specialists don’t agree on!

Big Al: Most male enhancement trainees I know have made gains with manual exercises, though there are a few notables who’ve made massive gains with devices.

Q. I own a bathmate x30. Now with that I really see the benefits and I used it to warm up before doing your Jelq Free routine.

Many guys say that the bathmate is really the best thing out there. What do you think? It’s just a moment thing where you see the erection and vascularity?

Big Al: Pumping can be an excellent way of adding size, but a full pumping routine requires dedication- as results seem to accelerate once one is able to train past the 20-30 minute mark. For now, you may use the pump for your warm ups and warm downs. Use for 5-7 minutes each with very warm water and moderate pressure.

Q. Can I achieve the most of my genetic potential with just your Jelq Free routine and Bathmate?

In 3 years let’s say? Would my penis get used to that like any other muscle and stop growing. Or is the penis, a more easy to trick organ?

Big Al: The penis is composed of smooth muscle tissue- which is different from skeletal muscle. The exercises are passive in nature in how the muscle tissue is affected. That being said, few people ever approach their true genetic potential.

A good example of just how much expansion is possible (and even in a very brief time) can be seen here: Megalophallus. NOTE- The aforementioned link is NOT meant as an instructional guide!

The format of the Jelq Free is modular, so as you gain in conditioning we can switch out to more challenging exercises.

Q. What would you say about mental awareness during sex.

I heard pornstars think of bad things or unpleasant experiences during sex to last more. What have you discovered it works best for you in lasting more besides you usual routine?

Big Al: This is a good question, and your mention of pornstars puts it into a certain perspective. There can be negative conditioning effects when using outside stimuli during sex.

I HIGHLY recommend you review the following in full: The Detraining Effect: Understanding and Reversing Negative Habits To Improve Erection Quality and Sexual Confidence.


Jelqing Tools: What Works – What Doesn’t

jelqing tools jelq penis enlargement

jelqing tools jelq penis enlargementWe talk a lot about jelqing here at PEGym. Why? Because it’s one of the easiest and most effective male enhancement exercises you can do. Jelqing is perfect for both beginner’s and advanced penis exercisers. Let’s take a look at jelqing tools, to see what works and what doesn’t work.

If you want more info on jelqing, how to do it and the different variety of jelqs, check out our comprehensive jelqing guide – Jelqing: What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. A purchase through any of our links helps keep PEGym forums and content free. Thank you!

Jelqing Tools: Hands

Your hands are the jelqing tools most people think of when it comes to this very basic penis enlargement exercise. Here are the pros and cons of using your hands for jelqing.

jelqing tools hands OK grip

Jelqing Tools: Hands Pros

  • You always have your hands with you, no matter where you are.
  • Your hands are free. No equipment to purchase.
  • You can easily vary the pressure with your hands.

Jelqing Tools: Hands Cons

  • Using your hands for jelqing can get tiring.
    • When fatigued, it may be difficult to get enough pressure for a proper jelq.
    • When fatigued, it may be difficult to have consistent pressure.
  • Tension on the skin can lead to discomfort.
  • The hands typically stretch mostly the skin, while the underlying tissues don’t get jelqed as effectively.

Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym

The Power J Gym is a jelqing tool used by more than 100,000 men around the globe. The traction control roller system actually jelqs the tissue under the penile skin, which is the tissue you need to exercise to get penis enlargement.

power j gym jelqing tool new jelq device
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Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Even, consistent pressure with each jelq
  • Minimizes hand fatigue
  • Compact design makes it easy to take with you when traveling
  • Specifically targets the tissue under the penis skin.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of every jelq.
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Purchase can be motivation to use it and do jelqs

Jelqing Tools: Power J Gym Cons

  • Does require purchase

Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum

Max Out Jelqing Serum, by Bathmate, is a specially formulated lube and male enhancer all in one. It includes natural ingredients known to improve vasodilation as well as skin moisturizers.

bathmate max out jelqing serum
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Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum Pros

  • Reduces skin friction and reduces irritation for manual jelqing
  • Improved vasodilation means greater blood flow
    • Improved blood flow means temporary enlargement
    • It also means improved healing of the microtears from jelqing
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used as a stand alone male enhancement serum, without jelqing

Jelqing Tools: Max Out Jelqing Serum Cons

  • Reduction of friction can make jelqing slightly less effective
  • Can only be used with manual jelqs, no jelqing tools

Does Jelqing Work 2018

jelqing tools jelq penis enlargement

does jelqing work 2018Does jelqing work 2018?
Penis exercises have been around for centuries. Men have always wanted to maximize the size and the hardness of their manhood. However, in today’s information-driven world that is so easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection, we can really find out —

Does jelqing work in 2018?

How Does Jelqing Work 2018?

Jelqing is a manual penis stretch exercise. Similar to the milking action used on cows, this slow, purposeful stretch creates microtears in the penis tissue cells. When the body repairs these cells, it creates new cellular tissue – which means you get a longer and thicker penis.

Read more about the mechanics of jelqing here –

Jelqing: What is Jelqing? How to Jelq to a Bigger & Harder Penis!

Member Reviews of Does Jelqing Work 2018

The thing I love most about the Internet is we now no longer have to rely just on one person or company to decide for ourselves if something is effective. Our member forum has over 167,000 members (as of Sept. 14, 2018) – and men can read directly what these guys have to say about their experience with does jelqing really work in 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of the posts this year.

Member: incogneetoe

In this thread, talking about penis extender vs. jelqing, incogneetoe states:

Well there is some scientific evidence that extenders work for real length gains.

