Last longer in the bedroom | 5 Super Effective methods!


Last longer in the bedroom | 5 Super Effective methods!

We’ve partnered with TotalMan and will be presenting regular video features from this comprehensive site!

In this video, TotalMan discusses 5 methods for lasting longer in the bedroom!

So you finally make it to the bedroom or where ever you can’t keep your hands off each other, sparks are flying…only for a finale that took a couple of minutes. Hmm. Now either one of you or both of you are disappointed. Either way, the situation isn’t as good as it should be.

So you want to increase your sexual stamina however maybe you’ve tried many things already and possibly even things I’ve mentioned. Maybe you’re tried edging or the stop start method however you haven’t had time to practice or maybe it felt a little alien at first or possibly even delay sprays or creams however maybe they make you too reliant.

Well in this video I’d like to give you some proven and effective methods to increasing your sexual stamina and the best part about these methods are they’re not only going to make you last longer in the bedroom, they’re also going to make you a better lover, a better and even better your health a well.



  1. Ok Totalman that vid was good by normal community standards, problem is you are on Pegym. I suggest you enter this site and go to our Premature ejaculation section and read up . Start with the stickies there is a lot to learn start with reverse kegel and pelvic floor relaxation. Contact me if you like .