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Penis Warm-Up Methods: Heating Up Before Working Out

Penis Warm-Up Methods, Heating Up Before Working Out

Before doing any penis enlargement exercise you should always do a full penis warm-up. Warming your penis prepares it for stretches and helps prevent injury. A fully warmed-up penis maximizes the benefits of any penis exercise session.

penis warm-up methods


A warm-up involves warming the penis prior to your work-out.  Doing a warm-up before you exercise your penis is equivalent to stretching before you lift weights or run.  It enhances your gains and leaves less room for injury.

Warming up your penis is crucial before all penis enlargement exercises other than the Kegel. The Kegel is the exception to the warm-up rule because it doesn’t require exercising your actual penis. Rather, it exercises the pelvic floor muscles found at the base of your penis.


A good warm up consists of applying moist heat to your penis. Heat can be applied in a variety of ways. The four most popular warm-ups are:

  • a moist heating pad
  • a rice sock
  • a warm wash cloth
  • an infrared lamp

We’ll take a quick look at each of these methods, how they work, and how good they are for the task at hand.

Moist Heating Pads For Penis Warm-Up

Using a moist heating pad is a very popular technique for conducting a warm-up. They don’t cost much, and can be bought at almost any department store. Exact instructions for use may vary by brand.

Rice Socks

Rice socks are convenient and inexpensive — they can be made with a few items lying around your house. To make a rice sock you need three materials: a sock, uncooked rice, and a microwave. After you have gathered the materials you need, follow these three basic steps:

  1. Take a sock and fill it with one to two cups of uncooked rice. Tie the sock shut. Make sure to leave enough room in the sock so you can comfortably move it around your penis.
  2. Put the full sock of rice in the microwave. Heat it for between 45 and 90 seconds. Since microwaves vary in power, the exact time will depend on your microwave and how much rice was used.
  3. Check the temperature of the rice sock. If it is too hot, let it cool down until you can comfortably heat your penis without burning yourself. If the sock is not hot enough, put it back into the microwave for additional time.

Warm Washcloths

A warm washcloth is the simplest and most convenient warm up. The challenge with warm washcloths is they don’t retain heat as long as other methods. After a few minutes of use, the washcloth often turns lukewarm or cold. For this reason, we only recommend using a warm washcloth when the other options aren’t available.

Infrared Heat Lamps

The medical industry uses infrared heat lamps for a number of applications. The infrared light penetrates the skin, heating up the tissues underneath. Thus, it serves very well in heating up the penis, as long as you’re careful not to burn yourself and to protect your testicles adequately from the heat.


  • A hot shower or bath (This is especially great if you’re going to be using a Bathmate!)
  • Sitting in a sauna or a spa
  • Dipping your penis into a cup of warm water


Whichever method you choose, it’s important never to skip your penis warm-up, to warm your penis very thoroughly, and not to overheat your testicles.

For a better idea of exactly how to use your warm-ups for maximum penis enlargement benefits, see our next article in the Beginner’s Guide.

This is the fourth installment of the Penis Enlargement Guide.

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  1. […] Start With a Warm-Up – Every time you exercise, you need to warm up first. Check out some of the best warm ups here — Penis Warm-Up Methods: Heating Up Before Working Out […]

  2. […] Start With a Warm-Up – Every time you exercise, you need to warm up first. Check out some of the best warm ups here — Penis Warm-Up Methods: Heating Up Before Working Out […]

  3. too mch heat is so bad for you i would think but i’m not a doctor.

    • If its your penis directly it shouldn’t have any adverse affects, but excessive heat to your testicles is bad for sperm count.

  4. hi i am a 27 years old my penis size is so frnds r telling its ok bt when i looked a bigger penis from me i irritated and heated on my mind .i dont no why this happening with me bt what to do.when i heat that size comes to 5.5 inches i found bt i want to more.could u help me plz. dk

    • 5.5 is ok
      but i also get an erected length of 5.1 but stilll need more 🙂

  5. What if you want to warm up in the shower? This might sound dumb but, would you just stand there and let the hot water hit your penis? Or how should I warm up in the shower?

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