Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend

The flaccid bend is the first squeezing exercise that many men do (after a man has been exercising his penis for 6 weeks or more). It’s one of the backbone intermediate-level exercises for a man looking to build a thicker penis.

Erection level: 50 to 60 percent

Recommended Reps: 4

Flaccid Bend Step-by-Step

This exercise uses two hands.

1. Hand 1: Grip the penis below the glans, as if you were going to stretch.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend

2. Hand 2: Place two to four fingers underneath the penis.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend 2

3. Bend the penis over the fingers.

Penis Exercise Flaccid Bend 3

4. Hold the bend for twenty to thirty seconds.

Tip! Do an entire flaccid bend workout by repeating steps one through four in each direction. Do this by placing the fingers above the shaft to bend up; to the right of the shaft to bend right; and to the left of the shaft to bend left.

Tip! If you have even more time, repeat the exercise again, but each time place a different number of fingers underneath the penis.

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  1. I am not a person who comments on pages, tweets or respond to blogs. HOWEVER, i came across this site and did the silly exercises and even did the wrapping. I started by measuring of course and did the course and now, three weeks later, my dick hangs lower all day, its extremely harder than its ever been before and best of all, i am +1 inch in length and +1/4 inch in girth after only three weeks. No matter what i say there will be skeptics but i highly suggest that you just do it. Its free and its ridiculous how up to 3 weeks ago, me and other person in the world truly believed that what ya got is what ya got for life.
    gentlemen; work it out!!! lol

    • Hey dude, are you refering to the BPEL ( the + length you are saying ) or just plus on your flacid state?

  2. I’m having problems not being able to see any videos. I’m using a mobile phone, but would like to have video…. Anyone know how i might be able to fix this?

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