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Jelqing Video: Watch Now & Learn How to Properly Jelq

jelqing video

For more than a millenia, men have used the jelq as an effective and natural means of penis enlargement. Here you’ll find all of our most popular jelqing videos. Each jelqing video demonstrates a different jelq variation, for your penis enlargement routine.

Jelqing Video Example 1: Basic Jelq/Jelqing Video

Originating in the ancient Middle East, men discovered jelqing could both increase their penis length and their girth. Following, you’ll find several variations of the jelq in our jelqing videos guide.

REMEMBER: As always, warm up your penis prior to doing any penis exercises. This includes the jelq. Jelqing should only be performed on a semi-erect penis. Jelqing with a full erection can cause damage. Listen to the cues your body is giving you when doing any penis exercise. Do not try to do too many jelqs at first. You’ll get better results by starting slowly and building up repetitions. Be consistent in your penis exercise routine to see the best results.

Jelqing Video Example 2: R’s Version of the Jelq

The difference in this version of the jelq, from a normal jelq, is an upwards, quick stroke (as opposed to the slower strokes pointed donwards). R’s routine also recommends jelqing for time.

Why is this jelq intense? Notice in the jelq video that the model has a high erection level. He really forces the blood up the penis. Both of these methods are great for increasing the intensity of the jelq. However, they should be avoided by beginners.

For the first month or so, use a lower erection level than our model does when jelqing. Gently push the blood up the penis.

Remember, our jelqing videos are for instructional purposes only. Listen to your body. Start slowly. Only increase intensity and/or duration after your body is accustomed to the exercise.

For more information on how to properly do these exercises, please reach out to  Male Enhancement Coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.

This is the tenth installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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  1. simple practise, but how much time should be spent on this workout each day?

  2. Videos do not play for me either!! Is there anything you can do to fix this?

    Live, love, laugh!!

  3. I am brand new to this site. I just wanted to know if the guys in the videos gained their size through jelqing, or is this their natural size?

  4. are these exercise able to fixe the curveture

  5. If i were to judge by the jelqing directions i read earlier, that is not the correct way to jelq.

  6. does anyone no of any great girth exercises?

    • no

  7. penis really matter

  8. Not to sound homosexual or anything, but that model has a really nice cock. It’s long, has real good girth, i want a cock like that. I’ve just started jelqing a few days ago. My penis is 7 inches long with a 5.5 inch girth. When can i expect to see results?

  9. Am I the only one who thinks the model is jelqing way too fast?

  10. success the video is working now

  11. what exactly is this jelqing do… does it help to enlargen your penis??

  12. I’ve got working videos and a bunch of other compiled information here… [link removed]

    • could you plz send them to me through email? is luis . ruiz 2009 @ hot mail . com thank you, i would appreciated alot!

  13. Why do all the tutorials say 3-4 seconds when that guy in the vid does in 1-2 seconds per jelq. It looks like he’s speed jelqing. Is this the proper way?

  14. vids did not work for me

  15. does this really work…

  16. same thing mhpenis said make them longer

  17. I certainly found the jelqing video’s very helpful. The models cock has very good length and is very thick. My only criticism is that the jelqing video’s were not long enough. Next time jelqing video’s are updated, please make them longer.

  18. none of these videos work….please fix

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