So if your penis isn’t working well there are some people you might see:


So if your penis isn’t working well there are some people you might see:

By Pegasus

Your GP
Now this guy is a generalist and has some knowledge in a variety of areas. Problem is not likely to know a great deal about this specific area. So he (or she) will send you to a specialist. Problem is he may not know which one to send you to. There are 4 main areas of interest.

A uro does deal specifically with the penis area so if you have an actual injury to the penis this is the person to pick it up. Now he might tell you that you have venous leak and need surgery when a few kegel or increasing your test level might be all you need. On spotting if you have an actual injury though this is the guy to see. We get many guys though come onsite and a uro has been no help to them.

Now problem is they will not know much about pelvic floor or hormone issues. They might not even know the pelvic floor can cause penis issues (ok I know this is hard to believe but it’s true). Now until there education tells them when to send guys to a physio (and that could be many years) you might have to work it out for yourself.

Now the guys onsite like me can give some pointers. So that brings us to physio who work on pelvic floor.

For some time this site has worked with guys on their pelvic floor an area poorly serviced by mainstream medical.

However this is changing and Physio are starting to do some good work in this area. They have some difficulties though. The Uro have had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the realisation of the impact of the pelvic floor on male sexual function.

The Physio still get little recognition that they are out there working in this space from either the Uro or even GP’s, thus the average punter will have no idea. Also this area is new and developing and they have limited mainstream science to work with. Still they have moved forward and done worthwhile work.

Now so far this seems straightforward if you have an issue with the penis see a uro a problem with the pelvic floor see a physio and an issue with the hormone system you would see a hormone specialist an endo.

Now there is a real problem here because the “normal” level of testosterone for instance is set too low. The result of this is a GP will do a test and tell you your test level is normal and not send you to an Endo and even if he does the Endo may say normal and send you on your way while you have a real physical problem. Additionally hard as it is to believe many Endo seem unaware natural methods of test increase even exist let alone how effective it can be.

Now natural test increase methods can be a solution to the hormone issue but if after a real guts effort they are not you will have to navigate this difficult area to get some help.

Now any and all of these specialists may tell you that you have no physical issue and it’s in your head. The problem with this is they know little of each others work and it might just be a matter of seeing the right physical specialist. Historically the in your head argument has been so overused it has lost a lot of cred never the less it remains a common source of penis issues.

Head issues
Now various therapists deal with these problems but there are several issues with it. The historic and even current overuse of this statement means it can be hard to convince a guy to consider this possibility.

Additionally the issue might be part mental and part physical stress/anxiety can play into all types of physical problems.

So there you have it to some extent you are going to have to find your way through this if you want mainstream help. Other members and the Mod team will try and help you and in fact a lot of my effort onsite in devoted to just that.

In addition we have ideas onsite that are of use in there own right so a plethora of info on the pelvic floor, info on natural test increase methods and hey sometimes a sympathetic ear can help to.

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