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Phallic Fallacy: Penis Myths of Enlargement Exercises

Phallic Fallacy Penis Myths of Enlargement Exercises

This article describes some of the main penis myths regarding how penis enlargement and penis exercising techniques can cause injury and also how such penis injuries are almost always falsely reported. This article also further delves into simple ways to avoid potential injuries.

Phallic Fallacy Penis Myths of Enlargement ExercisesThis article is best read after reading the first earlier Penile Injuries article.


Before we go any further, let’s note the distinction between:

  • “commonly discussed penis enlargement side effects” and
  • “common actual penis enlargement side effects”

Hopefully, this article will help clear up some misconceptions about the risks of injuries through sensible training methods.

Please thoroughly research this subject on your own to learn more about it, and as always, make sure that you get a thorough check up before attempting any exercise program.


While there has been a huge, positive shift towards using nonsurgical methods of penis enlargement and or penis enhancement, there has always been a paralleling, negative campaign against nonsurgical methods as well. This has been going on ever since penis enlargement and male enhancement first became popular on the Internet well over a decade ago.

Thanks to the dedication of trainees worldwide that have put in the hard work and research (and let’s not forget the Internet information as well), a lot of men are learning about these self-improvement exercises for themselves. Now, popular opinion seems to be shifting towards acceptance of these methods.


Let’s start with the most popular and most maligned of all PE exercises- the jelq. There are some websites that claim that the jelq may cause penile scar tissue build up, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and a whole host of other issues.

If you’re familiar with the larger penis enlargement internet forums- where men are actually trying these exercises and posting detailed feedback- you’ll note that there’s not much evidence to those claims at all. Actually, most such claims are no different than any other scam you get in your inbox to help someone extract money.

You might be starting to understand the dilemma here:

The major problem that fuels such penis myths regarding penis enlargement and natural enhancement through manual penis exercise?…………Penis Exercises are FREE!!!


Delve a little deeper into this and you’ll note that the most complaint against jelqing on the forums are that they cause “venous leaks“. The term venous leak defines a condition in which the veins supplying blood to the penis are not adequately compressed- causing more blood to flow out than in.

This may be caused by congenital damage or injury to penile blood vessels or due to poor muscular relaxation. Few medical professionals agree on the right type of treatment for this condition, and the causes are not agreed upon either. It is also a relatively uncommon condition. Also, many men self-diagnosing themselves with venous leakage are more likely suffering from some other common condition such as psychological Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Not coincidentally, many of those forum posts (which, strangely enough, seem to all have the same formatting- down to the numbered complaints) are also followed up with recommendations for experimental surgeries or exotic supplements. This is more of a sign of attempted forum trolling (for profit) than it is actual injury complaints.


Even these complaints can be discredited when you look a little closer and read that the trainees were drunk, or were jelqing against objects (in one case a bathroom sink)- both extremely risky activities for even the most advanced trainees.

It’s likely that not all of these venous leaks complaints are made up, but you can check for yourself and compare these forum posts to gauge for yourself whether these posts seem authentic or not. What is ironic is that the jelq is actually one of the more moderate Penis Enlargement exercises in common use.

Even with the more extreme enlargement movements like clamping and stretches that involve twisting the penis (some of which movements we don’t really recommend), the injury reports are pretty minimal. As for treating venous leaks, there are several possible options- the least invasive involve exercises and herbal treatments (more details here).


Then there’s the claim that penis exercises may cause scar tissue build up. Penis scar tissue is usually a result of a severe fracture or actual break in the penis. This is quite uncommon and the chief cause of this injury is a mistimed thrust while engaging in sexual activity (usually with a partner on top).

In all my years of training, I’ve yet to hear of anyone complaining of scar tissue build up caused by penis enlargement exercises. The penis is a remarkably tough organ, and to think that you can cause scar tissue build up from following a sensible routine is something that should be backed up by proof- not supposition.

Another increasingly dangerous and self-administered condition is “priapism”. In some cases, this is being done in an attempt to mimic the rare effect of “megalophallus”- which is an immediate enlargement of the penis due to a chronic erection. If you’re reading this and have considered trying to imitate this condition, please note that:

  • 1)Enlargement from priapism is actually quite rare and, that
  • 2)Priapism is an extremely serious medical condition that may require immediate medical attention. Failure to get this condition resolved can lead to extreme permanent damage to the penis!


As with any exercise program, there’s going to be a risk of injury. Of course, that risk can be minimized by using sound training practices. If you’re a beginner, it’s advised that you be very careful with your initial experimentation with penis enlargement exercises.

Your first session should be dedicated with familiarizing yourself with the exercises- learning how to execute them properly and using the right degree of intensity (which, for a beginner, should be at the very lowest degree). Once you’ve learned how to perform an exercise, then you can try (slowly, and in subsequent workouts) to increase resistance and add reps.

To conclude, it seems evident that patience, responsible training practices, and paying close attention to your training details and your body’s reactions from them are keys to making steady, safe, and continual gains.


As a health professional and researcher involved in the PE community, I have studied the penis extensively. The architecture of this exquisitely constructed organ is no less than amazing. It has durability, strength, and extraordinarily intricate parameters of functioning, and can “take a licking and keep on ticking”.

In the case of durability and strength, for example, pound for pound collagen fibers, the structural framework of the penis, has a tensile strength stronger than steel. Never-the-less having said this, it is essential that one engaging in Penis Enlargement, understand that there is a learning curve of good judgment.

Early on in this learning curve towards perfected technique for optimal penis enlargement gains, it is particularly important to be prudent and gentile, erring on the side of good judgment. With time and experience you will gain greater wisdom, precision and awareness in your penis enlargement exercise techniques and intensity.

This greater wisdom will be constructive/helpful/healthful for your particular physiology and level of acclimation to PE. Even thought the penis is an extraordinarily durable organ, through experience your intuition will signal to you what works and is healthful and the best course of action to achieve optimum size and health.

Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, M.S., M.P.H.

Dr Howard is also available for consultations- please visit his site for more details.


Venous Leak, Vascular Disease, and Erectile Dysfunction


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  1. This article really hits the nail on the head!! Great read Big Al!

  2. Great article, injury through PE can definitely be avoided if the person reads the “Start Here!!!” thread which explains PE safety in great detail.

    People need to understand that PE takes time, and the most important thing is not hurting yourself in the process.

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