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If you read enough posts on the forums you’ll see different attempts to classify specific types of size gains in penis enlargement. The relatively easy size gains are often called newbie gains.  These particular gains are thought to come about from EQ improvements- as opposed to efforts gained from the more traditional enlargement exercises.  The flip side to this is to assume that these gains aren’t legitimate as “real” gains- whatever that phrase means.

For one, not all newbies make size gains.  Gains in penis enlargement are, unfortunately, not an automatic function of training; but if factors like EQ, training consistency, emotional backdrop, and (yes) genetics are optimal then gains in the early phases of training can be relatively easy to come by.  As with all things there does come a point of diminishing returns, so the rate of gains which were simply had in the beginning may not continue along the same scale- at least not without ensuring the routine keeps up with the increased conditioning of the penis.

Even if your EQ is sufficient for sexual contact, further raising your EQ to even higher levels is going to increase your chances of making penis enlargement size gains.  Greater EQ allows your penis to hold more blood, maintain an erection under higher pressure, and improve recovery- as well as inducing more penile conditioning so you can withstand more challenging training for even more growth.

EQ IS an integral factor in size gains for penis enlargement – especially for girth.  While stamina-specific exercises like the Erect Kegel have been noted to induce size gains on their own- even by mainstream outlets, many trainees may not see size gains until they get their EQ up to a respectable level AND they perform enlargement-specific exercises- like stretches.

Some confusion arises from the idea of of comparing penis enlargement to bodybuilding in thinking the muscular component of the penis is undergoing hypertrophy/hyperplasia.  Whether or not this is the case, it should be noted the smooth muscle acts as more of a passive agent in the erection process- since it’s the tunicae, fascia, and ligaments which restrict growth.  Left to their own devices the smooth muscle would likely continue to expand well beyond the limits of these governing tissues- as as seen in cases of Megalophallus.

If you truly wish to maximize your size gains, then in addition to performing a progressive routine and inducing a quality tissue stretch each training session, make sure you maximize your EQ.

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