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The Long and Short of Dick Dysmorphia

The Long and Short of Dick Dysmorphia

Inside the mind of someone with penile dysmorphic disorder — an obsession with penis size even when what you’re packing is perfectly average

Excerpts from this article courtesy of C. Brian Smith of MEL Magazine.

Edited for content

Eric has measured virtually every object in his house and compared them to his penis. The pseudonymous 27-year-old musician in Norway feels grossly inadequate despite his dick measuring 6.5 inches, nearly an inch longer than the average Norwegian and an inch and a half longer than most American men.

He’s been insecure about his penis size ever since he and a friend found his dad’s porn stash on the family computer between rounds of Age of Empires II and The Sims when they were 12. Porn brought with it many revelations, not least of which was an enduring conviction that the average penis is “much more formidable” than his. “When you get these ideas in your head at such a young age, you never really grow out of them,” he explains. “They’re branded into your subconscious forever.”

Men with adequate penis length who consistently underestimate (and obsess over) their size despite falling within the normal range suffer from something called penile dysmorphic disorder (aka “small-penis syndrome”), explains Judson Brandeis, a board-certified urologist in California. To that end, Eric know he’s above average, statistically, but just doesn’t believe it. Besides, he’s convinced that “average” is too small anyways, so he says it doesn’t matter if he “just tips the scale.” (PDD often leads to upsetting concerns, compulsive behavior, and in the most severe cases, suicide.)

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro — a “Male Enhancement Coach” and my former dick-enlargement tutor who, since 2009, has worked with more than 6,000 men hoping to increase their size — tells me that many of his clients are larger than average, but “just don’t like being on the small side.” Their inspiration for action often stems from a negative comment from a sexual partner. “Cases like this are the hardest to deal with because they’re rooted in actual trauma,” he says. “From these guys’ perspective, they’re not making it up because they’ve actually had someone tell them that their penis is inadequate.”




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