Benefits and Challenges of Penis Supplementation

penis supplements

penis supplementsPenis supplementation is widely available in a variety of natural and medical forms, but does it really result in a bigger penis, and is it a good idea?  This article explores the possible benefits and potential drawbacks to using penis supplements in your quest for a bigger and healthier penis.


In recent conversations, we discussed the subject of penis supplementation and its possible rewards and drawbacks. For years now, the body building industry has reflected on the principle of supplementation using nutrient and prescription steroids or anabolic molecules. The professional bodybuilding arena learned to embrace this protocol, but not without great human suffering. Anabolic steroid use was widely unregulated and therefore subject to abuse by those who thought more was better. Wiser bodybuilders learned that balance (prudent use of the quantity/quality of steroids for limited time periods during the bulking-up process) was the best policy for their long-term health and supra-normal muscle gains.

Some in penis enlargement circles have expressed a desire to explore this subject by examining benefits and risks of certain penis supplementation methods. There is a great proliferation of male enhancement supplements available.


Some of the names that I am familiar with among non-prescription penis supplements are horny goat weed, DHEA (widely available and a precursor to testosterone in the body), Niacin (enhances peripheral circulation/flushing), and L-Arginine (a source/provider of nitrous oxide for the body, the key molecule in inducing erections).

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Prescription drugs include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and bioidentical hormones. The main hormone of interest is bioidentical testosterone, which can be ordered through a compounding pharmacist.


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A bioidentical hormone is identical to that produced in the body and is therefore thought to be more optimal than non-bioidentical. Non-bioidentical hormones are not identical to those synthesized in the body. These molecules have a “side carbon chain” added to make them patentable and hence profitable for the pharmaceutical company, and should therefore be avoided! When I refer to testosterone throughout this discussion, I am referring to the bioidentical form.

Testosterone requires a doctor’s prescription, comes in cream form, and can be applied directly to the most permeable skin on the body: namely between the legs and under the arm pits.

Let’s start with the risks. Many people do not realize that the body is exquisitely balanced in all respects. Your body’s testosterone is produced mainly by the testes, and this production is controlled by the pituitary gland through the secretion of gonadotrophic hormone to maintain steady state levels in the body. This “feedback” mechanism works magnificently in younger men, maintaining consistently optimal levels. (I will arbitrarily define a younger man as under 50, depending on the health status of the individual.) After a certain age the testosterone availability and production diminish. When this drop is medically verified in the individuals’ blood levels, some physicians are beginning to prescribe testosterone.


What would be the physiological scenario if a younger man were to supplement with testosterone to induce supra-growth in his penis? As there is not significant scientific information that I am aware of to concretely answer this question, we will have to look at a similar model to hypothesize and extrapolate, namely, classic professional bodybuilding.

The supra-muscular results achieved by professional bodybuilders using anabolic steroids are well known, although wise bodybuilders use them prudently so as not to endanger their health.  Similarly, testosterone increases metabolic activity throughout the body, and particularly in the penis. Question: Can above-normal levels prudently administered for limited periods of time make a size difference in your penis? In professional bodybuilding, a significant muscular enhancement results; therefore, an extrapolated hypothesis would suggest the answer is probably yes in penis enhancement, provided testosterone use is coupled with penis exercises. We won’t know for certain until a significant number of men try this under an MD’s supervision. While, hypothetically, prudent periodic use of testosterone cream supplement applied directly on the penis (using the professional body building model) may cause additional growth, there are negatives to balance out. You must also note that unsupervised abuse of testosterone can lead to hypogonadism or testicular shrinkage (remember feedback mechanism of your body) and male pattern baldness for starters.


The use of penis enlargement pills, penis supplements, and bioidentical testosterone is, I suspect, likely to be experimented with as it has been in professional bodybuilding, and there are those who are risk takers in efforts to push the envelope of sexual development.  Remember that the best starting position is optimum health and sexuality, obtained through nutrition, prudent nutrient supplementation (vitamins, minerals, etc.), cardiovascular exercise, weight training and/or regular sports activity.

In my view, it is wise to use testosterone only after you reach an age where MD-supervised medical testing determines a deficiency has occurred, and only if your physical health permits the use of this hormone. Professional bodybuilders have used anabolics for limited durations for decades, and coupled with great advances in the equipment, this has resulted in substantive “success.”

In conclusion, if I were a young man and knew what I know now, I would avoid the use of any hormone and maintain a healthful life regimen.  If I were a young man and did not know what I know now, I might be tempted to push the envelope and prudently experiment with bioidentical testosterone. I hope this has shed some light on a very provocative subject.


  1. 1. I agree with Al, the most judicious approach is to try one supplement at a time and observe, per question by timesbechangin . What you are taking sounds OK, however I believe a young man in good health should need few if any sexual stimulants.
    2. Building AnewMan generally anyone over 45-50 should get blood Testosterone levels determined through you physician with the goal to have optimal levels comparable to a young man through the use of bioidentical testosterone (please realize that some physicians practice innovative medicine and would be predisposed to this, other more conservative physicians probably would be disinclined). This would be the higher end of the range. L-ARG is good; it triggers growth hormone release and also supplies nitrous oxide. I take a rounded teaspoon of it daily. It is a definite benefit in body building and the nitrous oxide supply can only help PE. I order it in Kg. quantities from Life Extension Foundation ( ). As for my age, I am prematurely youthful- my physiological age is approximately 20 year younger than my chronological age.

    Dr. Richard R. Howard II

  2. Another great and informative article by the Good Doctor 🙂

    I’m a big believer in sensible supplementation. By “sensible” I mean that you should experiment with ONE supplement at a time [altering more than one variable at a time will cause confusion] and record your consumption in a journal along with your PE workouts. By comparing your pre- and post-supplement training results, you’ll know within a reasonable amount of time what effects (if any) the supplement has.

    • This information is very helpful, and I would like to thank everyone who help create this site… But Since I am a beginner I have one question only, but first I wana state that I am a health younger man (20yrs)
      “Would it help me out with my workouts If took a supplement such as (EXTENZE MALE ENHANCEMENT), it has all of the supplements that is stated in this article and much more such as folic acid, I figured since its over the counter and there is no testostrone jst natural vitamins.. Would this help with my Gains or would this be to much since
      I am at a young age?

  3. First, let me state that it is absolutely FANTASTIC that as a medical professional you are not only willing to make a post regarding the benefits of PE, but youre also willing to give great advice on the subject!!!

    Second, I have to agree with the previous posters. This stuff is top notch. I haven’t tried DHEA or NIACIN, or anything really outside of L-Arg.

    Third, if you don’t mind me asking, in what age group are you? I’m right on the line and was wondering if you are in the older age group do you take testosterone yourself… or do you think standard PE is enough??

    Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful article. Glad our conversation could lead to a productive resource regarding penis supplements for both younger men and older men.

  5. Wow, great article. Just what I was looking for, as I am doing some research on supplements and PE.

    As a younger man – twenties, very young by your definition 🙂 – I’m going to head your advise and skip out on the testosterone until I am older.

    I’ve been PEing for a while now and tend to use L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed (OR tribulus terrestris, never both at same time), Omega 3’s, and sometimes an NO supplement before I hit the gym. Do you think any of these natural ones are bad for younger men like myself too?

    Thanks for the advice

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