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Uli Penis Exercise: Video & Pictorial Instructions

Uli Penis Exercise

The Uli is a great manual penis exercise. It’s perfect for increasing penis length and penis girth. Following are step-by-step instructions and videos of the Uli.

Uli Penis Exercise Example

Erection level: 100 percent
Recommended Reps: 3

Uli Step-by-Step

1. Form an OK-grip at the base of your erect penis.

2. Squeeze the grip tightly and hold for thirty to sixty seconds.

uli penis exercise

For more instructions on how to properly perform these exercises, please contact personal trainer and Male Enhancement Coach, AJ “Big Al” Alfaro.


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  1. How long do I have to do this to see results?

  2. RE: Ok so, when I did this exercise, my dick stopped erecting but I kept going until 60 seconds were gone. Then, I had to reach an erection again in order to of the next rep. Am I doing this exercise right?

    The ULI is a very advanced exercise that requires a high degree of EQ and control in addition to a lot of conditioning. You should stay with the same rep/time count until you can perform your ULIs without your erections dissipating. If you’re not good at the ULI at all, you should consider using the Squeeze exercise or jelqs AND raise your EQ as well until you are more proficient.

    • Do not do any axercise with erect penis i almodt have a injurie few days ago because my penis was erect when doing this exercises , preferible ejaculate first or do the exercises with 50% of erection, do not aply to much force because you may have consecuenses

      • odnamra – Exercising with an erect penis is definitely for advanced PE’ers. You should always take safety precautions, no matter what your erection level, and listen to your body cues. If you have questions regarding how to safely exercise at higher erection levels, don’t hesitate to talk our more advanced members in our forum, or PM me with questions – and I’ll get them submitted for our Ask the Experts articles.

  3. Ok so, when I did this exercise, my dick stopped erecting but I kept going until 60 seconds were gone. Then, I had to reach an erection again in order to of the next rep. Am I doing this exercise right?

  4. so you should have a full erection and then do the uli? I am new so im not sure but does that not seem a little too intense on your vessels

    • Hey mwaplan , When I do a squeeze , I’m about 80 % erect . I feel I get more blood flow with a plump dick than one that’s fully erect .
      Plus I do an overhand grip . That way I get the CS , urethral part ,
      that expands the glans very well ..
      mael out !!!

  5. whats the best exercise to increase girth for a beginner ? just getting started and could really use some help to get me going in the right direction

  6. can someone mail me im 4.5″ girth and 6.5″ long im interested in girth not really length so if someone could help me that would be great im new to pe

  7. No. Because with pumping you are forcing the blood in via suction where with uli’s and squeezing most of the blood is already there in the shaft to work with, you are just applying extra tension up in the shaft with the blood. There is a difference. Both can improve on girth but uli’s being manual give better control due to erection level and a different feel than that of a pump. Also with uli’s you can focus on different champers of the corpus region by grip position.

  8. so isnt it the same as vacuum pumping ? i mean both has same affect .. fill the organ wiht blood and hold that blood there .. i am confused ..

  9. I”m idiot . 🙂
    I don’t read this and I working 20 x 30 s Uli”s exercises at first day . lol

  10. Excellent, this was the first exercise that made me see EG development.

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