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Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth!

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth

The most important article for any man looking to improve the size and hardness of his penis. Follow your “PIs,” and you’ll gain more, you’ll gain quicker, and you’ll exercise safer.

man with measuring tape - Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth

So what are the PIs? After reading accounts of those who have had good growth, as well personal experiences of growth and loss of progress, it has become apparent that there are Physiologic Indicators (PIs’) that can guide you while you’re exercising your penis.

A breakdown of the Physiological Indicators

PIs (Physiological Indicators) are the observable physical responses of your penis to the forces applied in penile exercising. Anyone who has done any PE has seen these, yet most don’t use them for the invaluable information that they offer. I break them down into Negative PIs, Positive PIs and Neutral PIs.

NEGATIVE PIs meaning that when you see these, it is a sign that you are over training your unit, and you need to cut back the amount of force/time applied.

POSITIVE PIs means that it is an excellent indicator that you are NOT over training your unit, and probably improving it.

NEUTRAL PIs are neither obviously positive or negative. They must be INTERPRETED in relation to other definite Positive or Negative PIs. They are referred to as neutral, because at times, they may be a positive indicator, and other times, a negative indicator.  Whether these Neutral PIs are positive or negative for YOU…will only become obvious when other DEFINITE Positive or Negative PIs begin to show.

Lets start with some definite Negative PIs

  • Pain in the penis
  • Decreased night and morning wood
  • Decreased hardness of erections
  • Numbness
  • Discoloration
  • Loss of size ( persisting more than a day)

Now for the definite Positive PIs;

  • Larger flaccid hang lasting all day
  • Increased night and morning wood
  • Increased hardness of erections
  • Easier to achieve erections
  • Increase of normal size
  • Increased horniness

And the Neutral PIs:

  • Temporary penis contraction after a PE workout
  • Redness
  • Spotting
  • Slight achiness in your penis
  • Increased size temporarily, a few minutes to a couple hours
  • Edema (fluid build up; swelling) in the penis skin

Of all the PIs, size gain or loss is the bottom line! Size loss or gain will give you the final word on whether you are being effective or not.

Putting the PIs in Use

Lets say a beginner starts with a simple routine; a 5 minutes warm-up followed by 5 minutes jelqing. When he is done, he notices his unit is slightly larger, reddish and hangs fuller for a few minutes followed by some contraction. Later on he finds that he has increased night and morning wood.

Together this is a good picture, the increased night and morning wood indicate that the other Neutral PIs can be interpreted as Positive PIs. At that point, it would be sensible for this beginner to continue this routine and measure himself about once every one to two weeks. If after two weeks, all the PIs are the same, yet he has made no gains, he should increase his force and or time of PE.

Why? Because there are no PIs indicating over-training (Negative PIs), therefore his lack of growth is due to UNDER TRAINING.  In this scenario, it would probably be smart for him to increase his jelq time to 10 minutes. This he should stay with, watching his PIs for indications of Negatives.

Growth for most of us is a slim margin between too much and too little.

So going back to our Newbie, so he ups his jelqs to 10 minutes, and still has no Negative PIs. This indicates that he is still not into over training – a good thing. Let’s say, after 2 weeks he re-measures and has 1/4 inch growth. This of course is the ultimate Positive PI, and he should STAY with his routine until he stops growing. Then, and only then would increased force/time be called for.

Let’s take a different scenario

John Q Dickpuller has read the latest technique of hanging a bowling ball off his dick and decides to give it a try. First thing he notices is after the work out, his unit turtles up on him (Neutral PI). Later on he sees that morning and night wood is gone (Negative PI). Finally, when he measures in about a week, he sees he has lost a half inch in length. This bottom line Negative PI indicator tells him he is way into over training!

The turtling, interpreted in light of the loss of size and loss of night and morning wood, is a Negative PI for him. John now knows that that contraction of his penis immediately after his workout is an early indicator of over training his unit.

He lays off completely and waits for his normal nite and morning wood to return, which it does in about one week. This is a good indicator that he has recovered from the excessive trauma and is ready get back in the game.

John now tries again, this time with a tennis ball. He sees that after his workout he gets slight shrinkage, that only lasts for 30 minutes. He finds his nite and morning wood improves, and after 2 weeks sees that he is starting to gain size.

John now knows that contraction for 30 minutes or less, is an early Positive PI for him, and keeps that in mind whenever he makes any changes to his routine.

Lets use a third, more complex scenario

Mr B. Dog finds that if he whacks his dick with a hammer, it turns purple, and shrinks up for a week. And he loses his erections completely. Wisely, he decides to leave it completely alone for 4 weeks.

Slowly his nite and morning erections return, his flaccid hang is now longer than before. He find whens he is fully recovered, he has gained a half inch in length and and inch in girth.

Here we have a definite Negative PI and a Neutral PI, but interpreted in the light of the final PI (that is, gains), we can say that for Dog, a shrunken and purple penis is a positive indicator of future growth for him, if he takes the time to fully recover.

Recovery is determined by return of definite Positive PIs.

Last scenario

S. Knucklehead decided to try pumping. He is making slow and steady gains. His night and morning wood is excellent, the best in years. He also finds that his day time flaccid hang is longer than ever and fluffed out most of the day.