That being said, I have never used an extender and have done a good deal of jelqing. I have gained almost two inches. (…)


Not jelqing alone. But jelqing as a key component of my routine.

Just about 3 years of jelqing related routines. Did 6 months no jelq. 3 months with jelq. 3 months jelq free. Since then, 2.5 years, include jelqing.


Member: TANGO 5/10

TANGO 5/10 has a progress log where he details his jelq-intensive training routine and reports his success. Here’s one of his training days:

Put in the K/O on my personal PE Stud Routine 👌

* 10 minutes Warmup *

* 30X 5 second hold Squeeze technique , 85% EQ *

* Basic penis stretching , all directions for 30 second holds *

* Regular A & V penis stretching , 30 second holds *

* 540 Bundled A & V penis stretching for 21 second holds *

* 720 bundled Penis Stretching all directions for 21 second holds *

* Mandingo Penis Stretching for 30 second holds side to side *

Application of VigRx OIL & Good lotion for duration
* 100 Regular Jelqing movements
* 50 horizontal movement Jelqing simultaneously Erection Bending *

* 30 minutes of edging with Fleshlight *

* 10 minutes Warmdown *

And, his success report:

I can say I’ve found multiple tools to beat Pre-E during intercourse and my PE Enlargement training has worked beyond my greatest expectations. ( From 1-2 minutes of intercourse TO 7-10 minutes & going for 15 minutes SOMETIMES !!!!!! DURING INTERCOURSE 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 ) ONLY DEEP THRUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t think I would literally be on Pegym with a success gains of 1 inches BPEL along with 1 inches EG


Member: MarsSpyder

MarsSpyder has been doing a PE routine that includes jelqing for two years and has seen positive results. Here is an example of his most current workout, from his progress log.

10x TTs 1 min hold
10x Bundled stretch 1 min hold
100 Jelqs
15 min clamp
100 Jelqs
15 min clamp
100 Jelqs

And, his success so far:

BPEL: 6.75-7″(not a good measurement)
BEG: 5ish (not a good measurement)

Current (4/10/2018)
BPEL: 8″
MSEG: 5.375-5.45″


Members Not Seeing Results – Does Jelqing Work 2018?

Of course, there are members who have reported jelqing has not worked for them. Here are a few of those posts.

Member: Peterson1231234

Been jelqing 5-6 months and i feel like i’ve been jelqing only 1 week but time really flew fast and here i am with 0 gains. I want girth mainly so i start doing them when im a bit erect to when i go soft. I want to keep it safe with just jelqing so anyone has any ideas?


Member: 69inchfailzor

real talk i found jelqing to be a complete waste of time…. stretching is where its at. i think jelqing might only be good combined with a pump or something


Why Jelqing May Not Work for Some Men

It’s important to remember that just because someone didn’t get the results they wanted with jelqing, it doesn’t mean jelqing doesn’t work. When considering does jelqing working in 2018, you have to think about any body modification process – such as traditional diet and exercise.

A man goes to a gym and does some exercise – it doesn’t mean he’s going to necessarily reach his goals. A number of factors can lead to not being successful. Exercise intensity, quality, quantity, duration, etc.. These also hold true for jelqing and any other penis enlargement exercise.

Jelq devices like the Power J Gym jelq tool can help you with consistency of your jelq exercise. Plus, it can help with hand fatigue, which some members experience, especially when doing high numbers of reps.

You can read more about why people don’t see results other people see in our post here:

Why Haven’t I Seen the Penis Enlargement Results Everyone Else Has?

What do you think? Have you tried jelqing? What have you been your results? Comment below!

Turtling: Is it Normal? & Fatigue with the Jelq-Free Routine -Ask the Experts

mecoach AJ Alfaro male enhancement penis enlargement coach

male enhancement coach big al penis enlargement turtling jeql-free routineBig Al, of, answers questions about turtling and fatigue problems with the jelq-free routine, in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Kimberly at PEGymKMWylie – and she’ll have the experts here on PEGym get your questions.

Q. I’ve noticed when I run or workout in the gym my penis seems to shrivel up!

…Is this turtling normal? Is there something I should be doing to counter this?

Big Al: It’s typical to note a temporary retraction of the penis during intensive physical exercise. This is a completely normal phenomenon as blood is drawn to the extremities during intensive exercise. During physical training it wouldn’t be feasible to do anything to counter this, but a light stretching or jelqing session- or even a hot soak performed immediately after your physical training should help to restore penile circulation.

Turtling may also be aggravate by stimulant use. If you use strong stimulants prior to your physical training workout this may contribute to the phenomenon- even well after your session has ended.

Q. I recently started your Jelq Free routine doing the minimum number of reps recommended. I’ve been using my ADS after training

…but I appear to be more fatigued than ever! Can you recommend something different for my training so I don’t get so fatigued?

Big Al: Unless one has extreme turtling or are employing an All Day Stretcher (ADS) as the mainstay of a routine- or one is extremely advanced/condition and can benefit from a relatively large training load, a workout should be taxing enough to allow for full rest after a session.

Even if passive, an ADS can push one into overtraining if they’re already training at their limit. I suggest spending a few weeks establishing a baseline with the Jelq Free routine as is. If you still feel you can use a greater challenge then you have several options:

  • Accelerate the rate of rep increases per session or
  • Switch to more intense exercises or
  • Increase the frequency of your training (add more training days per week) or
  • Implement the ADS