That Which Cannot Be Measured

That Which Cannot Be Measured

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

The main principles of this manual should be synthesized in their entirety for this chapter to be truly effective.

This book is an attempt at contributing to the positive body of knowledge, but in the end, the words in these pages are merely tools. As outlined in the previous chapter, even the goals you set and accomplish are really pieces of a bigger puzzle, which might help you to become a better man. I want to stress the MIGHT portion of the last sentence, because only you know why you’re interested in male enhancement and what you hope to accomplish with your new abilities.

Allow me to clarify.The reasons why men become interested in male enhancement are varied.Some men get into it merely to enhance their current attributes. Others pursue male enhancement because they perceive themselves to be inadequate.While others’ efforts are driven out of pain,the typical cause being a reaction from being belittled or insulted by a former lover. Because the latter two reasons are done as a result of pain of the heart, they deserve very special attention.

While it’s hoped once you’ve made significant progress,you’ll feel better about yourself; this is going to depend on your intent. Let’s visualize some scenarios.If someone enlarged their penis and conquered their performance issues, because they have deep-seated inadequacies, there’s a chance they’ll find something to feel inadequate about once they’ve reached their goals if they haven’t healed emotionally. A larger penis is only going to alleviate a symptom of what’s truly wrong. An even darker version of negative intent can involve someone using their newfound powers to seek revenge in the form of sexual, emotional or even physical abuse toward a former partner.

While the above scenarios show the subjects have conquered their feeling of sexual inadequacies, their actions betray a fear-based mindset, which can only be alleviated by dealing with the deep-seated cause(s) of the fear itself. Fear, like a bully who stops picking on one victim because he’s finally stood up for himself, will move on to an easier target. This can manifest itself in different ways.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

The Zen of PE (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The Zen of PE (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

By Rockitman

How a young man looked for a bigger penis and along the way found strength of character.

A young man comes to PEGym dejected, rejected and down and out. Maybe it was the girlfriend who bragged about the anaconda her former lover had in his pants, or he’s inexperienced and had some ‘performance anxiety’ his first time out of the chute. Maybe it’s just his mental-image of his penis is frozen in time from when he was 10 years old. Whatever the reason, he came here looking for something: a bigger, better penis.

Of course,everyone knows a bigger penis cures ALL of a man’s woes, right?

So he lurks some websites and lands here at PEGym, launches into the JP-90 beginner’s routine with all the faith and diligence that he can muster, stretching and Jelqing with textbook precision and form. He learns what BPEL means, and has reverse Kegels down to a science. Along the way he trades techniques, experiences, his opinion on women and even a joke or two with kindred souls on the forums. He then makes some modest gains in a few months; strengthens muscles he REALLY didn’t know he had and enjoys the enhanced sexual performance that comes with it.

Our intrepid young man is now well-versed in the advanced techniques of PE and he’s made some gains. Granted, he’s not slinging his member over his shoulder, but the results of his efforts are somewhat noticeable, even if only to himself. By now he’s an old hand at PE and is giving advice to others, gaining him a slew of rep-points and a certain degree of respectability among those in the forums. This newly-found confidence has permeated other aspects of his life: at work or school, people comment “you changed your hair-style, didn’t you?” or “Are you working out?” (plead the 5th on that one!) Girls begin to notice him more.

It’s gotta be that new bulge in his jeans from the inch he gained in length and the quarter inch in girth from almost a year if PE, right? Or maybe it’s the fact that our hero achieved a goal he set for himself, or maybe he hasn’t quite achieved it yet, but he’s well on his way there.

Much like the kid who got picked on one-too-many times in school and joins a dojo to learn martial arts to become a Grand Master as an adult, he transcended even the actual physical aspect of PE and found that the answer was not in his penis, but in his character. Whether its building a better penis, becoming adept at self-defense, able to run long distances, there comes a point in which a diligent and conscientious practitioner of almost any endeavor of “superficial” self-improvement transcends the physical aspect itself, and he finds strength, not just in the physical sense, but psychologically and spiritually as well.


The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

Layman’s Research on the Forums (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

Layman’s Research on the Forums

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

In my opinion, the most valuable body of work coming from the male enhancement /penis enlargement community comes from the trainees themselves. Without their efforts this book would not exist, nor would “PE”. In my own research, trainees have taught me more than I could have learned, had I spent all of my time merely self-experimenting and researching tissue studies and Davis’ Law.

