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Why is My Penis Small, or is it?

Why is My Penis Small, or is it?

Medically reviewed by James Keith Fisher, MD on February 26, 2019 — Written by Eleesha Lockett, MS

This article is a repost which originally appeared on HealthLine

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When Penises Are Small

How do we decide what’s small?

What’s too small? What’s too big? Research suggests that many men desire a bigger penis regardless of whether they think that their penis size is average or not. And, some men believe they have a small penis when it’s actually within the average range.

This article will look at the science behind the average penis size, how to measure your penis, and the conditions that can cause a penis to be or seem smaller than usual.

What’s average?

The average length of a penis is roughly 3.6 inches flaccid and 5.2 inches erect. But how did this become the number?

Research on penis size

There have been several studies over the years that have attempted to give a definite number for the average penis size.

One smaller 2014 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at the average penis size in 1,661 men. The researchers found that the average erect penis length and circumference of participants was 5.6 inches (14.15 centimeters) and 4.8 in. (12.23 cm), respectively.

Another larger study from 2014 compiled data from over 15,000 men to determine average size. In this study, length and circumference measurements were taken both flaccid and erect. The results determined the average penis length to be 3.6 in. (9.16 cm) while flaccid and 5.2 in. (13.12 cm) while erect. In addition, the average penis circumference was measured as 3.7 in. (9.31 cm) while flaccid and 4.6 in. (11.66 cm) while erect.

It’s important to note that the first study used self-reported measurements, while the second study used measurements taken by a health professional. Both studies have their limitations, but the numbers reported are consistent with similar studies on average penis size.


Keep in mind that sizes of “small” and “large” are comparative and that averaging penis size is based on what’s known. Known measurements, even a substantial study where more than 15,000 men were measured, are based on groups. The United Nations reported the world’s male population to be at about 3.8 billion in 2017. That means 15,000 men is only about 0.0004 percent of the world’s male population.

Collectively, average measurements from similar studies set a good average and are important to have, but there’s always more to know.

How to measure your penis

If you’re curious about how to measure the size of your penis, here’s a correct way to get an accurate measurement:

  1. You will need to have either a tape measure or ruler on hand.
  2. To measure the length, start your measurement at the base of the penis, where the penis meets the pubic bone.
  3. Run the ruler or tape measure along the full length of the penis from the base to the tip (glans). Do not measure excess foreskin length.
  4. To measure the girth, wrap a flexible tape measure around the shaft of the penis at the base or around the midpoint between the base and head.
  5. If you are measuring your penis flaccid, be careful not to pull on or stretch it as this can potentially cause injury.

When do penises grow?

Research suggests that there are different periods of penis growth throughout the life cycle. In one study, researchers tracked penis size in more than 3,000 males from birth to 16 years old.

They found that on average, the penis grew rapidly from birth until about 1 year of age. From the ages of 1 to 11, penis growth slowed down to some extent. At about age 11 and entering puberty, the researchers observed another period of rapid growth.

When penises seem small

Most males fall into the range of average penis size. However, some boys and men may have what is known as a micropenis. Also, not all small penises are micropenises.


Micropenis is a condition, most often diagnosed in infants, characterized by a penis that falls below the average size range. The criteria for micropenis in infants is generally a penis size of smaller than .75 in. (1.9 cm), based on the stretched penis length.

According to University of Rochester Medical Center, one of the most common complications of micropenis is lowered fertility due to a decreased sperm count.

A sex hormone imbalance called hypogonadism is a leading cause of micropenis.

Although there are different treatment approaches for micropenis, hormone treatment can be key in treating babies. Early administration of testosterone may even help to increase penis size by 100 percent during the initial course of treatment for an infant.

In cases where hormone treatment doesn’t work, surgery may be an option, while speaking with mental health professional can provide more long-term benefits.

Inconspicuous penis

Inconspicuous penis is an umbrella term for any number of conditions that cause the penis to appear smaller than normal.

The following conditions are all linked to having a smaller than usual penis size.

