Sunday, January 19, 2020


Increasing Your Healthspan | Steven Fowkes, Biohacker – Part 1 of 3

Today, we have Steve Fowkes, a friend from the Silicon Valley Health Institute and a longtime biohacker. This is part one of a series of three episodes with Steve. Organic chemist and nanotechnologist, Fowkes, is a self described “incurable optimist” and interested in helping find solutions to many of humanity’s grand challenges. Some of those solutions start with just optimizing the brain you have with some simple vitamins and nutrients.

Raymond McCauley: Biotechnology in Everyday Life

Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Raymond explores how applying technology to life “biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture” is affecting every one of us. He is known for using storytelling and down-to-earth examples to show how quickly these changes are happening, right now.

An Interview with Aging Specialist Dr. David Sinclair

Dr. David Sinclair is one of the world's leading anti-aging specialists and currently a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School. Just this year, he released a book called Lifespan: Why We Age ? and Why We Don't Have To. His book talks about his work on slowing, or even reversing, the effects of aging and if we can live a healthy 100+ years. Dr. Sinclair has been named by Time as “one of the 100 most influential people in the world” and top 50 most influential people in healthcare. In this podcast interview, Dr. Sinclair talks about his motivations for studying aging and how as a kid, he learned the hard truth about being human and dying. He also talks about his current work and experiments on mice, where he was able to restore its vision and help it become young again. He also talks about his book and his cheatsheet on liver longer and healthier.


HRV Training

Read Spencer Brooks "Heart Rate Variability Training for Fear, Anxiety, and Focus" for the complete information.

Slowing your age. Can this be possible?

Read Neil Savage "Slowing Aging Could Transform Society As We Know It" for the complete information.

Biohacking – the forefront of a new kind of human evolution: Amal Graafstra at TEDxSFU

[youtube]   Ever wished you could unlock doors, turn on your lights, or log into your computer with a simple swipe of your hand? Amal...


High blood pressure research: 2019 overview

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7 Biohacks to Master Before Worrying About Other Biohacks

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Meatless Meat: How Healthy Are Plant-based Meat Alternatives?

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AHA names top heart disease and stroke research advances of 2019

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Cholesterol levels in young adults can predict heart disease risk

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The science of senolytics: how a new pill could spell the end of ageing

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7 MD-Approved Ways You Can Make Your Resolutions Permanent In 2020

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Scientists draw closer to a dementia vaccine

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Vigorous Exercise Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease

Women with a greater exercise capacity on a heart stress test had a lower risk of dying from heart disease and other...


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