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Phallic Enlargement in Men’s Exercise Magazine

Man reading, know more about phallic enlargement

Men’s Exercise magazine featured an article in their July publication. Titled “Phallic Fantasies,” the article featured some of the common penis enlargement methods.

Man reading about phallic enlargement in men's exercise magazine“Whether one’s goal is to increase penis length or girth, there are a number of effective methods,” said writer Jim Larkin of Men’s Exercise. “But the matter should never be approached without extensive research, along with careful consid­eration of the hazards and expenses.”

Penis Enlargement Surgery

“While surgery is the most immediate solution to size concerns, it’s expensive and has the highest risks of complications,” said Men’s Exercise. “Also, the two most common penile surgeries don’t change the size or struc­ture of the penis; they only make it appear longer by either cutting the abdominal ligaments that anchor it to the body of extruding the part of the penis that usually runs inside the abdomen (mini-abdominoplasty).”

Read more about penis enlargement surgery here –  Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Right for You? The Benefits & Dangers

The worst part about surgery is to get the best results, you have to do penile exercise anyway. “To prevent shrinkage during the healing process, patients must hang weights from their penis on a daily basis for up to a few months following the procedure.”

“In order to increase girth, another operation involves the transfer of skin from other parts of the body, or tissue from cadavers, to the penis, said Men’s Exercise. “Any of these surgeries can cost between $7-12,000, and carry the risk of infections and other complications.”

Penis Stretching & Extenders

“One of the most suc­cessful (yet limited) methods for increasing penis length is done by carefully stretching tissue in a controlled manner over long periods of time,” said Men’s Exercise.

“Doubtless there are some insane solutions offered on the Internet, so one should seek only medically approved techniques. Extenders, like the Phallosan Forte, have been medically proven to enlarge your penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills

“There are a variety of pills and creams that can give a man short-term – less than one day – enlargement of the penis,” said pharmacist Dr. Dana Nelson. “But the duration is 4-6 hours only, and all medications have the potential for negative side effects, especially with people who have high blood pressure or diabetes.”

You can see the penis enlargement pills we recommend here — Penis Supplements

And They Forgot . . . Penis Exercises!

Our take: Men’s Exercise nailed down several of the common techniques with accuracy, but somehow they forgot to mention the centerfold of natural penis enlargement (and their magazine!): Penis Exercises. Maybe next time.

Have you seen penis enlargement in the media? Let us know.


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