Thursday, April 25, 2019


Episode 66: Living to 156 Years – Exponential Wisdom Podcast

Listen to this episode on the Exponential Wisdom Podcast with Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan. Peter and Dan discuss Dan’s new book, “My Plan for...

Up-level Your Approach to Food – Izabella Wentz #571

Listen to the podcast at on Bulletproof Radio. I care a lot about food, and I fundamentally think food is the single biggest tool you...

Harnessing Autonomic Arousal to Think & Do Better – Andrew Huberman #572

Listen to the podcast at on Bulletproof Radio. In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we talk about how you can increase cognitive capacity by leveraging...


DNA Strand Illustration (Getty)

The Genetics Behind Regeneration

The Genetics Behind Regeneration BY: ZUZANNA WALTER * This article is a repost which originally appeared on Many animals are capable of regenerating complex body parts...


This was originally published in Forbes by John Nosta. We are vulnerable to invasion. Our enemies are not deterred by geopolitical boundaries or border walls,...

Clutter Makes You Stressed and Depressed. Here’s How to Get Rid of It

This was originally published in Bulletproof Blog by Alison Moodie. It seems as if everyone is Marie Kondo-ing (yep, the decluttering guru is now...
Longevity Vision Fund

Longevity Vision Fund launches to support breakthrough innovation increasing human longevity

Longevity Vision Fund comes out of stealth during the Longevity Leaders forum in London. Recent breakthroughs in diagnostics and therapeutics of age-related diseases and aging...
Vitamin D Supplement Summary

Vitamin D Supplement Summary

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble essential vitamin that our skin synthesizes when exposed to the sun. It benefits us in many ways, from bone health to...
Ray Kurzweil on Nanobots

Hitting the Books: Ray Kurzweil on humanity’s nanobot-filled future

Nanobots with AI brains may help humans live disease-free lives. This was originally published in Engadget by Martin Ford. This is a repost on author...
Ben Greenfield Elevate NAD Levels

How To Keep Your NAD Levels Elevated (Without IVs) For Staving Off Aging, Cellular...

From pills to creams to meditations to exercises, it seems there is a multitude of oft-confusing ways to avoid aging out there. You may...
Biohackers’ Weight Loss and Exercise Supplements

Biohackers’ Weight Loss and Exercise Supplements

Article at a Glance: A healthy weight and (BMI) is crucial for a long, disease-free life. However, about 30%...
Supplements Taken By Biohackers to Increase Longevity

How to Live Longer: Supplements Taken By Biohackers to Increase Longevity

Article at a Glance: Health supplements are a billion dollar industry. With thousands of supplements that all claim to...
Scientists regrow mouse's amputated toes

A New Cocktail of Proteins Makes Mice Regenerate Toes Like Lizards

For the first time, scientists have figured out how to regrow not just the bone but even the joints of a mouse’s amputated toes.


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