penis stretching exercises

penis stretching exercisesPenis stretching exercises are the basis for all male enhancement exercises. Using just your hands or a device to assist, stretching can help you reach your goals of penis enlargement and increased erection quality.

What are Penis Stretching Exercises?

Penis stretching exercises – as the name implies – involves stretching the penis. These stretches are more than just a random tug here and there, but controlled, consistent, intense stretching that create microtears in the cellular walls of the penile tissues. These microtears then are repaired by the body and new cellular growth (and tissue growth) happens. It’s similar to the process of rebuilding muscle in other areas of the body.

For more information, read our comprehensive Penis Stretching Guide.

What Types of Penis Stretching Exercises are There?

Penis stretching exercises come in a variety of types.  The Basic Stretch is the most common and straight forward penis stretching exercise. Other stretches include:

You can check out instructions and videos of how to do all of the different penis stretching exercises here:

Penis Exercise Video Guide: Video Instruction of our Exercises

Devices for Penis Stretching Exercises

Although many penis stretching exercises can be done with absolutely no equipment at all (other than your hands), devices can make penis stretching exercises more effective and easier to do. Penis hanging is an advanced form of penis stretching exercises, but since this should only be done by men who have experience with penis exercises, penis extenders are a better penis stretching device for men of all experience levels.  Favorite penis extenders from our members include:

Have you tried penis stretching exercises? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below!


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