Updated Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Coaching Service

The meCOACH Male Enhancement service was created to offer a more streamlined way for men to get help with their male enhancement results.  The lead coach AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been helping men with their training goals since 1997!

Below are just a small sample of some of the clients he’s helped- some even here on TBH:

From Light Metal:

Al, you big lovable bear, I want to give you a massive thank you for your jelq free routine; I’ve reached my goals by basically doing only that. I can’t quite believe it yet… I’ve actually reached my desired size.

You’re the best, Al.

From Shellman30:

Just wanted to say MeCoach service is worth every penny. I did PE by myself for a year and had no gains. I also had no time to read these forums front to back to know what I was doing wrong. I never even had these “newbie gains” I always read about. With Al I gained 1/2” length in less than 2 months. I am 3 months in now and have no doubt he will help me reach my goals. Also has improved my Premature ejaculation as well. I still have a ways to go but so far really happy.

From J:


I am reviewing my starting stats in January I was 6.5 X 4.75 today I am 7.25 X 5.125… and I am only 4 months into my 12 month membership with you! Plenty of time to keep working towards my goal.

In 7 months I have gained 3/4 inch length and .37 inch in girth, it’s over 25% increase in volume. Girth giving me a hard time but hope it makes a comeback.

Many hiccups along the way but well worth it.

Thank you!

From CPH:

Well my time is coming to a close in a couple of days. I want to thank you for doing exactly what you say and your website backs up. You definitely care about not only male enhancement but also men’s sexual health which is more important in the long run. Over several years that I’ve been PEing and trying several different methods and only got minimum temporary gains with pumps, jelq devices, etc. It took you and your coaching and trial and error exercises routines to FINALLY get me on the right track and jump start my road to real permanent gains. 1/2 length and 1″ girth gains in 3 months with dedication is well worth the time, effort and money well spent!! I needed motivation to actually stick with a routine long enough to see if it worked or not. I will continue and then cement my gains. Also I appreciate your book as a guideline to go by. I may use membership again down the road as a follow up.

There are more such testimonials from TheBioHacker members at the following thread: meCoach Testimonials

TheBioHacker members are entitled to one FREE month of membership with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

If you’d like to speed up the learning curve and get a high level of quality assistance in achieving your male enhancement goals, check out MaleEnhancementCoach.com today!

Holiday meCoach Special

mecoach logo

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the holidays here at TheBioHacker, we’re going to be offering two free membership trials at our male enhancement coaching service meCoach:

·1 month of FREE Premium Service

·1 month of FREE Standard service

To elaborate, the above is limited to two spots only, to it will be on a first come/first serve basis.

Please CONTACT US to register for the above!

PEGym meCOACH Special: 50% MORE coaching!

mecoach male enhancement training

PEGym meCOACH Special- 50% MORE coaching!

Would you like to cut the learning curve of your male enhancement training and have someone able to answer your male enhancement concerns and questions ASAP?

Here at PEGym, we’re going to be offering ALL PEGym members who subscribe to MeCoach the opportunity to ADD 50% to ANY membership package!  For example, if you purchase a 3 month Premium membership you’ll bet an extra 1.5 months FREE!  The same goes for any membership package- to include the Basic one!

Simply contact us with coupon code “MeCoachFor2021” once you’ve subscribed and we’ll add the extra time to your MeCoach account!

Want FREE Male Enhancement Coaching?

Below are details about our commonly asked FREE Extra Month of Coaching for PEGym Members!

Please note: The purpose of this article is not to distract or take anything away from the wonderful members of this site who contribute their time, advice, and guidance- this is for those interested in the meCoach service itself only.

This post is meant to explain what meCoach is about, and to help answer any questions you may have about the service.

Here’s a general summary of what the meCoach service entails:

Essentially, meCoach is a personalized consultation service that works with you to fulfill your male enhancement and penis enlargement goals based on your goals, experiences, and abilities. While the meCoach site does contain routines, exercises, video instructions and tutorials, the true value of the program is in the consult service.

What to expect as a client: What will happen when you sign up is that you’ll be instructed to fill out a baseline questionnaire and to review the introductory section in detail to learn what to expect from the service- and what’s expected of you as a client. Your baseline questionnaire will then go to the coach whom you have selected when you signed up. Using the details of the questionnaire, your assigned coach will respond (initiating the consult) and fashion a routine for you- or request further information for that purpose.

Your instructions will essentially be to follow instructions and to keep close track of your training details- either in your private meCoach journal (there is software for that in the meCoach member’s area) or on your own preferred format. The details for this are expanded upon in the meCoach member’s area. Your coach will be regularly reviewing your journal to ensure that you’re on track and that you’re training in a progressive but safe manner.

