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Healthy Mindset is Key to Healthy Sexuality

Last time we went over all the six sex secrets, and if you didn’t read that overview yet, it’s essential that you first read the overview and only then continue with reading this article here.

Healthy Mindset is Key to Healthy Sexuality

Not too many men realize that the quality of their mindset plays a critical role in the quality of their sexual life. In this article, we will briefly explore this hidden link between mindset and sexuality.

I can talk about this subject for few days straight, but I want to keep this article short and to the point, because I have five more sex secrets to tell you about, so I choose to explain to you here a concept I call “The Mindset and Penis Connection.”

Did you know that your sexual performance is affected not only by how good you are in bed or how long you can last, but it’s first and foremost influenced by how you think (AKA “your mindset”)?

I’ll give you here a good example that will make this point very easy to understand:

Imagine a guy who has performance anxiety, and he’s now about to make love to a woman. Will you agree with me that he’ll probably have a hard time getting a super hard erection that stays hard because of the anxiety and all the worries he has in his head?

The same happens with premature ejaculation because if during sex, a man starts to fixate on the idea that he won’t be able to hold it, he’ll be more likely to experience premature ejaculation (that’s a fact).

Can you begin to see how the penis is influenced by how the mind thinks?

I hope that by now, you begin to see the mindset-penis connection, and maybe you can even remember a time when something similar happened to you in the past.

The Sexual Confidence Loop

I have good and bad news for you, and they are both the same!

The news is that your mindset works like a spiral.

You can make it stronger and stronger in a positive way and master your mind. Or you can let it take you down to a negative place deeper and deeper, and in the end, it will master you.

To illustrate that, imagine a guy that just had sex, and it was terrible and humiliating because he had some performance issue this time for whatever reason.

How do you think he will approach sex the next time?

In most cases, the answer is that he will probably have a bit more performance anxiety, which will negatively affect his erection and performance even more. In the end, he will probably end up feeling even worse with even more performance anxiety.

On the other hand, now imagine that a different guy that just had sex and everything was great and his sexual partner really enjoyed it and even complimented him in the end about how good he is in bed.

How do you think our second guy will approach sex the next time?

I guess that he will probably approach it with even more passion, which will allow him to have a stronger erection and project more sexual confidence, which will likely make the act more enjoyable for his partner.

Can you now see how your mindset evolves in a reinforcing loop/spiral for better or for worse? Do you now understand how important your mindset is when it comes to your sexuality and why you should pay attention to it?

In conclusion:

If you want to master your sexuality as a man, you first need to start paying attention to how you think, be aware of the sexual confidence loop and do whatever you can to make it stronger and stronger in a positive way.

And remember that it’s all in your head!

About the Author:

David Finer is the man behind He was written extensively on matters related to male enhancement and sexuality, and has written this article specifically for PEGym members looking to get a better understanding of their overall sexuality.


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