What these men have done is, wittingly or not, applied the Scientific Method to their training.

The Scientific Method has five steps to it:

● Problem – Determining whether or not non-surgical penis enlargement is possible and feasible and, if so, how to go about it safely.

● Observation – This comes from studying soft tissue morphology to get a solid foundation of knowledge as well as learning how others who have reported gains have done it.

● Hypothesis – This is where the plan itself (the routine) is outlined along with the expected potential results.

● Experimentation – This part consists of the actual training, recording of statistics and logging of your efforts.

● Conclusion – After a specific time, a measurement is taken to see what the results are.

Some have substituted “Prediction” for “Problem” or have slightly rearranged the above steps, but the above should suffice for our purposes.

Some purists may decry the above, stating no controls are used or an “uninterested observer” should be conducting the measurements. Obviously, training with those types of restrictions might be difficult.

If you’re doing this for the purpose of self-improvement and are honest and scrupulous with your record keeping, the results will show regardless of the lack of controls or uninterested observer.

How has this played out in reality?

If you were to take a cross sample of trainees’ journals, you’d note the distribution of failure and success likely mimic most human physical endeavors toward self-improvement. There are cases where lucky men with large dimensions do little and make great gains, and at the other end of the spectrum you have men who toil away and self-experiment to no end with little to show for their efforts. Then you have those devoted few who take their training and goals seriously, and it’s from these numbers where some of the greatest gains and training breakthroughs are made.

While some routines do seem to work “best” for a large number of trainees, there are always going to be those who function best in other parts of the spectrum. Some men respond best to very intense but brief regimens, while others thrive following high volume/light routines. Yet others do best using more unusual methods- like all-day weight hanging or even pumping.

Of course, some men actually do well by adopting the best of all of these methods and using them in a timely manner- and I stress the word “timely” because with training, timing is everything.

The routines themselves are designed to take maximum advantage of exercise “synergy”. That’s when you group exercises together in a way, where the whole gives you better results than if you performed each exercise alone. For example, you’ll find most of the full routines outlined in this book normally involve a number of different exercises with seemingly different functions. You have your warm up- which as the name suggests warms up and loosens all tissues. Immediately after your warm up, you’d normally proceed to “girth” work, which targets tunica and can help make your length work more productive- as most direct stretches neglect the tunica to some degree.

After girth work, next in the usual sequence of exercises is “length” work- usually some form of stretching/hanging/extender work. Length work stretches most of the structures of the penis, but in most cases, the basal ligaments are the structures most stressed by this particular activity. I recommend doing your girth work first because intense stretches can leave your penis temporarily exhausted. This can make doing girth work immediately afterwards a bit difficult.

Next on the training schedule is stamina work, which further expands the tunica. This is due to the increase in blood flow from exercises like Kegels and Stop and Starts, which, when done immediately after your enlargement work induces maximal sustained tissue expansion. You will get to learn more about stamina work in the next section.

The warm down is usually the last movement performed in your training routine, and it allows even further expansion and keeps tissues expanded longer post-workout. This activity also aids in healing/recuperation.

The cool down can be done after the warm down or alternating period of heat and cold. A cool down is recommended after a particularly intense workout or if you’re sore.

More important than the exercises, sets, reps, etc. is the feel of the exercises. If you’re not inducing a deep level of tissue stretch each time you train, you’re likely not inducing growth. Feel and intensity aren’t the same thing- so experimenting with degree of force (starting on the light end) along with various angles, etc. will be vital to the process.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

My Story & About the Client Study (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

My Story & About the Client Study (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

My Story

My first interest in male enhancement came about while researching the promotion of the e-book “How To Get Incredibly Huge & Super Strong Naturally.” While researching potential advertising spots, I noticed in the various muscle magazines at the time, there was an inordinate amount of ads for penis enlargement surgeries and pumps. Because of what appeared to be a large demand for those types of services, it was then the decision was made to look into researching “natural,” less intrusive (and expensive) alternatives for increasing the size of the penis without surgery or expensive alternatives to add to the natural weight training/fitness manual.

