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In-Depth stamina Training Questions: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about Lengthening Devices, Client Study & Sexual Recovery/Training in this Ask the Experts article.

If you have questions you’d like answered in an Ask the Experts article, please PM Big Al.

Q. By the time I’m done I’m tired and it’s a struggle to get the proper erection levels.

…Can I just do the stamina stuff first? Why do you recommend doing stamina exercises at the end of a workout?

Big Al: There are deliberate reasons for putting the stamina exercises at the end of a workout:

-Stamina exercises in and of themselves become better ENLARGEMENT exercises after the tissues have been pre-stretched with more traditional enlargement exercises like Squeezes and stretches.

-If one can get to the point to where they can perform a successful stamina session after a thorough enlargement workout, then performing fresh for sexual activity will be much less of a challenge. This is true on physical and psychological levels.

-The Stop and Starts usually ends in ejaculation. Ejaculating and then attempting to train immediately afterwards can be uncomfortable.

Q. When you talk about emotional visualizations and not fantasizing about sex, this makes it harder for me to perform.

…What is your reasoning behind this? Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Big Al: It’s understandable that using erotic imagery- porn or mental fantasies- make the process of getting and maintaining an erection easier. The main reason why you want to ensure you’re not using erotic imagery in your training is that it creates a conditioning effect.

Here’s a very common example: You’re having sex and your penis starts to falter in it’s erection a bit. You go into your mind and think about whatever you typically use to masturbate to- a favorite porn clip, a prior scenario, etc. What normally happens is you achieve the desired effect- your penis gets erect, and you finish the session.

Afterwards, you ask yourself why do I have to think about other things when I’m with a live partner? As before, the reason is conditioning. By learning to develop focus on what you’re feeling during manual Stop and Starts, you learn to extract maximum sensory benefit from the activity. That way, when you’re engaging in live sexual activity you’ll be able to focus solely on your partner and not have to rely on mental erotic imagery.

There’s an exception to this rule. If you’re in a committed relationship you can fantasize about your partner. That way, you’re matching up what’s in your mind to reality.

Q. I find it’s easier to maintain an erection if I perform a lot of Kegels during my Stop and Starts.

…Is this OK?

Big Al: A well timed Kegel can be useful in helping to hold back or accelerate erections. When the process is refined, it can even allow one to experience Male Multiple Orgasm (MMO). Even the occasional Kegels during the movement to give your erection a boost is OK, but you don’t want to spend the entire Stop and Starts session Kegeling.

One reason is overtraining. If you follow a standard stamina protocol you’re going to be performing Kegels before your Stop and Starts. A more vital reason is negative conditioning. MANY who’ve Kegeled excessively during Stop and Starts eventually find they have to Kegel constantly just to maintain an erection. For obvious reasons, this isn’t a requirement you want to impose upon yourself.


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