How to Eat Healthy: The Challenge with Discussing Nutrition

How to Eat Healthy: The Challenge with Discussing Nutrition

How to Eat Healthy: The Challenge with Discussing NutritionNutrition is a tricky topic. If you ask 100 nutritionists, doctors, etc. what they feel is appropriate nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, chances are you are going to get 100 different answers.

Or a multitude of variations in between!

How to Eat Healthy: The Challenge with Discussing Nutrition

The reality is there are 2 things you should consider when deciding what sort of nutrition advice you should follow:

  1. What does your personal physician say? They likely know your unique medical condition better than anyone other than yourself. They know what medications (if any) you’re on. And, can monitor you for any negative side effects of a particular dietary plan.
  2. What works for you? I know people who swear by every single diet plan out there. They’ve lost weight – feel better and are healthier. Then, on the flip side, I know people who have tried every single diet plan out there, and it didn’t work for them. Most of the time, it’s simply because they are unable to stick with it – it doesn’t fit with their lifestyle.

As with all recommendations here on PEGym – listen to your body and talk to your physician. Do your research and monitor your results, as well as corollary factors, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. In the end, it’s YOUR body. You make the final decision.

Supplements – For Dietary Nutrition Reasons and/or Male Enhancement

How to Eat Healthy: The Challenge with Discussing Nutrition supplementsSupplements can be a great addition to any nutrition plan. However, if you’re considering taking a supplement, you need to be aware of some considerations.  (Some of these great considerations were provided to us by ArtisticAnarchist. Thank you, AA!)

  • The supplement industry has essentially zero regulation in the United States.
  • There are an innumerable amount of products that contain ingredients (often harmful) not listed on the product label.
  • Supplements are also easily contaminated when being produced (typically due to the production equipment not being cleaned properly), and this increases in frequency if they’re made outside the United States.
  • Some supplements may affect other medications you are taking, either by interacting with them and causing negative side effects or prohibiting your body from taking in the medication needed.

So, what should you do?

  1. Talk to your physician before adding any supplement to your nutrition plan. Make sure it won’t interact with any of your other medications.
  2. Buy your supplements from a reputable source. The male enhancement supplements we recommend here on PEGym are ones our team members have actually used (so we know they work) and are from manufacturers we trust.

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Just to name a few.

I suppose the point is, and this goes with all nutrition, is to ALWAYS consider what you’re putting into your body carefully. The old adage —

You are what you eat.

Is very true. Plus, you only get one body – so take care of it!