Optimize Multi-Angle Manual Stretching Method- By Dr. Richard R Howard II

Optimize Multi-Angle Manual Stretching Method

Article courtesy of Dr Richard R Howard II of MyPenisDoctor.com

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The optimized manual stretching method can be performed any time of the day that is convenient, your choice. Let’s assume that you’re lying down or sitting up in bed or a chair, to optimize or minimize the energy expenditure. You can also perform with or without the bundle or rotation. The three categories for manual stretching are straight down, BTC (between the cheeks or buttock), and straight up to the sternum.

1. Straight down between your legs. With the using an overhand grip, thumb pointing down, with your hand immediately behind the glands, start with right hand, pull your penis straight between your legs, pointing down to your toes, so to speak. The time can be variable but for illustration sake, a time of one minute for each sequence can be used. For this entire exercise, you will start with a total of 12 different angles, which equates to approximately 12 minutes of stretching to begin with.

To continue, perform straight between the legs with your right hand for one minute (elbows locked if possible), and then with your left hand for one minute, then with your right hand under the right leg for one minute then with your left hand under the left leg for one minute. This stretches the shaft and the ligaments. The degree of bundling can be increased very gradually with practice. I do not particularly feel that any more than 360° is necessary and for starters 180°. A bundle is where the penis is turned in a corkscrew fashion either clockwise or counterclockwise. The amount of bundling can be your choice. To avoid over bundling, check your PIs, generally I am inclined to bundle less of a rotation as I personally found the PIs are better this way. Experiment with this

2. BTC category or between the cheeks. Your hand would be overhand grip holding the penis from behind the glands and pull it between your legs. Performed in like manner sequentially to number one, this accentuates the ligaments somewhat more, but also the shaft.

3. Straight up (pointing to your sternum). This is performed in like manner to number one, except that you are pulling your penis in the direction of your sternum, first the right hand for one minute then with the left-hand for one minute pointing to your sternum. Then, with the right hand over the top of your right leg and then with your left hand over your left leg is implemented. Generally I try to lock the elbows per your arm whenever possible to minimize energy consumption; this is not always possible in the straight up configuration.

Again, I would start with no more than one minute for each position; you can use the timer on your phone, or such devices which will notify you after each minute is over. Time may be increased based on your kinesthetic sense or intuition, take your time to increase the tension and time, always be safe.

4. Scrotal stretching. After you acclimate to the first three exercise groups above, scrotal stretching or ball stretching can be initiated. With an overhand grip and ok configuration consisting of your thumb and pointer finger, squeeze gently around the base of your scrotum where it is connected to the shaft regarding the grip. This will cause the testicles to protrude. When you perform this you can also perform a testicular massage. The main principle is with the right hand you can perform this and pull gently outward on the testicles to begin to stretch the scrotum in this particular area. Then you can switch to the left-hand and perform in like manner.

5. Penis and scrotal stretch. This exercise may be performed as follows: repeat number four with the right hand pulling the scrotum, and with left hand pulling the penis, in other words, you are pulling each component in the opposite direction consisting of an integrated penis scrotum stretch, remember to be gentle and then with experience you can progress, never the overzealous with this until your reached expert level. After you have done this for one minute change hands so that the left-hand will be pulling on the scrotum and the right hand pulling on the penis again in opposite direction (penis will be pointing to the right). This may also be performed after some experience, with a bundle configuration of the penis, initially you pull the penis configured so that it is straight rather bundled.

This observation has been taken from experience over time and the success such has brought about. The above exercise can be used with almost any mechanical device, though it is somewhat more specific for the lengthening devices. The general categories of lengthening devices would be weighted hangers, clamp or vacuum, and extenders. Any questions?

Best regards,

Dr. Richard R Howard II of MyPenisDoctor.com