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Warming Up the Penis Before Exercising

Warming Up the Penis Before Exercising

The warm up is the most important part of any penis exercise routine. It keeps your penis safe, makes penis stretching and penis growth easier, and takes barely any work at all.


Warming Up the Penis Before Exercising - heating pad

  1. Once the warm-up device is hot and ready, wrap it around your entire penis.
  2. Leave your penis wrapped for five to ten minutes.
  3. Immediately after warming, start penile exercising.
How hot should the warm up be? A good rule of thumb: lukewarm is not hot enough and burning is too hot.


  1. Because sperm die at body temperature, cover your testicles with a sock or any type of fabric. Although testicle exposure to infrared light will most likely only have short term affects on sperm count, it’s best to stay safe and make sure your family’s genes are able to swim in the pool! Some people prefer using a sock to protect the testicles because it allows them to be tightly covered. This also prevents slippage during penile exercising.
  2. Set up the heat lamp at least 18 inches away from your penis. Do not put it any closer, or you will burn yourself. You can set the lamp as far as three feet away and still achieve a good warm-up.
  3. Allow five to ten minutes for thoroughly warming up penis.
  4. Immediately move on to your penis enlargement exercises.


Where can I buy an infrared light for warming up the penis?

    Infrared heat lamps are available at most home improvement stores, at pet stores that sell supplies for reptiles, or on the internet. An infrared bulb will work if you have a spare lamp. Or you can buy an infrared lamp and bulb combination, which can be found at most pet stores in the reptile section.

  1. How many watts does the infrared light need to be?
    250 watts is the suggested number. Put the lamp further than two feet away if you use more than 250 watts.
  2. If I am using an infrared light, can I leave it on during the workout?
    Yes. In fact, many men use the infrared light during their entire penis workout. It is, however, especially important to make sure your testicles are covered — in other words, blocked from the infrared light — if you are leaving the infrared light on for long periods of time.
  3. Should I do a post warm-up after I complete my workout?
    Expert opinions vary on this point. Some penile exercisers suggest yes, whereas others suggest no. We recommend not warming up (or warming down) after your workout.
Always warm up prior to penile exercising. If you are having trouble acquiring gains, it may be due to a problem with your penis warm-up. In many cases, a bad warm-up or no warm-up will hinder penis enlargement.

This is the fifth installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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  1. is it ok if i put my penis in a cup of warm-hot water and wrap it with a washcloth to

  2. Can I masturbate for the warmup??

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