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Penis Enhancement – More Than a Dream

Penis Enhancement More Than a Dream

It has been said that all men are created equal, but this is not quite true when it comes down to the physical attributes with which we are born. Expert girth gainer, Big Girtha, speaks on what he calls “The Dream.”

Penis Enhancement More Than a Dream

Men can usually be categorized into three groups: Most are average. Then there is a smaller group of men who are somewhat less than average and the smallest group of men who are blessed with more. These men with MORE are the ones you hear about but hardly ever meet. They are the popular, the successful, those rare few we all envy and hate at the same time, yet they are the men we all want to be. I was born average, but I have become more than that, and so can you.

There is an obsession sweeping this country. In fact, it has become much bigger than that. This hysteria knows no bounds; it is in the heart of all men in every walk of life on every continent of the world. I call it The Dream and the effort needed to obtain this elusive dream I call The Craft.

What defines a man is self image. It starts when we are young. The human penis is an amazing and powerful organ. It begins to control our emotions and psychological makeup long before it is developed into any real usefulness. This small appendage starts young boys down the road to manhood, and how they perceive themselves in proportion to others contributes more to their self perception as adults than anything they will learn or experience in life. Boys judge themselves harshly by the size and appearance of their penis early on in life, rating themselves in relationship to siblings and their peers, but even more so to their fathers.

In most cases the first time a boy sees a penis other than his own, it is a sibling or a father. And because there is so much variation in flaccid size the episode can range from an awkward moment to a devastating childhood event. This experience is crucial to the self esteem he will develop as an adult. A careless negative comment from Dad at this point can affect a child deeply. Parental penile belittlement harms kids more subtly than other types of child abuse because PPB is more invisible. Joking or teasing a young boy about his size seems harmless to a lot of dads and even to the child himself at the time. They both fail to realize just how much damage it can do.

Then later in life this psychological condition may be worsened by comments that often come from wives or girlfriends about past lovers that were well hung. Sometimes these comments come in a fit of anger with the intent of hurting a spouse, but more often they come innocently, jokingly with no harmful intent. Regardless the childhood trauma is compounded, and the psychological event often becomes intense and more deeply hidden.

In today’s world there is a huge misconception about penis size. Pornography is the biggest contributor to this illusion. The Adult Film Industry is a very lucrative and powerful enterprise in the world today. Their ability to sell this Super-human penile illusion contributes to the success of their films, and they are very good at doing just that. They use everything within their massive budgets to create this misconception. Men who fall into the categories of average size or less are the biggest consumer of these films because it helps them to invasion The Dream through fantasy.

The first time most boys see another flaccid penis may have been dear old Dad’s, but the first time most MEN see an erect penis, other than their own is in porn. Both of these visualizations are disillusioning. The youth is traumatized by the difference in flaccid size between himself and Dad, then later further discouraged by these films not realizing that these actors are the elite of penile size, not the norm.

When film producers cast these trim well endowed men together with petite woman, often using erection inducing drugs and camera angle they can enhance the illusion to unbelievable proportions. Couple this with the hysteria brought about by all the size related articles in women’s magazines not to mention advertising schemes based on “Bigger Is Better” and you get this size mania that we have today. Even though most women insist that bigger is not always better they are wrong. Not because a bigger penis necessarily feels better but because of what it does for a man’s self image. When we perceive ourselves as bigger we ARE better; better lovers, better fathers, better men.

Until recently men have lived with the agonizing conclusion that they are stuck with the size they are born with. For a man of average, or less than average size The Dream of enlargement has been just that, a dream. However, because of the power driven by this enormous desire to improve the size of ones penis and with the aid of world communication through the Internet men have started to gather in forums and discuss the possibility of making this dream a reality through a combination of natural exercise, supplements and the use of certain devices developed, not by Snake Oil Peddlers or Surgeons out to capitalize on man’s greatest insecurity but by thousands of dedicated and educated young men and women who are driven by this remarkable new trend in self improvement.

The good news is natural penis enlargement works although it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. I call the methodology we use to make this happen The Craft because it is a little more than just manual exercise or what is called Natural Penis Enhancement (NPE). Along with natural exercise routines we can also employ the use of some devices.

These are not the expensive gadgets sold by Internet spammers, or the miracle pills sold by pill pushers, but simple devices that can be made from easily obtained hardware usually costing virtually nothing. There are also some commercial devices that have been developed through the forums by members that can be purchased for those who are not handy with building their own. But it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. The only real cost of The Craft of Penis Enhancement is time and effort. The knowledge you gather from this Website along with information from the several PE Forums mentioned here can get you on your way to a bigger and better penis.

Penile exercising can help you achieve The Dream.


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