Penis Enlargement Injury or Issues | Prevent or Fix Hard Flaccid

Penis Enlargement Injury or Issues | Prevent or Fix Hard Flaccid

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In this video, TotalMan discusses penis enlargement injuries, issues and hard flaccid.

In this video I wish to cover how to prevent and even fix hard flaccid. This seems to be something that is kept even more under wraps that penis enlargement and male enhancement itself. So it goes without saying that the awareness of this needs to be raised.

Hard flaccid could be from a few things, in the video I cover two so you can at least be aware of them, so you have a better chance of avoiding this unfortunate issue. The reasons I cover in the video are mainly from Penis Enlargement methods and practices however it could occur in many different ways.

Sufferers have experience pain urinating, loss of erection quality, painful intercourse, impotence, even erectile dysfunction and more. Let’s just say it’s nothing you would want to have to experience on your journey or ever!

The 3 solutions I cover in the video are as follows:
1. Reverse Kegels
2. All Day Stretcher / ADS
3. Trigger Point Therapy


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Lengthening Devices, Client Study & Sexual Recovery/Training: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Lengthening Devices, Client Study & Sexual Recovery/Training in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. What’s your opinion on all day stretchers and extenders as compared to hangers?

Big Al: My own preference would be to use a hanger- as they offer a much wider range of tension opportunities. You can get started by making your on hanger HERE.

Still, if one shows tendencies of getting more out of training with high volume/low intensity methods then an extender like the Phallosan would be beneficial. Phallosan also offers up to 6.6 lbs. of tension- so it’s comparable to the type of tension you’d get from even the more advanced hanging regimens.

All day stretches are good for those who are looking for very passive forms of PE. It can also be effective when the main interest is anti-turtling- though care should be used when adding an ADS to an already full routine- as even ADS work will require some form of recovery.

Q. I was reviewing your Client Study and was impressed with Client F’s results.

I want to do what he did! How do I make sure I can get gains like him?

Big Al: While it’s important to use guidelines, the exact training model which worked for him may not work for you. Training is a very individual thing, but please rest assured I’ll do what’s within my abilities to ensure you gain in a safe but timely manner.

Perhaps the biggest determining factor is EQ (Erection Quality- a combined measure of stamina and hardness). EQ is THE foundation of male enhancement! If you have poor EQ then your ability to make gains is going to be hampered. For as long as you’re after enlargement you should be striving to continually push the limits on your EQ.

Make sure to keep your EQ development a priority throught your training career and you’ll stand a much better chance of maximizing your gains.

Q. Lately I’ve been having a lot of sex in the style of the Stop and Starts.

My abilities to control my penis have increased by quite a bit and my lady is very happy, but I’m having problems with my training. I don’t seem to be recovering like I used to. I thought sex would help me to recover faster?

Big Al: Sexual activity can be considered a form of training. It’s the best thing you can do to maximize your potency. The one advantage the manual version of edging/Stop and Starts has over the live variant is with the manual version one has much better control. This can be a good alternative for those who have enough anxiety to preclude them from live sexual contact, but not so much they can’t obtain and maintain a productive erection on their own.

Training requires recovery. I certainly won’t tell you to limit your [live] sexual activity, but you should be abiding by the 60 Minute Rule as regards sexual activity and MANUAL edging/Stop and Starts.

If you’re very sexually active you may need to have more rest days added to your weekly training schedule to allow for full recovery.