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Penis Size Surveys

Most men think they are probably smaller than average, but by looking at popular penis size surveys conducted you can see where you truly stand. This will help you set your own reasonable goals for length and girth.  This article by the bestselling author Clive Peters will help you understand where you’re starting in terms of average,  help you choose your proper goals, while also helping you be realistic in the results to come.


In any study, the greater the numbers surveyed, the more accurate the results will be. The study method matters, too: are volunteers individually measured by researchers, or are subjects providing self-reported measurements? Surveys where men’s penises are individually measured by a third party present difficulties. Imagine the logistics of measuring thousands around the world, as well as the range of ages, time of day, room temperature, how recently they had sex, not to mention the anxiety that may affect the men’s erection strength.


One might argue that the best surveys must be those carried out in large numbers over the Internet, using information provided by self-measuring respondents. But what about those fooling around, the braggarts, and the outright liars? My assumption is that the chances are that a few, a very few, will provide misleading information and they will stand out (pardon the pun) from the rest. Sheer numbers will provide a fair indication of the averages.

You can read about PEGym’s most recent penis size survey here — Discussion of the 2015 Penis Size Survey.

Penis size studies aren’t just a matter of curiosity. An accurate survey of penis sizes is useful towards both science and to yourself as you set individual goals for the penis size you want. Setting proper goals leads to getting penis enlargement results. Research scientists, when referring to a world-wide survey carried out for the manufacturers of Durex® condoms, explained: “The size of the penis is a key part of the equation as to whether or not a condom fits properly. If it does, it’s more likely to be used consistently and successfully.”


Scientists compared the results of erect penis length and circumference measurements. They showed that, in agreement with previous studies, there is a distribution of penis lengths and circumferences within a given population, characterized by an average value. “The further you get away from this average value, the fewer men report having penises with these sizes. While the ‘mythical’ well-endowed man with a very long and very wide penis does exist, there are not many of them about,” said the condom company, Durex, in reference to their penis size survey.
The Durex® survey attracted 2,936 respondents:

  • 61 percent aged 16-24 years
  • 24 percent aged 25-34 years
  • 14 percent aged 35 and over

The results are shown in graphic form.

durex penis size survey chart graph

This particular survey attracted responses mainly from the United States but also from 26 other countries, including Britain, Canada, and Holland. Half of those taking part said they were circumcised (not surprising since in the US, which contributed to 39 percent of responses, circumcision for non-religious reasons is still carried out routinely).


Analyzing the results, the Durex® team found that:

  • The average erect penis length was 6.4 inches (163 mm) with a standard deviation of 1.1 inches (28 mm).
  • Around 3 percent of the sample measured 3.9 inches (100 mm) or less.
  • Just over 6 percent claimed a length of 9.8 inches (250 mm) or more.

Of course, these are just starting stats. Keep in mind that the penis enlargement survey conducted on this website showed that penis exercises can help you build a longer penis, a thicker penis, and better sexual health.


Girth, according to the analysis, is more difficult to measure, but team found that:

  • the highest number of responses fell within the 4.76-5.1 inches (121-130 mm) grouping.
  • The average erect circumference, at its widest point, was 5.2 inches (133 mm) with a standard deviation of 0.8 inches (21 mm).
  • The findings also suggested that smaller than average circumferences are more common than those that are higher than the average.

As part of this survey, respondents were also asked which part of the penis was its widest point. In 42 percent of cases, the head of the penis was its widest point, while for 27 percent of men the widest point was along the shaft. A further 12 percent said the base of the penis was its widest point, and 14 percent claimed their penises did not vary in width at all.


Survey respondents were also asked their views on how well condoms fit, and whether or not they had experienced problems with breakage or slippage. “When it came to suggesting improvements to making condoms fit better,” say the researchers, “42 percent said they should be ‘better-shaped.’” There was also a clear majority in favor of increasing the width of condoms around the head of the penis. “However,” they added, “one fifth of respondents wanted nothing to change.”

All I can add is that I’m glad I don’t have the responsibility of designing condoms; as I’ve said before, we’re all different! It’s easy for us to understand the importance of such statistics in the manufacture and design of condoms – and the original reasons for penis size surveys – but these surveys are equally helpful to you and me in determining how we compare to start with, and in setting our penis enlargement and male enhancement goals.

About Clive Peters

Born in London, Clive Peters has been happily married to the same woman for over 40 years. In common with all men at some time their lives, Clive suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). His doctor suggested using Viagra, but this prompted Clive to seek a more natural remedy. Exchanging notes and ideas with other like-minded men on the Internet, he met Dr. Trevor Roberts. Over eight years, the two of them researched and developed penis enhancement routines that resulted in Clive’s book: How to Maximize Your Manhood: What Every Red-Blooded Male Needs to Know.


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