Top 5 Sex Positions to Last Longer in the Bedroom


Top 5 Sex Positions to Last Longer in the Bedroom

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In this video, TotalMan discusses sexual positions for greater sexual stamina!

Could you imagine if all it took during some love making to increase stamina was a simple change of position, well there is!

In this video, I’d like to give you 5 different sex positions that are going to allow you to last longer but it could even make it feel better for them as well.

Now it only makes sense that in the context of some positions, if it could feel better for you it could also feel better for them.

Which could be a small issue since you want to stimulate them as much you can however you’d like to also last as long as you can without blowing it. Pun intended.

There is going to be a few things to look for while getting the best of both worlds.

1. Extend the foreplay.
2. Positions that don’t go as deep.
3. Positions that don’t have her too tight.
4. Positions that only require a couple of inches.
5. Take it slow.

1. Banana split
2. Missionary
3. Guarded doggy style legs apart
4. Cow girl
5. Face off