  • Buried penis. Buried penis is primarily caused by an excess accumulation of skin around the penis. The penis may be buried, or hidden, beneath the abdomen, scrotum, or even thigh. In most cases, the penis is a normal length and functions normally. However, this condition may cause difficulty with sexual arousal and function as well as urination.
  • Webbed penis. Webbed penis occurs when the skin of the scrotum is attached too high on the penis. This can affect the angle at which the penis rests, causing it to appear “webbed” and shorter than normal. Cosmetic surgery is a common treatment approach for this condition.
  • Trapped penis. Trapped penis can occur as the result of a circumcision not healing correctly. With a trapped penis, the scar tissue from the circumcision causes the penis to become trapped beneath the healed skin. This condition can cause serious issues with urinary dysfunction, so steroid therapy or surgery are necessary.

Many of these conditions are uncommon, affecting a small portion of the population. In all cases, however, it’s important to remember that penis size does not necessarily determine sexual attractiveness.

Penis size is only one small element in a list of items sexual partners find attractive — with emotional attractiveness being near the top. Besides, one 2006 study found that almost 85 percent of women are content with the size of their partner’s penis.

The takeaway

Although many men are concerned that their penis is too small, research has shown that most men have an average-sized penis. It’s also important to remember that penises, just like vaginas, come in all different shapes and sizes. There is no one perfect penis, and penis size does not determine your sexual attractiveness or self-worth.

For those who fall outside of typical penis size range for any reason, there are interventions that can help promote a positive and fulfilling sex life. If you are still concerned with your penis size or feel that it’s affecting your sex life, reaching out to a sex therapist can help.  [Editor’s Note: There are plenty of techniques for increasing the size of your penis using manual exercises on PEGym.]

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My life in sex: the man with a small penis

My life in sex: the man with a small penis

‘I’ve heard of women rejecting a guy for his size, then making fun of him to others’

This article is a repost which originally appeared on The Guardian

‘I used to think someone who loved me would work around my shortcomings.’

I was 15 when I realised my penis was below average in size. Feeling increasingly ashamed, I gravitated towards humiliation pornography (in which women demean men over their size) and that only made me focus more on my anxieties. I used to upload pictures of my penis anonymously on to sites such as Reddit, and the comments were all about how small it was.

I’m 22 now, and have never had a girlfriend, which I attribute to my low self-esteem. I think that in a loving relationship you accept each other’s faults – that is what I’d try to do – but I’ve heard stories of women rejecting a guy for his size and then making fun of him to other people. I’ve asked out a female friend or two while drunk, but always been rejected. Hell, I’d have rejected myself – I have overeating issues, an introverted personality, no banter. There are a million factors, but I can’t help tying them all up with having a small penis. I used to blame my inability to date on anyone but me, and for a while I gravitated towards incel [involuntary celibate] groups, but I soon realised that their ideology is toxic. I don’t believe women owe men sex.

I struggle with an addiction to pornography, but seeing performers with enormous dicks doesn’t bother me. I’m aware they are unrealistic. Knowing that my 3.5in erection is well below average has more of an impact. I used to think that someone who loved me would work around my shortcomings (using sex toys or other techniques), but I’ve stopped looking for a relationship. In the future, I intend to have a vasectomy. I know penis size, obesity and mental health issues, such as anxiety, have genetic components. On the off-chance that I have an opportunity to create a child, I wouldn’t want to pass them along.

Editor’s Note: The story above is a depressing tale.  Your input on it below would be appreciated!

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

4. Mastering Lovemaking

Being sexually confident, knowing how to control your ejaculation, and having a beautiful penis is not enough if you are a lousy lover!

Learning how to satisfy a woman sexually is key to a happy relationship, and many people have been writing on this subject before me.

But I’ll give you tip about this that rarely the other “sex gurus” ever give.

The tip would be to ask your sexual partner what she likes, try it with her and get some feedback on how it was for her, then ask her and how you can make it even more pleasurable for her the next time.

It may sound simple, but rarely men ever have a conversation about their sexual performance with their lover when it’s already good. Usually, this topic only comes up when one of the partners is not happy sexually.

So just ask her today what she would like you to try in bed next time.

5. Mindful Masturbation

A lot of sexual problems are caused by consuming porn and masturbating the wrong way.

If you stop consuming porn (or at least consume softer porn and less often), and if you’ll learn how to masturbate the right way, issues like premature ejaculation and erection challenges will solve themselves in most cases.

So if you are consuming porn and you masturbate to it “the wrong way,” I would recommend considering stopping with this habit, and instead, replace it with mindful masturbation which is the right kind of self-love.

