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Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

Six Sex Secrets – What you need to know to master your sexuality (part 2)

4. Mastering Lovemaking

Being sexually confident, knowing how to control your ejaculation, and having a beautiful penis is not enough if you are a lousy lover!

Learning how to satisfy a woman sexually is key to a happy relationship, and many people have been writing on this subject before me.

But I’ll give you tip about this that rarely the other “sex gurus” ever give.

The tip would be to ask your sexual partner what she likes, try it with her and get some feedback on how it was for her, then ask her and how you can make it even more pleasurable for her the next time.

It may sound simple, but rarely men ever have a conversation about their sexual performance with their lover when it’s already good. Usually, this topic only comes up when one of the partners is not happy sexually.

So just ask her today what she would like you to try in bed next time.

5. Mindful Masturbation

A lot of sexual problems are caused by consuming porn and masturbating the wrong way.

If you stop consuming porn (or at least consume softer porn and less often), and if you’ll learn how to masturbate the right way, issues like premature ejaculation and erection challenges will solve themselves in most cases.

So if you are consuming porn and you masturbate to it “the wrong way,” I would recommend considering stopping with this habit, and instead, replace it with mindful masturbation which is the right kind of self-love.

Over the years, I’ve developed five different mindful masturbation exercises, which I’ll tell you about the next time.

6. Sexuality – The Next Level

Almost no one talks about this, but there is a secret about sexuality that most men don’t know, and even those who heard about it never give it the attention it deserves.

The topic is male sexual energy, and if you learn to master it, not only you’ll gain better control over your ejaculation and erection and become a better lover automatically, but you’ll also boost your health, clarity, creativity, and success.

Sounds crazy or too good to be true?

Well, I was thinking the same way when I first heard about it.

But there is an entire chapter in the book Think and Grow Rich about sexual energy TRANSMUTATION, and this topic was well known and studied for over 3,000 years in the fat east.

And I’m not an expert on this topic because I’m still exploring it myself, but I can recommend you to read Mantak Chia’s books.

In conclusion:

You can always overcome any sex-related challenge in your life and become the kind of lover you dreamed of becoming.

Another thing that I want you to remember and understand is that if you are having a sexual challenge right now, it’s not your fault, and everything can be solved!

And most importantly, you are now on PEGym, and this is a community is here to help each other, so you are at the right place in this stage in your life, and hopefully, you’ll master your sexuality fast, and you’ll enjoy the process.

Until the next time,

David Finer

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality.


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