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Stamina Work as The Core of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

Stamina Work as The Core of Male Enhancement (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)

The Importance of Stamina Work

The following is a chapter taken from the book: The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

If you had to do one thing for your sexual training, it should be stamina work (Stop and Starts, in particular).

“Stamina work” is a term usually given to male enhancement exercises that deal with targeting areas outside of length and girth. While stamina work does indeed assist the growth process, it plays the more important part of ensuring optimal blood flow and sexual control. At the highest levels, some men become multi-orgasmic or are able to extend their orgasms beyond the typical handful of seconds most men experience.

These exercises also make it possible to have a shorter refractory period (the period of time required for recovery in between ejaculations). This is due to improved fitness levels as well as from developing a better kinesthetic sense.

As discussed in the section before, exercises like Kegels and Stop and Starts (AKA Edging) are found to have a synergistic effect when performed with other exercises. This means they work better when done together than if they were done on their own. The reason is, your penis is already primed after an enlargement session, so by the time you get to your stamina work, your penis will be more than ready- and so will the benefits to be gotten from doing your exercises in that order.

Stamina work is also important in helping to speed healing after an enlargement training session. Constant blood flow ensures toxins built up through training are removed and any microtears which may have been induced by hard training get immediate attention for quick healing. Post-enlargement stamina work also ensures tissues stay expanded longer- fostering more growth.

For those more interested in size gains above all else, stamina work is the most recommended way of maintaining peak size and conditioning- right next to regular, vigorous sexual activity. Please see the section on “Cementing” and “Maintaining Gains” for more specific details on this.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Enhancement


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