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Are you wondering what “PE” stands for, how long it takes for the benefits to start, or dozens of other commonly asked questions? Look no further, you’ve found your answers.

  1. What is “PE”?
  2. What are the benefits of penile exercising?
  3. When do the benefits start?
  4. How much “exercise time” is needed for me to see results?
  5. Is the penis enlargement gain permanent?
  6. What is the average penis enlargement gain?
  7. What is the age requirement/limit?
  8. Why should I trust you?
  9. Why isn’t penis enlargement mainstream?
  10. Where can I learn more?

1. What is PE?

PE commonly stands for Premature Ejaculation, Penis Enlargement, or Penile Exercising. On this site, and other penis enlargement sites, PE typically stands for penile exercise or penis enlargement. See our penis enlargement glossary for other terms, lingo, and acronyms.

2. What are the benefits of penile exercising?

When penile exercises are implemented properly, they can:

* Enlarge the penis

* Enhance sexual pleasure

* Build a healthier penis, which can: Promote stronger, harder erections

* Allow erections to be sustained for longer periods of time

If penile exercises are executed improperly, they can:

* Cause an Injury

* Cause temporary erectile dysfunction

Penile exercises have also been known to cause discoloration. For more information on discoloration, see the penis enlargement survey results: discoloration.

3. When do the benefits start?

How much you gain, and how quickly you gain relies on four major factors:

1. Dedication.

2. Length of time spent on a workout.

3. Frequency of workouts.

4. Outside Factors: As with all exercising, some men react faster to exercises than others.

Affects take place depending on how often the penis exercises are implemented. Compare exercising the penis to working out the biceps. Vast well-developed biceps are not built by doing one set of curls once a month. Both building muscle and building a bigger penis requires time and dedication.

Following a consistent routine, many men experience results within the first couple of weeks. The majority of men undergo an increased penis size (flaccid and erect) and stronger erections within the first month.

Gentically, exercising the penis is strikingly similar to exercising the muscles of the body. Some men have the genetics to build muscle quicker than others. Similarly, some men build a bigger, healthier penis more rapidly than others.

4. How much “exercise time” is needed for me to see results?

The time spent exercising the penis varies between men. Some men exercise their penis for only a few minutes every other day, or less; while others have been known to exercise for multiple hours a day. How much time you spend exercising depends on how quickly you want results. Ultimately exercising the penis anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes a day, three to five days a week will presumably produce results.

Some men don’t have enough time to exercise the penis regularly. Instead, they partake in sporadic PE — exercising the penis without a consistent routine. This has type of penis enlargement method has worked for several men. However, it may not work for you. In the end, you decide on how often you want to exercise your penis. Also realize that exercising too much is detrimental and even potentially dangerous. In the beginning, you’ll want to start out extremely light and work your way up.

5. Is the penis enlargement gain permanent?

For many men, yes, the increased size obtained through penis enlargement is permanent. To increase your chances of making the gains more permanent for you, we recommend that you cement your gains. Cementing entails weaning yourself off of your penis enlargement routine. If you do not wean off of your routine, you might lose some of your gains. However, these lost gains are typically much easier to regain.

6. What is the average penis enlargement gain?

Penis enlargement gains vary from person to person. The largest reported gain was of a man who started with 4.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth. After roughly two years of penile exercising, he worked his way up to 8 inches in length and 6 inches in girth, which is over fives times bigger than his original size. There are several occurrences of men adding 3, 4, and even 5 inches to their penis.

Nevertheless, not all men are so lucky, nor so dedicated. According to our penis survey, the men that exercised for three months or more gained on average: 1 inch in length, and a half an inch in girth (1″ X .5″).

Translating this into volume, the men who exercised their penis for three months or more increased their penis size by an average of 42 percent, which is nearly half a size bigger than what they started with!

7. What is the age requirement/limit?

Do not exercise your penis if you are not at least 18 years old. (Please leave this site immediately if you are under the age of 18.

You are never too old to start exercising the penis. Penile exercising has cured erectile dysfunction for many older men. In fact, several senior citizens have claimed they obtained the strongest erections of their life through penile exercising. Some men have gone as far as saying, “I feel like I am in high school all over again!”

8. Why should I trust you?

You don’t have to. And really, you shouldn’t. Any Joe Shmoo can make a website. But if you’re interested in bettering yourself and your penis, then you have nothing to lose on our site. It’s free. It is understandable if you’re skeptical (in fact, we’re a little worried about you if you aren’t skeptical . . .), check out our penis forums, where you can read the successes of thousands of other mens. After that, have a look at our free penis enlargement guide

9. Why isn’t penis enlargement “mainstream”?

Good question. We’re not sure. A possible explanation is that penis enlargement has been impossible for so long, and old beliefs die hard – even in the face of the new knowledge about penile exercising. Another explanation is that many people don’t care to do enough research to really find out if penis enlargement works or not. They just debunk it without question.

The most obvious explanation, though, is that most men who exercise their penis want to keep it a secret. There is understandable reasoning behind this: the more men who exercise their penis, the higher the “average size” might become. We, however, have our doubts in this reasoning. The likelihood of the “avergae size” increasing by more than a fraction of an inch is very improbable.

In any regard, we know how it is to be small. We know how it is to be insecure. That’s why we created this site–to give every man who is willing to doubt “common knowledge” the power to change his penis size and hardness.

10. Where can I learn more?

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