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That Which Cannot Be Measured

That Which Cannot Be Measured

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

The main principles of this manual should be synthesized in their entirety for this chapter to be truly effective.

This book is an attempt at contributing to the positive body of knowledge, but in the end, the words in these pages are merely tools. As outlined in the previous chapter, even the goals you set and accomplish are really pieces of a bigger puzzle, which might help you to become a better man. I want to stress the MIGHT portion of the last sentence, because only you know why you’re interested in male enhancement and what you hope to accomplish with your new abilities.

Allow me to clarify.The reasons why men become interested in male enhancement are varied.Some men get into it merely to enhance their current attributes. Others pursue male enhancement because they perceive themselves to be inadequate.While others’ efforts are driven out of pain,the typical cause being a reaction from being belittled or insulted by a former lover. Because the latter two reasons are done as a result of pain of the heart, they deserve very special attention.

While it’s hoped once you’ve made significant progress,you’ll feel better about yourself; this is going to depend on your intent. Let’s visualize some scenarios.If someone enlarged their penis and conquered their performance issues, because they have deep-seated inadequacies, there’s a chance they’ll find something to feel inadequate about once they’ve reached their goals if they haven’t healed emotionally. A larger penis is only going to alleviate a symptom of what’s truly wrong. An even darker version of negative intent can involve someone using their newfound powers to seek revenge in the form of sexual, emotional or even physical abuse toward a former partner.

While the above scenarios show the subjects have conquered their feeling of sexual inadequacies, their actions betray a fear-based mindset, which can only be alleviated by dealing with the deep-seated cause(s) of the fear itself. Fear, like a bully who stops picking on one victim because he’s finally stood up for himself, will move on to an easier target. This can manifest itself in different ways.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement


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