It’s the biohacking episode – Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and many more #222


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Holy shiitake! It’s a special biohacking episode today.

Biohacking is getting the best out of your body and life by adapting your environment, lifestyle and diet. I’ve been into it for a while though not always calling it biohacking. Biohacking is a weird phrase for some, so if you rather, you could just call it optimising your mind and body.

Sometimes biohacking involves gadgets and tech, sometimes it involves using supplements, sometimes it involves getting back to a more primal state. Sometimes it involves gadgets, tech and supplements to help you get back to or mimic a more primal natural state.

Yes, yes, I know you just want to get to the shiitake, and trust me it’s a great hack.

We’ll look at who invented biohacking, and mainly hear from the experts.

Have an open mind, and play around with some of the techniques and tools in this podcast. You’ll find supplements, gadgets, practices and lots more, so go ahead and start biohacking.

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*This article is a repost which originally appeared on the Tony Wrighton Podcast.