Penis Enlargement Success Stories: How Long Did it Take to Gain Your First 1/2-Inch

You can read the 30K+ posts here — Success Forum However, one of the threads I enjoy reading the most is about member’s stories about how long it took to reach their first 1/2-inch. It shows just how unique we all are. Read some of these early success stories here!

I Built More than Just Inches in My Pants!

A.J. Alfaro has been involved in fitness and health since high school. “I used to read bodybuilding magazines and one thing that struck me was the inordinate number of ads for penis pumps and augmentation surgery,” says Alfaro.

I Gained 3 Inches in Length and 1.5 Inches in Girth

Having your wife be unfaithful is painful enough, but for Dave, it was simply salt in the wound.

I Gained 4.5 Inches in Length and 1.5 Inches in Girth!

Bib started out at average—not too big, not too small, but not enough for him, either.

I Gained Confidence, Penis Size & Hardness!

Every man exercises his penis for a different reason. Jake had two.

I Got a Bigger Penis Naturally in 3 Months!

Utopia tells his story about how he was having erectile difficulty due to his fear that his partner would think his penis was too small.

PE Interview with GoingForGold

An article about penis enlargement with member, GoingForGold.

PE Interview with TehDBare

An article about penis enlargement with member, TehDBare.

My Penis Size Tripled with Just Jelqs and Stretches!

Gary relates his story about how dedication and focus changed his penis size in just months.

My Story – From Hope to Conviction

Success story of how a member went from hope to conviction on his penis enlargement journey, which would become the book Penis Exercises.

Penis Enlarging – Now I Believe!

This article explores Dan’s story and how he now believes in penis enlargement and has seen the results first hand.

Penis Exercising Ignited a New Spark in My 40-Year Marriage!

Personal success story from member, Chuck, who ignited a new spark in his 40-year marriage when he started penis exercising.

The ‘Zen’ of PE: How a Young Man Looked for a Bigger Penis and Along the Way Found Strength of Character

An overview of one man’s penis enlargement journey and how he found strength of character and a bigger penis.
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