Xiaflex’s Odd ‘Bent Carrot’ Ad Sparks Penile Health Awareness

An Ad About Penile Health Has Added New Meaning to the Term ‘Bent Carrot’

Xiaflex’s first campaign offers a healthy visual

By Leonardo Faierman

November 17, 2021

This article is a repost which originally appeared on ADWEEK

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A new pharmaceuticals ad is prompting conversations surrounding its eyebrow-raising use of a slightly misshapen root vegetable.

Prescription medication Xiaflex’s first-ever TV ad, titled “Bent Carrot,” recently prompted some awareness of Peyronie’s Disease, a condition stemming from repeated injuries that leads to a significantly bent or curved penis. The spot sees a man and woman in a kitchen, standing before a stack of carrots. The topmost carrot is prominently bent, which elicits notably concerned glances from the couple.

While the carrot serves as a mild metaphor for Peyronie’s Disease, the remainder of the spot goes on to break down the cause and treatment of the condition, a regimen that includes injections and, per the ad, “daily penile-stretching and -straightening exercises.”

“We’re bringing awareness and education about treatment to consumers—part of Endo’s long-standing commitment to addressing men’s health issues,” said Thomas Kolaras, senior vp and general manager of Medical Therapeutics at parent company Endo, in a statement.

“Through this eye-catching, multi-channel campaign, we’re encouraging men with possible signs of Peyronie’s Disease to start a conversation with a urologist about their symptoms and about whether Xiaflex could be an option.”

The root (veggie) of the message

Of course, the symbolic produce, which the brand hopes will help destigmatize the condition, allows Xiaflex to safely advertise the product on various platforms. Still, the minute-long spot’s juxtaposition of the bent carrot along with its frank suggestions of targeted stretching and exercises has drawn some colored commentary online.

“What exactly are “stretching and straightening” exercises,” one YouTube commentator jokes. “My husband thinks I’ve lost my mind because I laugh every time this commercial comes on.” Another commentator—this time on Twitter— notes that the bent carrot might not “convince anyone,” likely referring to the seriousness of the condition.

In addition to TV, “Bent Carrot” is also currently airing digitally and on radio and audio streaming platforms.