My Story & About the Client Study (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

My Story & About the Client Study (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

My Story

My first interest in male enhancement came about while researching the promotion of the e-book “How To Get Incredibly Huge & Super Strong Naturally.” While researching potential advertising spots, I noticed in the various muscle magazines at the time, there was an inordinate amount of ads for penis enlargement surgeries and pumps. Because of what appeared to be a large demand for those types of services, it was then the decision was made to look into researching “natural,” less intrusive (and expensive) alternatives for increasing the size of the penis without surgery or expensive alternatives to add to the natural weight training/fitness manual.

During this phase of self-education, I learned many of the advertised techniques for “enlargement” did little to nothing to actually improve the function of the penis. On the contrary- most phalloplasties (penis enlargement surgeries) at the time required a 6 weeks minimum rest period of recuperation, during which time the penis and its associated organs are left to flounder in “disuse” (with the exception of post-surgical hanging required to ensure the severed ligaments do not reattach themselves). This is very important as [even then] the chief complaint among men was one of a lack of stamina or erectile ability. While this was usually combined with requests for size increase information too, this led me to think there was a definite relationship between size and optimal functioning.

Several months and some extensive research later, I embarked upon testing the “bonus” penis enlargement routine I added to the bodybuilding course. To my surprise, I started getting, on average, about ten email queries for the PE information for everyone having to do with bodybuilding, powerlifting, or other requests relevant to the fitness manual. Added to this, the request for details for PE information were much more urgent and heartfelt than those for the bodybuilding data. Some of these men were feeling extreme anxiety due to their self-perceived inadequacies and based on those emails, I made the decision to focus my time on the Internet toward furthering male enhancement.

While it wasn’t my initial intention to get involved in the world of male enhancement, it seemed it chose me. As of writing this book (2017), it’s quite humbling to see how far things have come and I haven’t looked back or regretted it ever since. What was once only a very small group using self-experimentation techniques (and with a lot of resistance to boot), has blossomed into a worldwide community that is starting to see backing by medical professionals and mainstream research. While there’s still ways to go, male enhancement has come light years from when it started.

In my opinion, it’s the online male enhancement forums where most of the progress has been made in this field. All thanks to the members of forums like and Matters of Size, and to innovative thinkers like Tom Hubbard, Dr. Howard, Mike Salvini (DLD) and BIB (creator of the BIB Hangers) who have made all of this possible. I must repeat: I’m truly thankful for being able to be a part of it all!

This part also explains the intentions of this publication – it’s not to make anyone a guru or a celebrity, but to help others maximize their potentials and to help them discover their own inner powers. Following is a table detailing the Client Study – Size and EQ Gains

About the Client Study

It’s appropriate to offer some evidence of how men who have used various male enhancement techniques made their gains. The Client Study mentioned toward the end of this publication goes into details, but the thing that stands out is the sheer variety of techniques and effective variations on how each trainee came to their goals. While some commonalities can be seen, there are variations on how each went from start to finish. One constant that can be relied upon for making gains though is “Erection Quality”- or EQ. EQ is a subjective measure of combined stamina and hardness. Trainees with high EQ (or who develop high EQ) often report a much greater rate of gains than trainees who have moderate or poor EQ. In many cases, a trainee with excellent EQ will make gains even if their enlargement-based training is haphazard- as opposed to a trainee with poor EQ who performs their training according to instructions.

Ensuring your EQ is high and continues to grow along with your size is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training.

Conclusions from graphs/details on the MeCoach Client Study

Table 2: Client Study – Date Range and Notes (Edited for formatting)

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