Clamping Guide

Clamping is very advanced, slightly dangerous, a little bit of fun, and great for building girth – so it’s no wonder many advanced users find this combination tempting. This is a complete guide to clamping.

Differences Between Strap and Noose Penis Extender Designs

In this article I discuss the two “mainstream” fasteners and then one which I have constructed and used on my own to create even more success with my penis extender sessions.

Gun King Best Sexuality Stimulator: Can this New Device give You a Bigger, Stronger Penis?

Ronnie gives an overview of the Gun King Best Sexuality Stimulator, discussing whether it can give you a larger and stronger penis.

Penis Enlargement Devices

Here you’ll find a list of penis devices PEGym members have used to enlarge and enhance their penis.

Penis Enlargement with the PeniMaster Penis Expander Device

Penis expanders exert a pulling force on the penis. This article overviews the PeniMaster Expander Device.

Penis Hanger Attachment in Depth

Learn what you need to know regarding proper penis hanger attachment and how to safely resolve any challenges.

Penis Hanging – How Dangerous is It?

Hanging expert Bib goes over the dangers and safeties of hanging.

Penis Hanging Equipment Checklist

Here you’ll find a checklist for the equipment you’ll need for penis hanging.

Penis Pumping Techniques

Learn a variety of penis pumping techniques.

Penis Pumping: Some Lifetime Observations – Part 1

Dr. Richard Howard II gives his personal experience with penis pumping in this multi-part article series.

Penis Weights or Manual Exercises?

Bib gives his opinion on the benefits of penis hanging versus manual exercises.

Pumping: Techniques and Routines

Learn a variety of pumping techniques and routines to help you with penis enlargement.

Recommendations for Maximum Gains for Bathmate/Hydromax/Goliath

Following are recommendations for maximum gains when using the Bathmate, Hydromax or Goliath.

Six Penis Extender Buying Tips

Discover 6 important tips you need to know before you purchase a penis extender.

Strap Versus Noose: Which Extender Fastener is Better

Bgstick18 discusses strap and noose extender fasteners differences and includes a do-it-yourself design using Velcro.

The Advantages of Using the Jelq Device to Maximize Jelqing Results

This Jelq device was designed to maximize your jelqing results, while also being user friendly.

The Head Swell: Maximize Your Penis Extender Gains

Learn about head swell, which can occur when using a penis extender.

The Velcro Strap Innovation for Penis Extenders

This article explains how to make a strap out of Velcro for your penis extender which will be able to hold more tension than the factory rubber ones that come with a strap design penis extender.

Tunica Hanging and More on Penis Hanging Angles

Discover tunica hanging and angles for penis hanging.

Why Choose Penis Hanging?

Learn the reasons why you should choose to hang.


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