A Clean Penis is a Happy Penis

In this article we’ll discuss why a clean penis is a happy penis and how to keep it that way.

An Introduction to Sexual Fitness: How and Why You Need to Enlarge Your Penis and Get Better at Sex

Dance Sucka gives an introduction to sexual fitness, including why you should enlarge your penis and  improve your sex life.

Can Petroleum Jelly Cause Cancer?

Lubricants are a critical component of any beginner’s penis enlargement routine. This article explores whether or not petroleum jelly is truly carcinogenic.

Get a Little Sunshine and Boost Your Libido

This article reviews the study performed by the Medical University of Graz, in Austria and the benefits of sunshine to your libido.

New Survey Shows Prostate Cancer Treatment May Shrink Penis

A recent study published in Urology found men who had been treated for prostate cancer reported having a smaller penis after treatment.

Oral Sex and Throat Cancer

This article reports on actor Michael Douglas’s battle with throat cancer and its relation to oral sex.

Phimosis (aka Tight Foreskin): Treatment Options

Following is an overview of phimosis (aka “tight foreskin”) and the various treatment options.

Sleep Deprivation’s Effect on Sperm Quality

A recently published study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, shows not getting enough sleep could also negatively affect your sperm quality.

Vasectomy: What are the Side Effects

Learn the side effects of having a vasectomy before you make a decision whether or not to proceed with being snipped.

What is Low Testosterone?

Although you may know the term “Low T” stands for “low testosterone,” what is Low T exactly? What are the symptoms? And, what can you do about it?


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