Side Jelq Penis Exercise

If you’re looking for an effect and natural penis enlargement method — you need to jelq! Jelqing began over a millenia ago, in the Middle East. Even back then, men wanted a larger penis. Following, you’ll find instructions on one of the many jelqing variations — the side jelq.

Please note: The safety precautions for the side jelq are the same as for all jelqing exercises. Warm up your penis before you begin to jelq. Only perform the side jelq with a semi-erect penis – NEVER fully erect. Always listen to what your body cues are telling you. Begin slowly, and, with consistent efforts, you’re sure to see results.

Step-by-Step Written Instructions for the Side Jelq

Step-by-step jelqing instructions and videos of the Side Jelq.

Erection level: 75 to 85 percent.
Recommended Reps: 20

Side Jelq: The Exercise

1. Start a normal Jelq. At the halfway point of jelqing, place your other hand at the base of your penis. This will help build support.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 1

2. Simultaneously, curve the Jelq to the side.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 2

3. Once you reach the glans, press the palm of your hand against your penis to finish the bending motion of side jelqing.

Side Jelq Penis Exercise 3

4. The entire Jelq should last three to five seconds. Repeat with other hand.

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  1. Khatf Tunechi: For mild curves, jelqung exclusively with the hand OPPOSITE the curve should help. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then curvature specific exercises should be considered.

  2. guys can u please help me to straightn my curved peins

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