Penis Extenders: Products Table of Contents




Andropenis Extender by Andromedical

Learn about the Andropenis Gold, Andromedical’s top-selling penis enlargement device.

CosaGrande Extender

The CosaGrande Extender is a comfort-engineered penis enlargement device, taking the male health world by storm!

EnahnceRX Penis Extender

The EnhanceRx Extender is a penis enlargement device that safely and continuously stretches the various anatomical parts of the penis.

ExtenderPlus Penis Extender

ExtenderPlus has been developed by a medical doctor Jorn Ege Siana, (M.D., I.A.M.S.S., A.S.P.R.S.) a leading doctor in Plastic and General Surgery, who specializes in penis lengthening.

Jes Extender Penis Enlargement System

For over 15 years, the Jes Extender has helped men increase their penis size, enhance their sexual performance and improve their self-confidence.

KR Extender

Made to precise specifications, the KR Extender contains the only high quality materials.

Male Edge Penis Extender

Comfortable, affordable and recommended by doctors, the Male Edge penis enlarger is the number one product for men looking to add inches to their penis.

MaleCore Extender

The MaleCore Extender is the most advanced, medically-approved method to straighten any penis while enlarging it.

MaXtender Penis Extender Device

MaXtender is designed to increase the length and girth of your penis, through the use of tension. This stretching stimulates the growth of new cells and penile tissue.

Omega Penis Extender

Learn about the high tech penis enlargement device -the Omega Penis Extender, one of the most comfortable and effective extenders on the market.


The New PeniMaster, with adaptive fastening apertures in the support base, is the most technologically advanced product of its kind, for penis enlargement and penis straightening.

PenisGainPlus Enlargement System

The traction-based PenisGainPlus Penis Enlargement System is increases your penis girth and length, while also giving harder erections and correcting penis curve.


The PenisMaster is vastly superior to any other penis enlargement device on the market, in terms of design, construction and effectiveness.

PeniStretcher Device

The PeniStretcher offers penis enlargement without surgical intervention. It works based on the physical principle of tensile force.

ProExtender Penis Enlargement System

Discover how ProExtender gives you gentle, harmless, and painless traction to reach your penis enlargement goals.

ProSizer Penis Extender & System

ProSizer™ is the ultimate all-in-one male enhancement solution. By providing you with 4 different methods for natural male enhancement, you’ll gain the penis size, erection firmness and superior sexual ability you desire.

Quick Extender Pro

With the Quick Extender Pro™, you’ll use this penis extender to get the penis enlargement you’ve been dreaming about.


The RxPenisEnlarger can add inches without invasive and costly surgery. This revolutionary traction device not only adds length and girth, but can also fix penis curve.

VacExtender 3

Learn more about the completely redesigned VacExtender 3, improving this long-time extender favorite.

Vimax Extender

The Vimax Extender enlarges your penis safely, effectively and painlessly.

X4 Labs Penis Extender

X4 Labs Gold Deluxe Penis Extender package gives the most comfortable extender experience, with effective enlargement results and improved sexual performance.


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