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6 Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis

Six things you need to know about your penis.

A Look Into the Future of PE

Dr. Richard Howard looks at the future of penis exercising (PE).

Amount of Time Spent on Penis Workout

Did the men that spent more time on a penile exercising workout gain more?

Amount of Time Spent Penis Exercising

Study discussing the amount of time men spend penile exercising.

Applying Heat to the Penis and Size Increase

Does a warm up help with gains? Our penis survey set to find out.

Chartham Penis Enlargement Study

In the book Penis Enlargement Methods, author Gary Griffin cites the Chartham Study, which was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards from England in the 1970s.

Controversies with the Penis Enlargement Survey

This article explores the confusion and controversies surrounding the penis enlargement survey.

Does Penis Enlargement Work? A Survey of a 1000 Men

Survey results exploring the effectiveness of penis enlargement.

Ejaculation and Penis Size Gains

Did ejaculating after a penile exercising workout influence their gains?

Kegel Studies

So how effective are kegels? Two studies by leading scientists show that they may just be more beneficial for you than erection drugs.

Male Enhancement Studies Find Penis Extenders Better than Surgery

Study results from the University of Turin, in Italy, exploring surgical and non-surgical penis enlargement procedure outcomes.

Masturbation and Sex – Good or Bad for Penis Enlargement?

Should you masturbate or have sex near a workout? It’s the question asked a 1,000 times over – and finally here’s your answer.


Learn about megalophallus –an uncommon penis enlargement disorder.

Other Survey Findings – Penis Curve, Erection Level and More

The results to four single-answer questions in our penis survey. Wondering if penile exercising led to a penis curve, created stronger erections, or changed the “level of erection” in men?

Penis Anatomy 101

The penis enlarges every time an erection takes place.

Penis Creep & Its Scientific Implications

Discover what penis creep is and its role in achieving permanent enlargement gains.

Penis Discoloration

Did the men experience some type of discoloration due to penile exercising?

Penis Enlargement Pills Survey

Survey results regarding whether or not penis enlargement pills work.

Penis Size Influences Male Attractiveness

A new study shows size does matter to women, even before they have sex with you.

Penis Size Linked to Finger Length

Research led by urologist Dr. Tae Beom Kim focused on the relationship between finger measurement and erect and flaccid penis size.

Penis Size Surveys

Most men think they are probably smaller than average, but by looking at popular penis size surveys conducted you can see where you truly stand.

Penis Survey Results

Survey results of 957 men, over a three-month period.

Study Provides Evidence Penile Extender Devices Work

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has released study findings giving scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of penile extenders in increasing penis length.

The Male G-Spot

Learn all about the male G-spot, where it’s located and how to stimulate it.

The Penis is a Muscle!

Think the little guy isn’t made of muscle? Think again.

The Precise Mechanism of the Penis Enlargement Response through Manual and Mechanical Intervention

To understand the precise mechanism of the penis enlargement response, it’s important to first understand the anatomy of the penis.

The Science Behind Penis Exercising

A simple anatomy article of the penis and how it applies to penile exercising.

The Tunica Albuginea’s Role in Penis Enhancement

Dr. Richard Howard II, discusses the anatomy of the penis and the role of the much-talked about “tunica” albuginea in penis enhancement, enlargement and exercising.


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