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8 X 6: The Clive Peters Story

Clive Peters, author of How to Maximize Your Manhood, describes how he became involved in penile enhancement and his journey from curiosity to belief and commitment.

A Bigger Penis Yes, It’s Possible

AJ “Big Al” Alfaro discusses what it takes to obtain a larger penis through exercise.  Also discussed are time requirements and penis size averages.

Addicted to the Jelq

Read to find out when the jelq is appropriate, and when you might want to try something else.

Attaching the Hanger

Learn how to put on the penis hanger, for penis enlargement and enhancement.

Average Penis Size Increase

Our penis enlargement survey gives an inside look at what is the average gain from doing penis exercises.


Ballooning is an effective (and often fun) exercise to do at the end of your penile exercising workout.

Beginning a Penis Hanging Routine

This article discusses the various types of hanging routines and provides information on how to create a penis hanging routine that best suits your needs and will be best fit for your daily life and help you achieve optimal gains.

Big Penis Tools

The tools you’ll need on your penis enlargement and enhancement journey.

Choosing Your Penis Weight Hanging Device

This is an exhaustive guide to all you will ever need to know about penis hanging!

De-motivation: How to Stay Motivated One You Begin

This article explains basic concepts for continuing your penis enlargement regimen once you get started, after you reach a plateau, and when other toils of life get in the way.

Erection Tea: How to Make It and What It Does

This article explains Erection Tea, how to make it and what it can do for you.

Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Possible?

Discover whether or not non-surgical penis enlargement is possible, in this article.

Male Penis Enlargement Versus Penile Enhancement

Although the terms male “penis enlargement” and “penis enhancement” are sometimes erroneously used interchangeably, they are very different from one another.

Masturbation and Penis Size Gains

Does masturbation influence gains? Our penis enlargement survey set to find out.

Measuring Penis Volume – Getting the Whole Picture

Learn why measuring the volume of your penis gives you a more complete enlargement picture.

Natural Penis Enlargement – Is it Really Possible?

Big Al explains why natural penis enlargement is possible.

Naturally Increasing Testosterone Production: The Blakoe Ring

This article describes some basic sexual functions of testosterone in both men and women, and then covers a simple method for increasing testosterone in males by using a Blakoe Ring.

Other Penis Hanging Equipment Considerations

This portion of the Penis Hanging Guide covers other basic penis hanging considerations for equipment and maintenance ideas for optimal results with Penis Hanging.

Penile Enhancement – How Does it Work?

Learn how penile enhancement works, with a focus on jelqing.

Penis Enlargement: It’s About Pleasure – Hers and Yours

Enlarging your penis will not only increase her pleasure, but yours as well.

Penile Enlargement – Tracking Your Progress is Important

The best way to stay motivated is to commit yourself to a program and put your penis enlargement goals in writing.

Penile Exercises: Why Do Them?

This article discusses some of the central goals that bring men to penile exercises, and the results that keep us here.

Penis Enhancement – More than a Dream

Expert girth gainer, Big Girtha, speaks on what he calls “The Dream.”

Penis Enlargement 101

Following, is an discussion about penis enlargement to help you determine if it’s right for you.

Penis Enlargement Methods – Why Are They Popular Now?

In this article, Big Al discusses the increasing trend of men turning to more “natural” solutions for their penis enlargement/male enhancement needs.

Penis Fatigue and Weight Hanging: Maximizing Your Weight Hanging Gains

Learn about penis fatigue and how it can occur while weight hanging.

Penis Hang: Getting Started with Your Routine

Learn a great beginner’s penis hanging routine.

Penis Wiki of Enlargement Terms & Acronyms

A wonderful resource for all of the penis enlargement terms and acronyms you’ll come across while penis exercising.

Personal Lubricants: The Best and Worst Lubricants to Use for PE

Learn about a variety of lubricants, a vital component for many penis exercises, such as jelqing.

Pornography Addiction

This article contemplates pornography addiction and the overuse of pornography as a sexual stimulus and how it may lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Progress Photos: The Whys and Hows of Taking Quality Progress Pics

We all want proof that PE works. Having a good picture-log, will help keep track of your routine, and will also go a long way towards finding out what exercises work best for your own personal growth.

Reaching Your Ultimate Penis Weight Hanging Goal

Discover tips to staying focused, avoiding injury, making your gains permanent, and more, as you reach your ultimate goal.

Stretching the Inner You

Learn this simple stretch you can use when you wake up with a morning erection.

The Best Penis Enlargement Techniques

This article gathers together the best penis enlargement techniques.

Top 9 Reasons Why We Want a Bigger Dick

After doing some research online, I’ve put together a list of nine main reasons why men turn to PE for a bigger dick.

Vacuum Hanging

This is an exhaustive guide to all you will ever need to know about penis hanging!

Zen and the Art of Penis Enlargement

Visualizing your goal is nearly as important to your ultimate penis enlargement results as faithfully performing your penis exercises.


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