Of course, you can ask your coach as many questions as frequently as you like or need, and most of the consult will be via email for your privacy and convenience. If you require urgent assistance, an online chat or phone consult can be arranged.

As a member of PEGym.com you’re entitled to one free extra month of coaching with any 3 month subscription package you select. Just contact me with your PEGym.com username once you sign on as a client and your membership will be extended.

If you have any additional questions about meCoach, please see Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or contact Big Al directly.

Please feel free to post your questions below.


Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

Testimonials for the meCOACH Male Enhancement Service

The meCOACH Male Enhancement service was created to offer a more streamlined way for men to get help with their male enhancement results.  The lead coach AJ “Big Al” Alfaro has been helping men with their training goals since 1997!

Below are just a small sample of some of the clients he’s helped right here on PEGym:

Dear Ambellina writes:

Worked with Big Al for over a year and it was an absolute pleasure. When I started PE at 6bpel x 5meg, I made some good and easy newbie gains but eventually hit a wall. Big Al was able to push me through stagnation and get me to a very happy 7 x 5.5 with excellent advice, feedback, and guidance. I have a tendency to overthink things and Big Al was great about keeping me focused and keeping my mind on the right track. Such a huge part of PE is mental discipline and this is especially where a coaching service can be invaluable, because you’re much more likely to follow through when someone is monitoring your progress and pushing you to achieve.

He’s a great guy, it’s a wonderful service, I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re the kind of person that likes to ask a million questions and have someone pushing you along. It’s completely analogous to the role of a personal trainer at the gym and the level of service was that of a passionate professional.

Thank you Al!

Dakrom writes:

Whether a complete beginner or an advanced trainee seemingly fizzing out, Big Al is the go to guy. He’s stupendously knowledgeable, professional, and a very empathetic and understanding, down to earth person. He’ll set a plan with you, help you execute it, and keep you on track. I wholeheartedly could not have asked for a better coach. For anyone considering his services I highly recommend him, you’ll be more than happy you signed up.

HansTwilight writes:

I figured I would chime in. I’ve been a client of Big Al for about two months and I’ve enjoyed every day of it. He helped me realize that I needed to cut out some habits to improve my EQ, and he has provided me with great motivation to continue abstaining from porn which has also contributed to my EQ improvements. He will work with you and tailor a program just for you. I am currently on a stamina training routine and after only a couple weeks I am beginning to see improvements in my ejaculation control. Big Al is a great guy who truly cares about his clients and is always willing to discuss things regarding male enhancement.
I have a long way to go to achieve all of my goals but I am happy to have Big Al accompany me on my journey. He is also very helpful on this site.

There are more such testimonials from PEGym members at the following thread: meCoach Testimonials

PEGym members are entitled to one FREE month of membership with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

If you’d like to speed up the learning curve and get a high level of quality assistance in achieving your male enhancement goals, check out MaleEnhancementCoach.com today!


meCOACH Male Enhancement Service FAQs

mecoach male enhancement training

meCOACH Male Enhancement Service FAQs

The meCOACH Male Enhancement Service is the brainchild of Client Services Director AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.  The service itself was developed in conjunction with other experts in the field of male enhancement, and serves as the internet’s #1 male enhancement consultation program.

Below are a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the service:

If you want results, the answer to this question is – yes. We constantly hear “Thank you!” from men telling us how much we changed their lives. Here are the top 5 reasons our clients say they’re glad they went with our 1-on-1 coaching:

  • Instead of spending months and years making mistakes and experimenting with routines, you quickly optimize your workouts thanks to AJ and his team’s expertise.
  • Going at it alone is risky and possibly even dangerous. Too many men overtrain, perform exercises incorrectly or focus on the wrong techniques for their goals.
  • Results, results, results. Our coaching system is customized to you, simple to follow, and backed by testimonials from 1,000’s of our previous clients..
  • With meCOACH, you’ll have access to the world-class knowledge you need, from our personal tutoring, to access to our exclusive library of male enhancement resources.
  • Constant support and assurance – having a personal coach in your corner to guide you makes all the difference.

Yes. Like all exercises, our techniques are perfectly safe when done properly. That’s not to say you can’t exercise improperly.

When done the wrong way, exercising the penis can lead to overtraining, temporary weak erections or injury. meCOACH will ensure your workouts are not only safe, but effective as well, maximizing your efforts.

With over 20 years of experience, safely getting you to your goals is our primary focus. As long as you follow our instructions and make sure to contact us with any questions you may have, you’ll be on the fastest track to a harder, healthier, larger penis.

Yes. AJ and our team at meCOACH have helped 1,000s of men reach their male enhancement goals. AJ only recruits the best to give you the best – the best advice, the best techniques and the best results.