During this phase of self-education, I learned many of the advertised techniques for “enlargement” did little to nothing to actually improve the function of the penis. On the contrary- most phalloplasties (penis enlargement surgeries) at the time required a 6 weeks minimum rest period of recuperation, during which time the penis and its associated organs are left to flounder in “disuse” (with the exception of post-surgical hanging required to ensure the severed ligaments do not reattach themselves). This is very important as [even then] the chief complaint among men was one of a lack of stamina or erectile ability. While this was usually combined with requests for size increase information too, this led me to think there was a definite relationship between size and optimal functioning.

Several months and some extensive research later, I embarked upon testing the “bonus” penis enlargement routine I added to the bodybuilding course. To my surprise, I started getting, on average, about ten email queries for the PE information for everyone having to do with bodybuilding, powerlifting, or other requests relevant to the fitness manual. Added to this, the request for details for PE information were much more urgent and heartfelt than those for the bodybuilding data. Some of these men were feeling extreme anxiety due to their self-perceived inadequacies and based on those emails, I made the decision to focus my time on the Internet toward furthering male enhancement.

While it wasn’t my initial intention to get involved in the world of male enhancement, it seemed it chose me. As of writing this book (2017), it’s quite humbling to see how far things have come and I haven’t looked back or regretted it ever since. What was once only a very small group using self-experimentation techniques (and with a lot of resistance to boot), has blossomed into a worldwide community that is starting to see backing by medical professionals and mainstream research. While there’s still ways to go, male enhancement has come light years from when it started.

In my opinion, it’s the online male enhancement forums where most of the progress has been made in this field. All thanks to the members of forums like and Matters of Size, and to innovative thinkers like Tom Hubbard, Dr. Howard, Mike Salvini (DLD) and BIB (creator of the BIB Hangers) who have made all of this possible. I must repeat: I’m truly thankful for being able to be a part of it all!

This part also explains the intentions of this publication – it’s not to make anyone a guru or a celebrity, but to help others maximize their potentials and to help them discover their own inner powers. Following is a table detailing the Client Study – Size and EQ Gains

About the Client Study

It’s appropriate to offer some evidence of how men who have used various male enhancement techniques made their gains. The Client Study mentioned toward the end of this publication goes into details, but the thing that stands out is the sheer variety of techniques and effective variations on how each trainee came to their goals. While some commonalities can be seen, there are variations on how each went from start to finish. One constant that can be relied upon for making gains though is “Erection Quality”- or EQ. EQ is a subjective measure of combined stamina and hardness. Trainees with high EQ (or who develop high EQ) often report a much greater rate of gains than trainees who have moderate or poor EQ. In many cases, a trainee with excellent EQ will make gains even if their enlargement-based training is haphazard- as opposed to a trainee with poor EQ who performs their training according to instructions.

Ensuring your EQ is high and continues to grow along with your size is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training.

Conclusions from graphs/details on the MeCoach Client Study

Table 2: Client Study – Date Range and Notes (Edited for formatting)

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

Chapter 1: A Summary of the History of Male Enhancement

NOTE: While it’s worthwhile to do a detailed history of male enhancement, a summary is necessary as a detailed history would, on its own, fill a good-sized volume. There’s also a good deal of history in the next section (My Story), and redundancies have been eliminated to streamline the content.

The history of male enhancement goes as far back as recorded history. From the myths of Priapus to enlarged phalli depicted on cave painting walls, the ideal for a larger penis and the symbolic potency and power it represents spans time and cultures. While there are a good number of books on the subject, the Internet has allowed very open, detailed and evolving discussions on a subject that is still considered “taboo” in many circles.

The active forms of male enhancement are well represented in history. The Aboriginal “Googaday” tribe was supposed to have a ritual for extending their penises using extending devices made from nature. There’s the folklore of the “Sudanese Arab” tribes being the supposed origin of the Jelq. This origin claims there were centers of enlargement where the older men taught younger men the “art” of Jelqing.

Consider the Batammariba people who are known for their penis elongation techniques. It’s reputed a combination of topical herbs are used in conjunction with stretching the penis in a wooden device. They are supposed to use the techniques as a rite of passage.

