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multiple male orgasmmultiple male orgasm articleMultiple orgasms are typically thought of a benefit accessible only by women. However, multiple orgasms aren’t just for women — Men have the capacity to be multi-orgasmic too. It does take a lot of practice, but multiple male orgasm is possible and is attainable with the right approach.

Keep reading to learn everything you would ever want to know about multiple male orgasms. What is a multiple male orgasm? Why would men want to have multiple orgasms? How do you do it? And, much more!

Written by Kimberly Wylie


  • They’re Real! – Multiple male orgasms, with practice, can become a reality for your sex life.
  • Dry Orgasms – Dry orgasms (orgasms without ejaculating) are the key to multiple male orgasms, keeping the body ready for more.
  • Kegels are Key – You’ll use Kegels to prevent ejaculation.


The multiple male orgasm (MMO) is the ability to achieve more than one orgasm from a single erection. Some men that are capable of the multiple male orgasm can have as many orgasms as they wish during a single session of sex.  As we discussed in our article The Penis: The Definitive Guide to to Man’s Most Prized Organ, there are 4 stages normally associated with orgasm.penis stages of ejaculation

  • Sexual Stimulation – Stage 1: Stimulation, often but not always sexual, creates an erection.
  • Emission Phase – Stage 2: The sperm is moved from the testes to the back of the urethra.
  • Ejaculatory Phase – Stage 3: Chemical messages trigger the penis muscles to contract which expels the semen from the penis, causing ejaculation.
  • Refractory Period – Stage 4: The recuperation period (up to 30 minutes) where the penis does not respond to sexual stimulation.

Multiple male orgasms has the ejaculatory phase, but without the actual ejaculation, resulting in a dry orgasm. Then, instead of the traditional refractory period, where you lose your erection, your erection remains, keeping you in Stage 2.


multiple male orgasm Happy BrainSimplest question ever, right? But there’s more than one reason. There are two primary reasons a man would want to have multiple orgasms –

  • For himself, and
  • For his partner.

A single orgasm is a pretty amazing thing. Multiple orgasms are even better. When you orgasm, your brain is flooded with those ‘feel good’ hormones – endorphins. This is nature’s reward for orgasming, designed to ensure we want to do it again and again, ensuring the survival of our species. With multiple male orgasms, you not only experience that endorphin rush once, you get to experience multiple times! Plus, when you finally do ejaculate, the feeling is super-intense.

For your partner, the ultimate benefit is increased stamina. With training, multiple male orgasms means you have ultimate control over when you orgasm. You can last for as long as you and your partner want, while also enjoying the effects of a dry orgasm.


  • DO (dry orgasm): Is the ability to experience the feelings of orgasm, but not ejaculate and thus not lose the erection.
  • Edging: Edging is masturbating and stopping right before you ejaculate. Once your urge to ejaculate has subsided, you repeat the process as many times as you’d like.
  • Kegel: A contraction of the PC/BC muscles.
  • MMO (male multiple orgasm): Is the ability to achieve more than one orgasm from a single erection.
  • Partial Ejaculation: An ejaculation that is partly suppressed by a hard Kegel contraction with the result that only a portion of the normal amount of ejaculate (semen) is actually expelled.
  • PC/BC muscles: Pelvic floor muscles are important for controlling ejaculation. These include the pubococcygeus (PC) and bulbocavernosus (BC) muscles.
  • Point of No Return (PONR): The point in sexual stimulation where ejaculation becomes inevitable.
  • Retrograde Ejaculation: An ejaculation event in which the ejaculate ends up in the bladder.


There are several steps you need to take, to learn to become multi-orgasmic. Again, this isn’t an easy process. Learning to have multiple orgasms takes time and practice. However, with dedication, it can be your reality.

Step 1 –

  • Kegel: Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through Kegels. This is critical to stopping your ejaculation. You must be able to Kegel strong enough and hold it long enough when you orgasm, to prevent yourself from ejaculating. Only well-trained pelvic floor muscles are able to have this quality of contraction. Check out our article, Kegel Exercises for Men, to learn all about Kegeling for men, with step-by-step instructions.

Step 2 –

  • Point of No Return: Learning your point of no return (PONR) is the second step to becoming multi-orgasmic. The PONR is literally the point where your body will orgasm, whether you want it or not. You need to know how your body feels and responds to stimulation, as you near orgasm. The most effect way to learn to recognize your PONR is through Edging. Learn more about Edging, with our Edging article.

Step 3 –

  • Kegel Edging: By controlling your arousal during the time around the point of no return, you can then begin to use Kegels to to avoid ejaculation. As you near the PONR, use a strong Kegel to prevent ejaculation. The muscle contraction closes off the urethra, so no semen can be expelled.

Step 4 –

  • Dry Orgasm: Practice Kegeling as DOCircleyou reach the  edge of the PONR, until you can master the Dry Orgasm — orgasming without ejaculating. This takes strength, timing and technique. Again, although the process is simple, getting the timing and control just right does take practice.

Step 5 –

  • Maintain Your Erection: Maintaining your erection, after a dry orgasm is the key to multiple orgasms. Your mind may think you’re done, having always had a single orgasm be the end. However, your body is still prepared to continue. Don’t worry if you cannot dry orgasm a second time or maintain your second erection for long. Those will come with practice.

Step 6 –

  • Second Orgasm and Beyond: Maintain your erection and go for a second orgasm, or more. You’re now multi-orgasmic! You decide when you want full release. You decide when you are ready for a complete ‘wet’ orgasm, by not Kegeling at the PONR.

Usually, it’s best to train to become multi-orgasmic alone, at first – using masturbation to learn your PONR and practice dry orgasming through Kegeling. This will allow you to control the stimulation levels. Once you have mastered MMO on your own, begin giving it a try with your partner.


In addition to mastering the strength and the timing of your Kegels, to prevent ejaculation during orgasm, there are other challenges you may encounter, when you first start training for multiple male orgasms.

  • Retrograde Ejaculation – Retro-ejaculation is premature ejaculation multiple male orgasmnot a dry orgasm. Instead, it’s an orgasm where your ejaculation goes backward into the bladder. Loss of erection often occurs because the semen has been expelled. Although this is often harmless, with side effects typically including loss of erection and discomfort, it is indicative of a skill and timing issue.
  • Partial Ejaculation – Partial ejaculation is as the name implies, where you only partially ejaculate. In many cases, you will not fully lose your erection. Oftentimes, another ejaculation is possible. This should be looked at as a partially successful dry orgasm and a positive sign that you’re on the right path to true dry orgasms. As your ability to drive into the point of no return zone without ejaculation improves, you will eventually be able to orgasm without ejaculating.
  • Weakened Orgasms – When you first achieve dry orgasm, your dry orgasms may not be as strong as normal orgasms. However, with continued training, eventually they should begin to feel the same as a regular, ejaculation-filled orgasm.
  • Loss of Interest – Lastly, since many men have numerous years of single orgasms in their past, they are conditioned to expect only single orgasms. This may lead to a loss of interest after the first orgasm. The solution is training and a deliberate effort to push on.


  1. This is a awesome Read. I’ve been training for a while Edging/Ballooning with a FL using these techniques but instead of Kegels I rely on RK’S . Seem to work better for me.

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