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Waylander’s Shower Routine

Waylander’s Penis Exercise Shower Routine

Here is a handy penis exercise routine that can be done in the shower and save you some time in the morning! This routine was developed by PEGym forum member – Waylander.

Waylander’s Penis Exercise Shower Routine

Due to constant issues of privacy and time restraints I made a short shower routine for PE. You can do this a 2-3 times a week for maintenance or use it to cover those days when you just can’t fit in your normal Penis Enlargement routine. For a long term PE routine, it would be advisable to look at some of those available on the site.


For these I do a two part warm up. I will take 10-15 minutes prior to going into the bathroom and do fowfers. You can either do bed fowfers (laying down) or sitting fowfers. More often then not I do them sitting in a chair watching TV or on the computer, etc.

Fowfers can be done completely stealth and nobody in the room or passing by will have a clue. After doing the fowfers for 10-15 minutes your penis will be relaxed and warmed to your body temperature (perfect).


I immediately head to the shower and jump in(if your delayed NO BIG DEAL! just do fowfers until you can jump in). I do my normal washing in the first 5 minutes in the shower, while washing I have the water as hot as possible and I keep my penis in the stream of hot water as much as possible.

After rinsing off, I IMMEDIATELY close the drain while the shower is still running. I then wrap my penis with a wash cloth and allow the hot water to run on it (my penis) for another 5 minutes.


This is a great time to use your Bathmate if you have one. The Bathmate is a very good warm-up tool. Its also perfect for the shower since its made to be used with water!

After 5 minutes or so, the tub will have enough hot water. Now turn off the shower, save water, and sit down for the remainder of the warm up. It should be about 5 more minutes. Bathmate users should keep it on for these 5 minutes.

If you don’t have a Bathmate, keep the wash cloth wrapped around your penis to keep the warmth inside the penis. This is also important in case the water level in the tub isn’t high enough to completely cover the groin area. I simply splash the hot tub water on the cloth as I’m sitting there to keep it hot. At this point you have spent 15 minutes in the bathroom, washing included.


This next section is the “meat” of the routine. Since you have done such a great warm-up, it will optimize the results of this short workout. There is some controversy about how long to warm up if at all, but the general consensus is that warming up, generally for at least 10 minutes, is absolutely crucial to making penis growth gains.

Also, as far as the sequence of jelqing or penis stretching first, it is all up to your personal preferences. Many like to stretch first, especially with a shower routine so as to not require lube removal prior to stretching. However, many men like to jelq first so that their penis is not fatigued from stretches when beginning the of jelqing phase of their routine. The next two sections are not in any particular order and can be interchanged according to preference.


At this point your ready to jelq, the dry jelq method works great for this and being in the water helps with the friction. Just remember to use a light grip and concentrate on quality jelqs; not quantity! Each jelq stroke should take at least 4-6 seconds.

If you want to use a lube then Vaseline is ideal for shower jelq’s and the lube will allow you to incorporate V jelqs into this routine if you prefer them. However, any lube used prior to stretching will likely need to be removed with a towel before stretching if you find it hard to maintain a good grip on your penis.


You will do 1 set of five-way stretches (like JonPop’s stretches) for this part. Up, Down, Left, Right, out, with circle stretches in between each stretch position.Use the OK-grip and stretch your penis (I start with the down stretch), hold the stretch and do 25 quick kegals.

Once you reach the 25 quick kegel count while still maintaining the stretch, go into a circle stretch and do 5 rotations left and 5 rotations right (once again, these are just like JP’s circle stretches). Then shake your penis or do few helicopter twirls to keep fresh blood flow. Do the above for all 5 directions to complete the set, this normally takes 5 minutes or less per total set. No warm down with this routine unless you have time.


You have just completed a basic but rounded routine (minus stamina work) in 25-35 minutes or so while in the bathroom and in complete privacy!

With this routine I also suggest doing JAI stretches throughout the day to compliment the exercises, and whenever possible do some stamina work such as edging. It’s up to you whether or not you would like to do the JAI stretches on your days off or stick with completely resting.

About Waylander

Waylander is a graduate from the great college HKU(Hard Knocks University). After finally being fed up with bouts of Erectile Dysfunction, he started researching the art of PE. He had several failed attempts at the exercises over the years until he found the PEGym. The enlightenment he gained from the site allowed him to to grow his knowledge and understanding of the practice. He now enjoys helping to teach others that knowledge, so other men can experience these amazing enhancement techniques for themselves.


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