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Partner Doesn’t Enjoy Oral Sex - Ask Kimberly

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I love these!!

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Q. I had a question about my girth. I was dating a girl for a couple of weeks and when we finally had sex, she complained about my girth and that sex hurt. I’m about 6.5 inches long and 6 inches around, and have had similar problems before. what should I do?

It’s important to know that just like men’s penises, women’s vaginas vary in size.  This is a great article about vagina size that I suggest you read…

A Little Bit About Female Anatomy: AKA How Big is the Vagina?

One of the best empirical studies on vagina circumference found that the average woman’s vagina is about 4 inches, in circumference.

At about 6 inches in girth and 6 1/2 inches in length, you’re definitely on the large size. I’d definitely talk to your partner about what exactly is causing the pain. —  Is it the girth? Or is it the length?  — Again referring to the above article, the maximum length of the average woman’s vaginal canal is approximately 7 inches. Which means, at 6 1/2 inches, and especially with some positions, you could be hitting her cervix — which can be extremely painful.

bathmate pleasure lubeIf it is the girth, then you’re going to make sure she’s prepared for your size. Foreplay – foreplay – foreplay!

Don’t forget to use a lube – like Bathmate’s Pleasure Lube – to help too! You can never have too much lubricant!

Also, go slowly! This is true for any guy who is on the large size – girth or lengthwise. With a larger penis comes responsibility to make sure you use it correctly.

Lastly – communicate!! Ask your partner how she’s doing. If there’s discomfort, stop. Hurting your partner once, can make them tense up the next time you try to have sex, and that would just make it worse.