SOLE SEARCHING Sorry guys, having big feet doesn’t mean your penis is super-sized – it’s all in the toes

Becky Pemberton

* This article is a repost which originally appeared on THE Sun

MOST people know the phrase “you know what they say about men with big feet”, but is this cheeky saying true?

Scientists set out to see if the old wives tale of big feet equalling a whopping penis was accurate– and men with big shoes may no longer have a reason to brag.

It turns out, from a 1993 Canadian study, that there was no strong correlation between penis and foot size.

Scientists noted: “Height and foot size would not serve as practical estimators of penis length.”

This was supported by a similar study done across the pond in the UK in 2002, with researchers concluding: “The supposed association of penile length and shoe size has no scientific basis.”

However, there may be a body part that could be an indicator of your penis size; your toes.

What is the average penis size in the UK?

According to Target Map, Britain’s average erect schlong is from 3.5-5.8 inches.

But research from London clinic International Andrology clinic has slightly different results.

This may be because they asked 1,000 blokes to reveal their own size (which could have led to a few extra inches being added).

They found the average penis length in the UK is 6.36 inches.

Men with the largest members live in Wales, according to the survey, with the average size in that region measuring 6.56 inches.

At the bottom of the table with the smallest penises in the UK was the East Midlands, which came in with an average of 6.11 inches.

In 1999, a Korean study found that the circumference of the penis was slightly correlated to the length of your first and third toes.

Although a slight link occurred, it was deemed to be a weak indicator.

Scientists wrote: “Human body index including the size or characteristics of body extremities is not enough to predict the penile size.”

Meanwhile, in Greece in 2002, it was found that there is a “statistically significant” correlation between the penis length and index finger length.

So there you have it! Next time someone brags about the size of their trainers you may want to take the connotations with a pinch of salt.

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