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Zen and the Art of Penis Enlargement

Zen and the Art of Penis Enlargement

Written by Calixto

Visualizing your goal is nearly as important to your ultimate penis enlargement results as faithfully performing your penis exercises.  Applying Zen mindfulness techniques to make sure that you are constantly mindful of your goal and getting the most out of your exercise is an excellent way to enhance your penile enlargement routine.

Zen and the Art of Penis Enlargement


There have been many threads discussing the physical aspects of penis enlargement: how long we should warm up, how long we should stretch, how many times to jelq, etc. The list goes on and on.  But…have you ever stopped to think about what role your mind might play in the process?

This article attempts to explain how the Zen meditation principle of being mindful may help us focus our complete attention during penis exercise workouts. This, in turn, may help not only with potential gains, but also in staying focused on our goals — no matter how “long and hard!”


Simply put, Zen is a school of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation, and even non-Buddhists often practice Zen meditation techniques.  In the traditional Zen sense, meditation is the art of doing absolutely nothing.

Spiritualists long ago realized that people always seemed to be “living in” the past or in the future, but that to be 100% in the present, or what we call “the Now,” is something that actually requires a lot of attention.

The funny thing is that one thing it does not require is thinking. Living in “the Now” requires something different than thinking, but close to it, called “mindfulness.”

Zen meditation is a way for people to experience what is going on around them simply by paying attention, without words.

One of many meditation positions can be used, but the goal remains the same, to do nothing, including thinking.


Well, it’s actually pretty hard, if you think about it! There is a concept that all of us posses an “Internal Dialogue” — the conversation that we are always having with ourselves, whether conscious or subconscious.  This is contemplated by various forms of spirituality, from Zen Buddhism to Shamanism. The central question in Zen meditation is how one can mindfully “turn off” that Internal Dialogue.

The idea is that by being mindfully in “the Now” we can gain access to the freedom from suffering that the Buddha said was the way towards “Enlightenment” or “Nirvana.”

Basically, Buddha said, “There is suffering in life because of our attachments to things.”  If we are able to be completely mindful of “the Now,” then we can lose or at least temporarily suspend our attachments, whether to material things, things from the past, or potential things in our futures. In a nutshell, to be in “the Now” can suspend suffering, because each moment is a unique place in time, and, most of the time, each moment is OK.


Well, aside from the many well-known potential benefits of meditation (health, breathing, sleeping), meditation can also be practiced actively.

We can focus intently on things that we would like to see happen, by being mindful of our vision as often as we can.

Bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger once mentioned (FLEX summer issue, 2003) that not only did he focus on the intense workouts during his bicep routines, but he also envisioned his biceps growing. You know where this is going, don’t you?  We should put all of our attention on penis enlargement when we are exercising our penises, and pay attention to nothing but that!

“We all have great inner power…You have to see yourself winning before you win.” — Arnold Schwartzenegger


Aren’t we focusing on our goals already, you ask? Who would even think about other things during penile enlargement exercises? I venture to say that we all have. We have all experienced our minds straying from our penis enlargement goals while we are stretching away. Have you ever lost count on a penis stretch? Or have you ever forgotten which direction to stretch next?

I see this time and again on forum posts: “I don’t have time,” or “I can’t seem to work it into my daily routine.” This is simply another way of saying “I am too distracted to develop a bigger penis.” This is also, most notably, the opposite of being mindful.


Typically, a gong is rung in a meditation center at the beginning of each session to represent mindfulness, and to signify not only the respect you should show to others by being mindful of their meditation goals, but also the respect you should show yourself by being mindful of why you are meditating. In our case, penile enlargement and male enhancement.

With that said, it might be a good idea to treat your penis exercise workouts with a little more respect next time — respect for your growing penis and what you are trying to accomplish.

We have all seen the Olympic weightlifter psych himself up before he goes up for another grueling lift, striving for the gold. Even guys in your local gym do the same during routine exercise. I bet, in some capacity, we all do this when we are about to do something that means a lot to us. We should treat our penis exercises with the same importance, each and every time.


The one thing that you should get out of this is article is that one key word: Mindfulness.

We should strive to use new knowledge, as unorthodox as it may seem, to our advantage, especially if we are really serious about penis enlargement. As previously mentioned, Schwarzenegger swears by the “mental vision” approach to gains. And if it works, why not give it a try?

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.”
–Arnold Schwarzenegger

By being more mindful of our penile exercise sessions and what we are trying to accomplish, we can be 100% sure that we are doing our best to achieve gains from multiple angles.

Also, by keeping our minds on our penis growth goals (short-term and long-term) during our sessions, we can make each second count when we measure the next time, or get our next chance to be intimate.

Reference: This article stemmed from an original post by christopher1 on our penis forum.

About Calixto

Calixto, who has a Master’s degree in Linguistics, was picking up Spanish on Mexico’s nude beaches when he found himself learning another lesson about his penis enlargement goals.  In his words, “I WANTED IT TO BE BIGGER!”  He also wanted a restored foreskin.  Since 2006, he has spent his time in pursuit of his goals, wearing penis devices as well as learning everything possible on the subject of penis enhancement.  Calixto “enjoys everything regarding PE,” and credits the PE Gym with shaping his vision.


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  1. This article reminds me on the movie (The secret) i watched some years ago … the principle is the same … it’s a must watch, for everyone who likes this article imo 😛

  2. This is actually really good advice, I know I can apply this as of “now”. I’ve had a lot of mental barriers, this will definitely help. Thanks for the pep talk! 😀

  3. This article states what I’ve felt for a while . That for most of our life ,we THINK TOO MUCH . When we do that we bring everything into duality . Making it good or bad . When it just IS . So , for PE , we could just BE
    PE , and nothing else can get between us and our goal .
    Of course , this takes being mindful , being in the now .
    411 has it right .

  4. This is a top notch article. Its amazing how sometimes mindset is overlooked, and when this happen even the most effective of exercises become futile. Naturally, this applies to PE and beyond.

  5. The power of positive thinking has been something that I’ve definitely been aware of and tried to implement to many aspects of my life for quite some time now. The quote’s from Arnold and just the general topic of the article are fantastic!

    Thank you so much for this Calixto!

  6. “The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” –Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Love this quote, man! Going to put this somewhere I can see it everyday. This isn’t only motivational for PE. It’s an all around life quote. Thanks!

  7. Nice ! Just what I needed to hear to get me back on track like in the beginning

  8. Bravo, Calixto. You have hit the nail right on the “head.” Without identifying myself as following the Zen approach when I began my p.e. “career,” that was exactly what I was doing. I forgot about counting reps within a week of beginning my first routine. My focus was on my penis, I was in the “now,” and time stood still. That was why I could maintain a workout for an hour by the end of the first month, and two hours by the end of the second. And that was what led me to remarkable gains by the end of my fourth month–not to mention a restored EQ of eleven o’clock. Not bad for a 63 year old man, huh? Kudos.

  9. Excellent article, Calixto! Thank you for this excellent contribution to The PE Gym!

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