Mr. K knows from this experience that a longer, fluffed flaccid is a Positive PI for him that he is “in the zone”. Mr. Knucklehead decides to supercharge his pumping session by doing it while clamped. This technique not only feels great, it causes his dick to swell to all time new size with no lymphatic fluid (during the PE)!

Knucklehead gets so enthusiastic that he does it for 5 sessions in one day! That night Mr K. finds his wood is gone, as well as the mornings. He also finds that his penis is hanging shorter and more contracted. He measures himself over the next week and finds that he has lost a full one half inch.

So even though he found that his unit was huge during the pumping, the resulting definite Negative PI’s indicated that it was more trauma than his unit could handle.

Mr. K. learned that a swollen dick during PE could be a definite Negative PI for him!  Mr. K took a week off and waited for night and morning wood, as well as normal flaccid hang to return to normal (Positive PIs).

Mr. K restarted his program, but with 5-10 minutes of clamped pumping. He carefully watched his PIs for indications of over training before adding any force/time.

The bottom line: your penis has definite responses to the forces you use on it.

Learn to read the Positives and Negatives, and interpret the Neutrals.

Using these as guidelines for your workout, you will have a much better chance at dialing in the amount of force/time needed for you to achieve growth.

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  1. Wow thanks for the great new here of PE I always read informational about PE in this very helpful for me..

  2. […] will help get your penis used to stretching. In addition, you’ll start to understand the physiological indicators that can help keep you safe during penis […]

  3. Yeah It was my first time Jelqing yesterday and I clearly went too far, My penis went really small (turtling) and I couldn’t get erections. Today it is still turtling but I can get am erection with serious effort, Just gonna relax for the next few days and hope it returns to normal flaccid size!
    I advise anyone who is starting out to take it easy!

  4. just what I needed to read before I wasted anymore time

  5. […] Check your BPFSL (bone pressed flaccid stretched length) if it's bigger than your BPEL (Bone pressed erect length) by 0.5" then just concentrate on girth exercises like jelqing and edging to fill out your erection. Otherwise do some length exercise's Keep logs of your progress and ALWAYS measure bone pressed when keeping measurement! I recommend the PEgym if your serious about growing or thundersplace forum it's a dedicated forum for this sort of thing but before you do anything read up on what you need to do and come to the game with a mind set that says your in a marathon and always rest! don't overdo it or you won't gain alot of good signs that you might need to look out for here Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth! […]

  6. I tried jelqing and started losing my morning wood. Sometimes, I need some porn motivation to get morning wood. I would love hard erections and still have good sex sensation even with safe sex. My name is Morgan and I’m from Nigeria.

  7. Greattttttttttttttttttttttt. I think i have learn another and more things today. I think i over work myself too which i notice it has affected my night and morning wood. well, i think i will stop for now in other to allow correction to take place. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, i really appreciate all these information. I think am just happy inside of me.
    More blessing to this site, more blessing to every member.

  8. Hi guys,
    Very important post to read, ESPCECIALLY if you are new to PE because overdoing it CAN really mess with your gains, and give you Hard Flaccid, which is what has happened to me. PLEASE read this to prevent this from happening to you. Fortunately, hard flaccid can be reveresed with time (for many it seems-it CAN be permeanent so keep me in your prayers lol) and according to some, with trigger point release therapy or other methods. Hard Flaccid refers to your penis being in a flaccid state and somewhat to very hard in the center. This happens when you overdo your PE and beat up you tunica, your tunica needs to be stretched GENTLY and SLOWLY and should feel (for newbies anyways) comfortable, otherwise you can damage it and HF results. Along with being in a flaccid hard state, you lose your gains, or at least I did anways (4 weeks of PE went from 5.75 x 5 to 6.15 x 5.5 and because of overenthusiastic stretching and possibly jelqing to having ED at the moment, non existent morning wood or night wood). Build up your routines gradually, jelq GENTLY, gently will be just enough to push the blood flow through, anything more than that as a Newbie and you’ll be beating your dick up too much so PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the Negative/Neutral/Positive Indicators! They are your guide, if you start PE in the hopes of treating ED, and you start to notice Morning/Night Wood come back/get stronger and then dissappear-this is probably an indicator to STOP and make sure you give your penis adequate time to heal itself. While new to this, I was seduced by my fat temporarygains to go even harder, the only time I noticed pain was after stretching my glans (I gripped from the glans to pull out my stretches, probably aided in overstretching as well as bruising) and even though the stretches were uncomfortable at times, I figured it would be OK since I did them in the shower, figuring the warm water would help with the blood flow-it may have, but it was still too much.
    Also, for those of you using a bathmate who are new to PE, you may want to factor in that the Bathmate in reducing your other PE exercises, and choose NOT to kegel while using it even though it’s tempting because you can see your penis grow larger while doing it and staying there-this may be TOO MUCH pressure to handle at first and should probably be done either seperately. So please review the site included above because for those of you with HF, it can be confusing, frustrating, and depressing and having to search through the web for information may increase all that if you can’t find good information soon.

    • Hi drew. Has this got better for you at all? Read my post and see what you think.

  9. hey is it bad if you have a little skin flacking when you first start

  10. Oh Man!!! you rock.. thank very much, this information is amazing!!!

  11. Good work on the article …. Extremely useful information for the beginners as well as the vets.

  12. Amazing examples. I’m going to try the hammer stuff right away! (just kidding)

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