Over the years, I’ve developed five different mindful masturbation exercises, which I’ll tell you about the next time.

6. Sexuality – The Next Level

Almost no one talks about this, but there is a secret about sexuality that most men don’t know, and even those who heard about it never give it the attention it deserves.

The topic is male sexual energy, and if you learn to master it, not only you’ll gain better control over your ejaculation and erection and become a better lover automatically, but you’ll also boost your health, clarity, creativity, and success.

Sounds crazy or too good to be true?

Well, I was thinking the same way when I first heard about it.

But there is an entire chapter in the book Think and Grow Rich about sexual energy TRANSMUTATION, and this topic was well known and studied for over 3,000 years in the fat east.

And I’m not an expert on this topic because I’m still exploring it myself, but I can recommend you to read Mantak Chia’s books.

In conclusion:

You can always overcome any sex-related challenge in your life and become the kind of lover you dreamed of becoming.

Another thing that I want you to remember and understand is that if you are having a sexual challenge right now, it’s not your fault, and everything can be solved!

And most importantly, you are now on PEGym, and this is a community is here to help each other, so you are at the right place in this stage in your life, and hopefully, you’ll master your sexuality fast, and you’ll enjoy the process.

Until the next time,

David Finer

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality.

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 1)

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 1)

Humans are sexual beings, and when something is wrong with our sexuality, it can cause us a lot of stress and discomfort.

Luckily, regardless of what challenge you are facing with your sexuality right now, everything can be fixed, and you can master your sexuality at any stage of your life.

You can even take your sexuality to a higher level than you ever thought was even possible if you’ll master the six sex secrets I’m going to tell you about right now.

I’ll share with you what I consider to be the six areas of male sexuality that every man must work on if he wants to master his sexuality and unleash his full sexual potential.

But here is a disclaimer before we dive in: To master male sexuality, you need to work on each one of the six areas, and it may take many years and a lot of hard work for some man, but it’s a worthy journey.

1. Sexual Mindset Mastery

Your mindset is the gateway to mastering your sexuality because everything starts with your mindset. If you don’t take care of your mindset first, no technique or supplement will help you because the mind is more potent than any male enhancement you may ever buy online.

I know that because I worked with many men, and I helped men from all over the world overcome premature ejaculation, become better lovers, solve erection challenges, and even stop porn addictions.

And time and time again, I’ve seen that the solution usually starts with working on the mindset, so before you try to solve your sexual challenge with a trick, technique, devices, or supplements. First, pay attention to your mindset and your thoughts.

Because sometimes, all the difference in the world starts from merely changing how you think about the world – just think about it.

2. Total Ejaculation Control

Premature ejaculation in men is my area of expertise, I started Vibrating Love to teach men how to last longer in bed, so there is a lot to be said on this topic, but I’ll try to sum it up for you.

It does not matter if you are the most beautiful guy in the neighborhood or if you have a huge dick or if you can give the best oral sex or finger like a pro any woman to an intense orgasm.

As long as you won’t be able to control your ejaculation until your partner enjoys her orgasm from a simple penetration, she will never be happy with you sexually, so make sure you achieve total ejaculation control.

The good news is that usually premature ejaculation is caused by masturbating the wrong way (generally to porn). And if you invest the time doing the right things, it’s easy to master your ejaculation control and get this challenge solved once and for all.

3. Penis Empowerment Principles

The penis is a very interesting thing, and some even say that it has a mind of its own. I think that it’s right in a way because almost every man has made some stupid decisions in his life because he was thinking with his penis.

Did it ever happen to you or maybe to someone you know intimately?

The good news is that if you have an erection problem and everything is ok with your overall health. It can be easy and fast to make your erection robust, lasting, and reliable again.

And if you have a small penis and you insist on enlarging it because you think you just can’t live with a small penis anymore, remember that you can make it bigger naturally without any surgery, it just takes longer and some work on your part.

But I suggest that you first try to learn to live it with it and work on your mindset and self-image and only in the end if you still want to make it bigger, go about it in a natural way and with a coach.

So if you ever worried about your penis, you should not worry anymore because this is what the PEGYM community is for, and if this is a challenge that you are facing right now in your life, then you are at the right place.

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality. You can find the second part of the article here.