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Q.  Big Al, I have a few questions concerning my stamina workout and sexual performance…

1) This one doesn’t matter if it’s with a woman. I read that I should masturbate up to couple of seconds before ejaculating. Is that how it should be done or when I feel that the end is about to come – my pelvic floor starts tensing and I know that I’ve lost control over it – when should I stop, first or second ?

2) Are there some positions that you suggest since I need to have full control over the motions?

3) And I understood that I shouldn’t do the stop and starts if I have sex more than three times a week?

4) Since in the past I managed easily to get erection after finishing once or just maintaining it , is it bad to cum 3 to 4 times per evening when with a partner ?

5) And when cumming 3 or 4 times do you suggest doing the Stop and Start each time or just the first time ?

Big Al: Thanks for your questions! I’ve answered them in the order they were received:

1) Performing the techniques of the Stop and Starts during sexual activity is a superior practice to the manual version, but also more difficult to control. You’ll need to experiment with learning how you feel when you’re building up to ejaculation. If your pelvic floor begins to flutter this is a good sign you’re getting close. Slowing/stopping at this time should allow you to hold off ejaculation/orgasm. Learning when to stop and the timing in which you Kegel in reference to approaching the PONR is going to take practice.

2) Missionary position allows you maximum control, and when performed correctly is often the preferred position for giving a woman orgasms.

3) You should limit the MANUAL Stop and Starts as per the “60 Minute Rule” outlined in the Stamina Exercises section. You can have as much sexual contact as you can handle, but please be aware that sex can be considered a form of training. If you’re engaging in a lot of sex (several hours a day, multiple days per week) this will cut into your recovery. You may need to take extra days off between your enlargement sessions to account for this. Compound this with other types of training and you can see how you’ll need to optimize your recovery if you wish to be able to handle it all.

4) If you can recover enough to engage in 3 to 4 bouts of sexual activity per evening then more power to you 🙂

5) Practicing during live sexual activity is different from manual training. I don’t want to place any positive limitations on you (which includes the number of “stops”), but you should ensure you’re attempting to increase your time each session.


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