There’s also the Turkish “Celik” method – which is also attributed to the origin of Jelqing. There’s even a rumor Jelqing was created as a “prank” in the 60s’. This particular rumor was initially claimed by a penis enlargement course that ridiculed the Jelq, yet used a very similar exercise they called the “Cow Milk” as one of the main exercises in its

Regardless of the origins, if you’ve researched penis enlargement exercises at all, then you’ll likely note the ubiquity and affection for the exercises known as the jelq. It appears as a staple in most male enhancement routines because it’s easy to perform and the feel of the exercise is one that has to be felt to be appreciated.

In addition to exercises for “enlargement”, another form of male enhancement involves improving sexual stamina. This particular form of enhancement ranges from merely improving hardness to help counter impotence. Advanced regimens can help you master near absolute control over your orgasms/ejaculation and can even allow you to develop the capacity for “Male Multiple Orgasms” (MMO).

Interestingly enough, while there’s not too much mainstream approval for the concept of “natural” male enhancement at this time, there are documented data in medical/scientific publications that prove the effectiveness of penis enlargement using traction (extended references).

The most popular sexual stamina exercise (the Kegel) is actually listed in Wikipedia as being able “…to increase the size and intensity of erections.” 1

The Erect Kegel is THE exercise to master if you wish to refine your timing and MMO capabilities. More on how to use this particular exercise for this purpose is outlined in the Stamina Exercises section of this publication, and it should be used in conjunction with the “Stop and Start” exercise (also mentioned in the stamina exercises section).

Ironically, the most effective routines appear to be “manual” in nature- or at least consists of a combination of manual and device-based training.

The earliest recorded routine on record that made history regarding penis enlargement training is known as the “Chartham Study”. The routine used survives today as the DASH or Penistone Course. In the 90’s came Internet-based manual training programs like the “Jojido” method and the extremely popular Penile Fitness course. This particular course, at its peak, sold several hundred courses per day!

At about the same time, Internet forums were all instrumental in popularizing the concept of penis enlargement/male enhancement. It’s very enlightening to look through some of the longer standing forums to see how the attitudes toward male enhancement evolved – from hard skepticism to open-mindedness and finally, to acceptance and even promotion of the subject.

In my opinion, the evolution of male enhancement forums has done more for the niche than anything else so far.

There have also been some high-quality books written on the subject of male enhancement, and many had a great influence on the various methods used to this day. One of the seminal publications which had a profound effect on modern male enhancement techniques was Gary Griffin’s book, Penis Enlargement Methods: Fact and Phallusy. On the more esoteric side, you have Mantak Chia’s publication The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know. Lately, Rob Michael’s Penis Exercises: A Healthy Book for Enlargement, Enhancement, Hardness, & Health comes to mind for a great read on manual training techniques.

We have the passive form in the history of herbal remedies found in many cultures. Traditional Chinese medicine to this day recommends tiger penis as an aphrodisiac and virility. The Kama Sutra outlines a path to enlargement which involves using wasp stings. The more effective and less dangerous methods of supplemental enlargement/enhancement persist to this day.

The herbs maca, yohimbe and epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) are a staple in many modern sexual supplements. They persist because they’ve been proven to enhance penile blood flow- thereby improving the quality of erections. Yohimbe, in particular, is also known as an aphrodisiac.

Any substance that can induce more powerful erections can be used for the purposes of enlargement and enhancement. This is especially the case if the penis has shrunk due to disuse. These supplements, when used in conjunction with a sound male enhancement routine, can accelerate penis enlargement as well.

On a side note about Viagra, this particular drug was initially meant to treat hypertension. It was discovered to have the side effect on inducing erections by inhibiting enzymes that don’t allow the penile smooth muscle to relax. While this drug is supposed to be prescribed for legitimate medical purposes, it’s often prescribed as a panacea. The excuse given is most men’s impotence is psychological in nature. The drawback to this is men with serious psychological ED may need to be given to opportunity to treat their disease- and not merely the symptoms of it.

No discussion of male enhancement is complete without mentioning physical vs. psychological impotence. Most men with ED suffer from the latter, and the problem with dealing with psychological ED is convincing the man in question the obstacle to performance is his own creation- and in severe cases, the result of conditioning and perhaps even self-induced hormonal fluctuations caused by being in intense states of frequent anxiety.

If you suffer from these issues or even if you’re merely looking to maximize your potential, the data in this publication can provide a (non-medical) guide to assist you.

1 Alan P. Brauer; Donna J. Brauer (2001). ESO: How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm (Revised ed.). Warner Books. p. 59.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement

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