FAQS Continued HERE






meCOACH Holiday and New Year Special!

It’s well known that being a member of PEGym can confer many benefits!  For one, as a member of PEGym you’re entiled to 1 free extra month of meCOACH service with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

Until 6 JAN 2020, we’re going to be offering any new PEGym member meCOACH sign ups one FREE extra week with the purchase of any 1 month subscription, and two FREE extra weeks (on top of the free extra month) with the purchase of any 3 month subscription!

Just contact me with your PEGym username once you’ve signed up and we’ll add the free extra time to your account!



Stretching, Extending and Penile Anatomy – Ask the Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers questions about stretching, extending and the penile anatomy, in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Kimberly at PEGymKMWylie – and she’ll have the experts here on PEGym get your questions.

Q. I’ve been doing some reading about hard gainers and a lot of them complain about a steel cord preventing them from making gains…

…I have a steel cord. Can I still make gains, and if so then how do I train to get them?

Big Al: Many complain about a “steel cord” atop the penis but this is actually known as a part of the penile anatomy known as the septum. It’s a typical part of the male anatomy and any healthy, intact human penis has one. Unless you have another penis you can compare yours to then assessing whether or not your septum is any more resistant to training is futile.

If you want to ensure you get the most out of your length training then do your best to focus on the feel of the stretches as you perform them. You should initially feel a stretch in the ligaments at the base of the penis. As the stretch progresses, the shaft itself should be felt to elongate.

Your post-session state should have your penis appearing elongated and only mildly tired- at most.

Q. I notice in a lot of your advice you don’t make mention of keeping the penis stretched out in an extended state so it can heal longer

…Why is that? Don’t you believe in doing this to make the penis longer?

Big Al: It’s been my experience that recommending additional activity like applying an extender or ADS to an already challenging routine usually causes overtraining. That being said, a properly structured routine can benefit from applying an extender or ADS after stretches- as can be seen in where the “pre-exhaust” method is recommended.

Testing this method out before prolonged application is a must!

Check Out Big Al’s Male Enhancement Interview with Ruwan

Big Al Male Enhancement Coach mecoach Ruwan Ruwando Male Enhancement Interview

Big Al MaleEnhancementCoach mecoach Ruwan Ruwando Male Enhancement InterviewBig Al, the Lead Trainer at  MaleEnhancementCoach.com, gives an in depth male enhancement interview with Ruwan of Ruwando.com. Check out the four-part video series below.

Big thanks to Ruwan for hosting this interview!

Part 1 – Big Al Male Enhancement Interview

Part 2 – Big Al Male Enhancement Interview

Part 3 – Big Al Male Enhancement Interview

Part 4 – Big Al Male Enhancement Interview

The Mental Aspect of Sex & Coffee and Erections: Ask the Experts

Big Al, of MaleEnhancementCoach.com, answers a question about the mental aspect of sex & coffee and erections, in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Kimberly at forum name – KMWylie – and she’ll have the experts here on PEGym get your questions answered.

Q.  I’ve read up on a lot of your stuff over the years and your mind-related posts…

…are the ones which interest me the most!  I feel like I’m weak minded when it comes to sex.  I can get it up but it’s hard for me to enjoy it fully because I’m always worried about my performance.  When I get a chance to have sex with a really attractive women is when it’s worst for me!  I wish I could go back to the days where sex was done like on instinct the way animals do it.  That way us men wouldn’t have to deal with all of this pressure!

Big Al:  The human mind has a very large range.  On the low end of the emotional spectrum we can wallow in fear and self-loathing.  As we rise through the emotional spectrum we ascend through the emotions of courage, reason, and peace/proficiency.  The path to the higher emotional states comes through utilizing your mind and by mastering yourself.  You alluded to performing at the level of animality.  As a man, you can develop yourself to go far above what you’ve be able to do without proper training and conditioning.  If you automatically see yourself as weak and leave yourself to the mercy of your lower mind, it’ll be difficult for you to improve your situation.  Focus on developing your courage and make the attempt at being objective about your performance and you’ll be able to condition yourself through training and by confidently undertaking real life experiences.

Q. What effect does coffee have on erections?…

…  I find when I drink a large coffee I get jittery and tend to turtle pretty hard.

Big Al:  Your reaction would depend on your tolerance to caffeine.

Small doses of caffeine may actually have a beneficial effect on erections. When excess is consumed and side effects like jitteriness is observed, vasoconstriction is induced.  This can have a negative effect on erections.

The following article (with references) may be of interest to you: “Drinking Coffee Could Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction” https://thebiohacker.com/articles/drinking-coffee-prevent-erectile-dysfunction