Master Your Orgasms and Hanging Issues: Ask The Experts


Master Your Orgasms and Hanging Issues: Ask The Experts

Big Al, of, answers questions about dealing with specific Master Your Orgasms exercise and hanging issues.

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Q. I’ve been trying the Master Your Orgasms exercise as described…

…but have not had good luck with it. I’m trying it as described instead of a part of edging.

Al: Only under specialized conditions and after a deep level of mastery of the Stop and Starts (edging) would you likely be able to successfully perform a full round of the Master Your Orgasms exercise to completion as described.

For most, it pays to start by performing the Stop and Starts as described and accenting it with the Master Your Orgasms exercise as needed. As you proceeds over time with this, more mastery is developed. Not only should you notice the ability to perform the Master Your Orgasms exercise on its own with ease, but you should also develop the ability to induce Male Multiple Orgasm (AKA MMO, or dry orgasm).

Q. I’ve just started using a clamp type hanger with 1.5 pounds but I’m getting all bruised up.

I make sure the device is on very secure so there’s no slipping but my penis head gets numb and discolored after a few minutes. What am I doing wrong?

Al: Needless to say, you don’t want to come away from your sessions bruised!

For hanging with a device like that, you’ll also need to ensure the device is only on as tight as it needs to be to remain in place. More than this is counterproductive and will leads to the type of issues you’ve been experiencing.

You should also use some sort of padding- like an ACE bandage, Theraband, or silicone sheets to further pad and enhance the wear of the device.

Once you get to the point to where you’re hanging for sets, you can employ Erect Kegels during your breaks to restore full circulation- as described in the 3×20 Hanging Routine.